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  1. NZ to get ready for omicron. Denmark expecting a big wave on top of heightened numbers, but then big drop. They seem rather too sanguine! – Looking at NSW the comment – ‘He said there was a huge “five-fold” undercount of cases because those infected with Omicron were more likely to be asymptomatic. ‘ So does that mean you are spreading it before you know you have it?

    ,,,”But there are other things to do in the next six weeks for New Zealand, which is boost like crazy, try and get at least two-thirds of the over 60 population boosted … before Omicron comes in and get the public ready.
    “Have a plan in place, mandatory masks when the case numbers get to a certain point.”

    University of Canterbury professor Michael Plank said new cases in MIQ was a steep rise from last year, when most days, there were just two or three new cases arriving…
    New testing rules will come into effect for arrivals into the country, with travellers required to return a negative test result within 48 hours of departure, rather than 72 hours.
    Plank said it was a helpful step, but he would like to see rapid antigen tests also used, for a final check on the day of departure.
    “These tests return a result in about 20 minutes so these can actually be done on the day. They won’t catch every last case but even if they only caught say 50 percent of cases prior to getting on the flight, that would be a help.”..

    And in Denmark (note the bit about Omicron is bettter than other viruses at evading efforts for immunity .)
    …Public health expert Tyra Grove Krause​ told overseas media this week that it’s possible Denmark could be experiencing its last wave of the pandemic as mass Omicron infections provide a good level of herd immunity.
    Krause leads the Statens Serum Institut (SSI)​, which is a governmental public health and research institution under the Danish Ministry of Health.
    The Danish study suggests that the Omicron variant of the virus is spreading more rapidly because it is better at evading immunity obtained from vaccines….
    After about two months, “I hope the infection will start to subside and we get our normal lives back,” The Independent reported her saying.
    “This may be what is going to lift us out of the pandemic, so that this becomes the last wave.”…

    Researchers studied nearly 12,000 Danish households in mid-December and found that Omicron was 2.7 to 3.7 times more infectious than the Delta variant among vaccinated people.
    The study found an increased transmission for unvaccinated people and a reduced transmission for booster-vaccinated people, compared to fully vaccinated [double dosed] people.

    • Just out of interest @Grey, have you tried, and been successful/unsuccessful in getting your 3rd?

      It seems to me so far that we have some very very good people on the frontline, but elsewhere in the hierarchical structures of managerialism administering the peons and slaves at the coal face, they only seem capable of organising an orgy in a brothel.
      I think maybe I shouldn’t try to be courteous. As in phoning first to inquire whether or not booking an appointment is necessary or whether ‘walk-ins’ are operating, because I’ll get told one thing, only to find on arrival that some other process is in operation. Better to just deal directly with people at the coalface and follow their instructions and preferences.
      7 fucking times now in 5 days

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