Anti-vaxx death schadenfreude


As the rest of us scramble for a booster shot to avoid Omicron, the list of AntiVaxx lunatics who deny the virus only to die from it grows every day…

California prosecutor who campaigned against vaccine mandates dies of Covid

Kickboxing champion Frederic Sinistra dead at 41: Anti-vaccination stance

Anti-vaxxer bishop dies of Covid-19

Anti-vaccine Christian broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies at 64 after contracting Covid

Popular journalist and staunch anti-vaxxer dies of Covid-19

…there is a point is there not that after all the attempts to get people vaccinated and all the messaging and promotion – after that, if you still don’t get vaccinated and then you catch it and die, that’s not really on us anymore.

If you are too stupid or pig headed to get the vaccination, your death is on you and we shouldn’t have to waste ICU space on you.

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I will defend your right not to get the vaccine while protecting my right to laugh at you when you die. But they are our whanau and friends and fellow citizens who are harming themselves so wretchedly, and the anger quickly diminishes to pity.

We are tolerating these AntiVaxx lunatics because this is a liberal progressive democracy and you have the right to refuse medicines but having to put up with their inane protests and then them having the audacity of dying from a virus they don’t believe in is just becoming a tad boring now.

Hurry the fuck up and get vaccinated you clowns, Omi is coming.


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    • Jimbo or Dumbo. ?
      We all know the vaccine is not a total cure all but it certainly helps just like people wearing seat belts still an die in car crashes

  1. Got to say, looking at unadulterated mess that is NSW and Victoria, NZ would be about up with them had it been over this the National Party and the Mike Hoskings/ZB’s of this country.

    What is the obsession with living with this pandemic? Are they into gimp masks whist being whipped and having clamps on their nipples as well?

    • I think that Auckland in particular would have been worse than NSW and Vic, as our health system is definitely not on par with Australia.

  2. Looking at the disasters around the world one can only assume that Capitalists are evil scum who are happy to watch the poor die horrible deaths with no health care. And the so-called “Christian” televangelists promoting anti-vaxx messages are sociopathic grifters who would burn down the world to make an extra buck.

    It’s not just a health crisis and an economic crisis, it is an ethics crisis. And we are seeing that most of the world’s leaders are a moral vacuum. The coming decade will be “interesting” to say the least.

    • I agree with your logic Rob: Boris; SCOMO and the rest of Western capitalists (except New Zealand) seem to be now taking a laisser-faire stance, no more lockdowns. “We’ve given you the chance by lowering our GDP to get you vaccinated, now it’s survival of vaccinated!”

      God protects the televangelists (but in an agnostic forensic glove-analysis parable, we should all see Bishop Tamaki’s medical records to prove he hasn’t/has been vaccinated. After all, one of the commandments of Roger was, “Do unto Brian, as you would do unto Novak”.

      Ludicrous Luxon (aka DJ-Key), pontificated from one of the houses in his hermit fiefdom and protected Hipango with a free-pass to be at antivaxx protests. Will ACT’s David Seymour object to Hipango’s stance? Will David Seymour offer her a seat on the 2023 opposition (Government) benches with an ACT Cabinet place? Does David Seymour still think that Air BnB’s should still be offered to Novak, or Brian, or Harete if they have not been double-vaxxed?

      It has become a moral and ethical issue for wall, but when politicians become involved, it becomes a political ‘sprinkle glitter on the turd’, or ‘flush it and get rid of the stench of morality or ethics’.

      For tribe Tamaki, it becomes a question of ‘is Tamaki vaccinated?’ or will he become a ‘martyr for the antivax cause?’

      I know my money is safe either way that I would bet!

  3. Fuck the political system. Liberal and progressive democracy my hairy arse.
    It’s a greedy, grasping, dangerous capitalist rort and no wonder some people are skeptical, at the very least, when that same greedy, grasping, dangerous rorting politic is now solemnly urge we get vaccinated for our own good.
    Our neo-capitalist shit bags never gave a fuck about us before c-19/omicron etc so why do they suddenly give a fuck about our health and welfare now?
    The problem we’re now facing is a difficult one and reminds me of a snake devouring itself by its own tail.
    The neoliberal capitalists who hijacked our democracy to build their personal fortunes by literally stealing our state owned taxes paid for stuff and things created the mistrust that thwarts our commonsense from prevailing.
    It’s common sense to get vaccinated. Who would risk getting desperately sick or worse?
    But I can also understand why some people are trying to make sense of a trans generational swindle built on a complex series of lies and logical fallacies then falling short and grabbing hold of the wrong end of the stick when that same crooked system of lies and abuse is now telling them that they must get vaccinated for their own good!? Fuck that!
    So called Antivaxxer people need a different approach than by the same fucks who threw them under a bus before c19 came along. Where was the vaccination against homelessness and child poverty as four dirty Aussie banksters began taking record profits out of our society and communities?
    People who mistrust the vaccination process? Get vaccinated. I’ve had my shots and intend to get any and all others as required. But that doesn’t mean I trust the neoliberal alien system that’s currently got us by our financial balls who’s now insisting we get vaccinated.
    It truly is one of those awful dichotomies that’s hugely confusing.
    It’s like having someone who’s been trying to murder you now trying to save your life by puling you up from the cliff edge they’ve just pushed you over. Who cares what’s going on in their little brains, just protect yourselves in the immediacy.
    But fuck it. Who cares at this point? Get vaccinated. Then, roll your sleeves up and go and look for the political bastards who’ve placed you in this awful psychologically confounding position.

  4. 1 My boarder tested positive. He’s a nurse (fuck you, not kicking him out). We in Brisbane AU.

    2 we do everything correct. Triple vax, social distance. Keep to our side of the house and so on.

    3 I come out of self isolation in two days, Sunday.

    4 testing and vaccines are only available through public and private hospitals.

    5 the lines are so long that sick, old ECT have to wait out in the open for hours, hours!

    6 with hundreds and thousands testing positive each day, meaning that at least one person in each testing line is 100% positive, making everyone in those lines close contacts and according to Queensland health should self isolate if interacting with a positive patient so they are sending all the patients home, and creating even more close contacts.

    7 testing kits are all sold out, available only from hospitals (the hospital skewer one only) waiting times on vaccines are blowing out to weeks and it’s taken a year for Queensland to achieve 95% one vax. Perhaps it will take another to be 95% double vax.

    8 All official public health phone lines are jammed including GPs, chemists ect.

    9 all of this hasn’t been enough to trigger lock down so Australia is open for business.

    10 The policy to open up antigen testing for sale collapsed almost immediately when they flew off the shelf so everyone has no choice but to isolate for seven days even though the officials refuse to trigger lockdown.

    10 so there are very good reasons why worsening jobs data is pushing inflation upwards, around the world.

    One reasons is, because as of yet, no one has stepped up to this global challenge, like how we remember Genghis Kahn or Sun Tzu.

  5. 182 years ago ‘we’ asked the Queen to clean up her shit and control her subjects.

    Did they?

    • @Denny Paoa, I’m glad you unequivocally asked The Queen to ‘clean up her shit’. She and her Colonial rulers have, however, made way for corporate rulers. A few greedy, amoral bastards, replaced by a different oligarchical set of amoral, greedy bastards.

      The monarchy and colonisers cemented their power with religious belief systems which were the opiate of the masses, to keep them from overthrowing their colonial masters. Religious iconography spread by priests and revered by the masses gave the masses hope of a better life in the hereafter.

      What is the new opiate for the masses? Rabbithole iconography spread by corrupt social media and their algorithms, to blame politicians and liberals, instead of corporates.

      It’s Idiocracy … with the 2024 US Elections are less than 2 away.

      Thank heaven that New Zealanders are better than Idiocracy: or are we?

      Harete Hipango attends antivax rallies may not be

      Orwell – Deleting history to suit the situation: “The past was erased, the erasure forgotten, the lie became truth”

      Harete Hipango deletes post showing her at antivax rallies

      The Facebook post has since been deleted. She said in a statement tonight: “I have taken down the Facebook post I made earlier today – it has been pointed out to me that it could convey an anti vaccination message which was never my intention.

      “I am vaccinated, and like the rest of the National Party I strongly support vaccination for our whanau and communities.”

      Luxon confirmed he had spoken to the MP after he had been made aware of the post.

      “I have talked to Harete and she has taken her post down,” Luxon said. “The views of the group she was with do not align with those of the National Party.

      “I am strongly supportive of vaccination, as is the National party. I encourage everyone to take that step as the best protection, for themselves and their family, against Covid.”

      The earlier post is still being circulated though by people who are questioning the wisdom of an MP attending such a protest.

      Orwell – Doublethink for Hipango and Luxon: Doublethink is the ability to hold two completely contradictory beliefs at the same time and to believe they are both true. Doublethink refers to the ability to control your memories, to choose to forget something, as well as to forget about the forgetting process

      Danny Paoa, I’m glad the Queen has ‘sorted shit out’, and to prove it, Chris Luxon now needs a knighthood from her, for Luxon’s ‘services to truth and decency, and allegedly getting rid of doublethink’

      • “[The Queen] and her Colonial rulers have, however, made way for corporate rulers.”

        Yes but they’re still enjoying a substantial severance payout, in perpetuity.

  6. No one will avoid Omicron and given its mildness (its fatality rate relative to its infectious rate is remarkably low) then a staggered introduction, if possible, will be the way to go. This may be our ticket out of this pandemic, or at the very least, it should increase our immunity.

    • AO, you are kidding aren’t you? How exactly are you planning we could “stagger” its introduction? Street by street, or suburb by suburb maybe. This is a highy infectious virus variant and I’m sure when it arrives there will be nothing staggered about its spread. Good luck!

      • Not kidding, just parroting what I’ve read/heard from those more knowledgeable about this stuff than me. My own guess would be Auckland, then the rest of the North Island then the South Island. Given its infectiousness, this is the level of planning I am talking about. Its inevitable, thus knowing this, allows for a little amount of planning. Most important, and working off how omicron has performed in Africa, USA, UK and Australia, this thing is mild in terms of fatality rate v infection rate. Cases are through the roof, fatalities are less than delta.

        • Actually overseas experience shows control is not possible – once established it will spread exponentially totally taking over hospitals and medical services. All countries that have it have given up in trying to control it. No one, other than Australian Politicians would claim they have it under control. Experience is also showing commerce will be severely affected, including food supplies. Saying it is less severe than Delta doesn’t make it ‘nice’ to have – far from it. Vaccination, along with health measures, seem our only protection. So until kids are vaccinated and boosters done the longer it is kept out the better our chances of maintaining some form of normal life. Freedom will not lead us to ‘Shangri la’, quite the opposite.

          • I would have thought that the measures I have suggested, indicate just how uncontrollable this variant is. You are right, this variant is uncontrollable – once its let loose. But touch wood, we still have some control, aka ability to plan, over when it’s ‘set free’ and maybe from where that happens also.

            You are right again, there is nothing nice about any of this, but just like ‘control’ wasn’t at the forefront of mind here, then meanness or whatever other negative terminology someone may get from my comment, wasn’t a point of my comment either. But, such is the world we live in now.

            My point is, this thing spreads like wildfire, aka uncontrollable, but this thing is not killing people at Delta-like levels.

  7. I have an immuno-compromised relative who ‘always’ finds a doctor on t’media to confirm his trash ideas. Yep, the non-existent god is waiting for him. It is such a sticking your head into a cannon way of death — he’s been denying truth from proof for 40 years — I want him to die this way.

    But it would have no effect on my younger generation — brought up without reason it’s difficult to get to it without the drive of intelligence.

    Why I argue for force from social democrats.

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