The Daily Blog Open Mic – Happy New Years – 1st January 2022


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  1. Message to John (Minto)
    I see Aunty BBC has had the very common decency to exercise a bit of white guilt – they’re carrying Desmond’s funeral live.
    No doubt there’ll be edited highlights on various NuZull media platforms that lay claim to be members of the 4th Estate

  2. What is the goal for the people and reality this year — the two are united by how the Right eschews reality: want to chunder the costs endlessly onto ‘otherwhere’.

    Left talkers while Labour allows the small possibility from that stage. Looking after the neediest and trumpeting it. Talking loudly about reality (climate change) rather than Helen Clarke’s ‘art of the possible’ which has grimed everything for the people and reality to death.

    Talk for truth is no longer unpolitic. It’s politic … finally.

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