And then came Omicron


Sooooooo despite the death cult capitalists screaming she wouldn’t kill for the economy and the Maori Party claiming a ‘genocide’ & the Qanon lunatics, ZB troll farm & woke public health wonks all screaming no – Jacinda’s 90% target saved us from Delta.

But then came omicron.

How ironic for a DJ to ruin New Years!

Jacinda had her political reputation resting on something as tragically petty as a good old fashioned Kiwi Christmas Experience as payment to Auckland for accepting a de facto house arrest for 4 months, she’s rewarded us with that while stamping out Delta, but here comes Omicron.

There are lots of questions about this.

A day 9 test after landing on the 17th of December would have returned a result on the 25th but he didn’t get the results until the 27th so there will be questions about staff being on holiday which were raised by Ian Taylor going into the Christmas break and the possibility of the DJ contracting it after his 7 days in MIQ can’t be ruled out yet.

If his time in Auckland for 2 days becomes a super spreader event, we won’t see that until the first and second week of January.

In terms of the new variant itself, while symptoms in the double vaxxed seem milder, children and the elderly are still open questions. At 70% more contagious than Delta, Omicron could easily overwhelm our hospitals but we do have hope our high double vaxxed rate will help dampen it down.

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Jacinda promised to protect us from Delta and give us Christmas, Omicron over Summer however is a whole different issue.

The antivaxx lunatics will radicalize over this and the tourism and hospitality industry will go berserk.

Enjoy your New Years because 2022 looks just as amputated.

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    • Exactly!

      At the bottom of the page in the media is the important detail: This DJ was one of 81 entertainers allowed to jump the MIQ because…. why exactly?

      Are they in the same class as The Wiggles and Lorde? Friends of Her Highness?

      • exactly if the entitled can buy their way in we might as well have open slather, much as I admire how jacinda fought off wave one, since then it’s become
        ‘show me the money, show me the money, SHOW MEEEEE THE MONEY’
        Not good her rep is possibly fatally damaged, endangering NZ lives by lack of spine in the face of cash.

      • Andrew. Well as far as I know, this one wasn’t invited over for to Jacinda’s for a cuppa and home-baked scones, like Ed Sheerhan was. Some PM’s prioritise pop stars. Sir Bill flew to Auckland to see Adele when the country was reeling from the shocking “Hit&Run” Afghanistan revelations. John Key hung around the All Blacks’ dressing room like teenagers often do and he even had his photo took with them.

        • A nice try at ‘whataboutism’ but it won’t work.

          There are photos being posted in media of the infamous DJ psing with Ardern during one of his *several previous visits* that got priority over Kiwis trying to get home.

          Smells just like the saga with the infamous gangster/kickboxer/cocaine dealer.

          • Andrew. Ok. She needs to step back a bit or she’ll be looking like a pop star groupie, which is not a good look for a Prime Minister.

            Whether she really is, or whether she’s trying to woo low level voters, it is bad when good professional people, and our own people, are being kept out.

            What’s more she wouldn’t dare to ask high calibre artists like Placido Domingo or Jonas Kaufman around for scones – but selfie’s with celebs are very much a young person thing. I am seriously pissed off.

  1. Yes Martyn, lots of questions. What makes a DJ so economically vital that he gets an exemption to come in? What makes him more valuable than all those Kiwis not allowed to come home? Answers please Carmel and Jacinda!

      • As Jacinda said when defending Karel Sroubek, convicted of drug importation, getting residence “read between the lines”.

        Now what you read between the lines and what I read maybe two different things (she never elaborated) but like this guy, we may never know, because the govt will simply “refute the premise of that question”. So does that mean we should never ask another question?

      • Rosielee Evidence of what? This is his third Covid border exemption. He’s likely a little bit richer than our off- spring unable to get in.

        Plus he’s a pop music sort of person. Wonder who’s being pandered to here, and why.

        Poor Auckland.

        • Was meant to be a reply to Fester’s comment but it came up twice.
          Evidence that it’s all jacinda’s fault.
          do agree with Applewood tho.

          • But RosieLee, an eggs spert on here said: Nobody is scared of any consequences All this from a govt run by the ‘great communicator’…yeah right. BTW where was she today? Chatting to her DJ Dimension mate I guess?”

  2. The rule should be 10 days in MIQ or as long as it takes to get results from the 9 day test which coincides with a public holiday. I know who I think deserves the day off, and its not the the DJ doing ‘self isolation’.

  3. Thanks Martyn, delicious irony here, after doing a tour of the viaduct before Christmas telling everybody that N Z should in the green light zone & that we should all be open to the world, Chrome Dome’s Bach is down at Waiheke so there will be lots of personal responsibility floating around amongst the rich listers soaking up the sun, what a bummer, they may have to upsticks & relocate to Queenstown.

  4. Auckland wears it yet again.

    We don’t want MIQ’s here especially after the “short sharp” lockdown of 4 months but we still have them.

    14 day quarantine was consigned to the dustbin by our Wellington based cabinet for the new magic 7 day version plus “self isolation” plus glacial paced testing. Auckland didn’t want that either.

    And as a gentle reminder to our government who so struggle to learn any lessons ever that Aucklanders do not want to become the whipping boys for the rest of this country ever again.

    Auckland will ensure the end for this government if they dare lock us down again for their incompetence this time.

  5. Talking to rather impatient, let’s get on with it male relative in Auckland, he was quite fractious about their lockdown. At the start of the whole shebang was looking at Covid precautions as an over-reaction to a new flu. I pointed out that we didn’t know about it yet, but we did know it would result in a lot of hospitalisation and overwhelm the system, and of course push into the queue of sick people moving towards treatment. As Kurt Vonnegut says, resignedly? “So it goes.” There seems no end to this creative miniscule entity – our ‘War of the Worlds’ invisible agent.

  6. Hear hear. If Jacinda was serious about super deadly Omicron she should cancel New Years celebrations and her wedding and her life, and confine herself to the Beehive Situation Room until further notice to steer us through this super deadly Omicron emergency. Do it now Jacinda, super deadly is what it is.

  7. The death cult capitalists need move to the UK where they have recorded another high 170,000 cases PER DAY! I think we have handled this well, relatively speaking.

    • “Death cult capitalists” is a very strange expression, surely most evil capitalists are actually obsessed by their affluence and longevity? Personal sacrifice is usually not high on their agenda, and death-cult seems grossly misleading, I would suggest hedonism-cult might be a better description.

      As for UK, my triple jabbed sister in london has just got through the other side of Delta infection, she would have been much better off with omicron as it is certainly a milder condition for most. Given that most of us now accept that covid is going to be with us forever surely the important thing is not case rates, but hospitalisation/death rates? 170,000 cases per day sounds horrific, but 170,000 cases of ordinary cold and/or flu in a UK winter would not sound unusual at all. It does appear we focus on case numbers rather than hospitalisations too much, it appears no country has their hospitals over run with omicron patients so there may not be any real reason to be concerned about it happening here.

      It is probably better than omicron spreads through our population now in mid summer than be delayed until winter. Vit D levels alone will help us at this time of year.

      • your premise relies on omicron providing a degree of immunity toward any coming variants, by no means a certainty.

        • On the same side of the coin, you premise that it won’t. However if it does lead to the holy grail of herd immunity wouldn’t it make sense to try to expose the population to it.

          The zero risk nature of people who have been terrified by the Henry’s, Baker’s and Wiles of the world needs to stop. They’ve cried wolf too many times now. The UK has had 14 deaths of people with Omicron (all suspected with acute comorbidities) in winter I might add, compare that to an death toll of 30,000 of an average flu season.

          FFS let’s get some perspective.

          • Perhaps it is yourself that needs to get a grip! The Henry’s, Baker’s and Wiles of the world are skilled researchers, not no-bodies like yourself and have done an admirable job of warning of risks and possible consequences. That is their job!
            Recent experience with the hospital system suggests that it won’t cope with the sorts of numbers that could have needed hospitalisation if the ‘let it rip’ brigade had their way. Also note the comparative vaxed/unvaxed ratios needing to be hospitalised. Sure, if omicron does prove to be less problematic than delta, we are lucky but to have shown no caution and adopting a she’ll be right attitude such as is your uninformed view is insanity.

            • If it’s so serious, and the govt tries to tell us it is, then why no increase in ICU capacity? So it’s ok to rush DJs into the country but no ICU nurses? And that tells me that those spinning the fear (who have been wrong every time) are full of it. That favourite of Stuff Dr Wiles, I would regard as anti science anyway due to her support against those who speak out against Matauranga Maori being equal to what is recognised all over the world as traditional science.

              All the govts energies have been on He Puapua, 3 Waters, Health Board Reforms and preventing anyone criticising then through hatred speech laws.

              Actions not words is what I read.

              • For goodness sake get a life! If you had a passing moment of enlightenment, you would realise that the country has been pretty well served by the experts you decry. They have seldom been far off the mark with their predictions. You seem to think that the solution is more ICU beds. Where do you think we will get the five nurses per bed and the extra doctors from, even if the borders were left wide open. We must have already syphoned of as many Flipino nurses as we can and are running our experienced nurses into the ground, into retirement or off to Australia It seems you have also missed the point that NZ heads the field in Covid management by every available metric.

                As for your weird rant about Covid being ignored amidst other policies – what bunkum! What a miserable existence you have.

        • Quite right, the data about Omicron is not yet fully in. Very stupid at this point to throw the baby out with the bathwater and let it rip.

        • Whether he gets ill from it or even vaguely troubled by it is not the issue, vaccinated or not we know anyone can get it but what is known is the chances of it turning dire are much reduced.

          The issue is how it got out there. I’ve got the feeling by Hipkins response this guy has blown the whole naive trust and self isolation model up in their faces. Who ever would have thought?

          • X-RAY, it was always gonna get through. Perfect timing though for more lockdowns and coerced boosters. People chomping for a fourth.

          • In addition, he has also stuffed up the New Year for colleagues and punters as well. One should not be surprised if he rushes back home to avoid massive civil cases, brought by those who will suffer financially from his actions. After the privilege of three post covid trips to NZ, one would have thought he was well aware of the requirements.

          • Better chance of dying in a car crash, drowning, heart disease, diabetes etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc… juz sayin.

            • so you speed drunk without a seat belt do you? or maybe go diving in concrete flippers whilst chugging down 1/2 doz maccas? no of course you don’t…..
              so why behave self destructively only on this issue

  8. Your security is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Hipkins saying how disappointed he is with the DJ not respecting the rules. I call bullshit on that.

    Omicron is 8 x more transmissible than Delta. The exact same variant Jacinda has been telling us about since August and how dangerous it is. She will also be aware the experts are acknowledging the UK has one million new cases of Omicron every day despite official data suggesting a lesser number. Jacinda also fully aware the damage caused by the recent extended lockdown here and how there is now ZERO appetite for more harsh restrictions.

    Despite all of the above, we have still allowed Omicron into the community at this time. NZ should be furious but not at the DJ but at our limp noodle health system still relying on trust even when people have travelled 12 thousand miles to get involved in summer activity in Auckland.

    Blame the DJ all you like but my finger is pointing straight at the clowns that have allowed this to unfold at this time. We will be seeing 5000 new cases a day here by the end of January. What are the implications of that outcome?

    • The implications are good – a less virulent strain of COVID spread far and wide throughout NZ which has a very high vaccination rate so should not expect to see significant numbers of death or hospitalizations. Which means that we will soon have herd immunity to a degree and can start living, travelling and doing what we all did before the scourge of COVID.

      This could well be the beginning of the end of COVID which is good for most of us. It’s shit for Labour as they’ll be held to account on all their policy and delivery failures.

      • Yeti,

        I admire your optimism but I don’t share your view.

        The big positive of Omicron not being as deadly as Delta is largely cancelled out by the enormous numbers that will get the disease. As individuals we are in less danger from Omicron but collectively we are in deep shit. Our health system won’t cope. Anyone who tells you it will is misguided at best. Almost all of us will eventually get Omicron. Essential workers will be hit hard which will negatively impact on most things we take for granted. How will our Government deal with Omicron once the numbers get out of hand as they obviously will? Another round of unwelcome restrictions is the answer. First to feel that will be the area the cases are in but that will quickly escalate to cover all of NZ.

        • The elephant in the room is those with Comorbidities are affected the most, and the most telling is obesity.

          You probably won’t print this but if you don’t want to be affected by Covid, lose weight. Ah but that’s hard, it’s far easier to get a vaccine that works for 6 months (or is it 4 months now?)

      • Relatively speaking, yes.

        That aside, we are in the luxurious position of being a wealthy country. Elongated lockdowns and a lot of luck have served us well but when the vaccine arrived things got a lot more complicated. We have a high level of vaccination but that has come at a price. We are now more divided than ever. There has been a catalog of blunders.

        The thing about luck is that sooner or later it always runs out.

        We all knew it was inevitable Omicron would get into the community eventually. The fact its occurred in between Christmas and New Year is a very telling indictment on those tasked with keeping NZ safe. They knew it was coming and how to keep it at bay for as long as possible…..and failed.

        • Message to international community for two years now: break the MIQ rules in NZ and you’ll be fine. NZ will sentence you to extended kindness.

      • Aren’t we lucky, we’ve had two years to build all those new ICUs Baker, Hendy and Wiles told us we’d need.

        • It’s a real bastard we didn’t have thousands in hospital in dire condition with hospitals unable to cope and the worst case scenarios of modellers not eventuating.
          And it was all just good luck too.

          What have we learned? Quadruple (at least) the number of ICU beds, for next time, just in case.
          Build specialist isolation facilities suitable for ten thousand people or so with all the catering and other requirements. Just in case.
          Elect a National Government. Just in case there’s another pandemic. Because they will handle it brilliantly.

          • But some expert says: What is clear is that the rules are not clear, or at best totally ambiguous, never have been really really clear for 2 years now, nor are they enforced properly, or ever have been right from the start.”

            And from the same eggs spert: Nobody is scared of any consequences All this from a govt run by the ‘great communicator’…yeah right.”

            • The “severe consequences” for rule breakers is a farcical charade designed to appease those respecting the rules rather than punish those that don’t regardless of the implications. I sincerely believe the unvaccinated rule breakers held the vaccinated to ransom during the Auckland lockdown. Why? Because they knew they could selfishly take the piss with no consequence.

              The Redvale party during the lockdown was VERY telling. It was all filmed and led the 6pm news bulletins. We all felt anger our sacrifices being undermined and pointless yet what were their fines? $300 despite the maximum penalty being much higher. If those rule breakers taking the piss and undermining the sacrifices of others didn’t warrant the maximum penalty then what does?

              No need to talk further about the Judges son taking the piss with his holiday to Queenstown during a full lockdown.

              The biggest farce has been wannabe gangster Brian Tamaki. His “freedom protests” have zero to do with freedom. They were nothing more or less than ego fueled grandstanding. Justice must be seen to be done but all we’ve seen is Tamaki taking the piss and laughing about it after repeatedly being gifted yet another free pass. He will eventually be gifted a perfunctory warning which he will sell to his toothless followers as evidence of him being correct in his offensive stance that spat in the face of most of NZ.

              In late November Jacinda gave her speech about the Auckland border opening up in mid December. People expected to be told if you don’t have a vaccine pass then you can’t travel. Instead, we were told a 3 day old negative test result (easily fabricated) will be enough to give you freedom to transmit the virus around NZ. BUT….there will be harsh penalties for rule breakers due to the implications. I laughed as she spoke as I knew the harsh penalties were a fairytale. This was a victory for the anti-vax brigade as well as being yet another example of attempting to appease those that respect the rules rather than a consequence for those that routinely break them. We only needed to wait for an hour to receive conclusive evidence Ardern had again bullshitted NZ with yet more fluff.

              High ranking Police were asked how they will how they will check vaccine or test result status of any of the many thousands leaving Auckland. “SPOT CHECKS” was his answer. Translated that means if you do a wheelie in front of a cop and your lights aren’t working he will pull you over. The cop will have bigger fish to fry than vaccination status etc but will ask the driver just to go through the motions. Then came the big one. Police confirmed they would NOT be fining rule breakers. They would instead “educate” rule breakers. Haha. Good luck with that but it can’t possibly be right can it? If it was correct then the Police had just 100% contradicted the PM on the very same day she again attempted to appease those that have respected the rules and in many cases paid a high price for doing so.

              The rules during this pandemic are a fucking joke and worthy of contempt only. If this is the PM’s version of authenticity, why should we be surprised at the lack of progress in other vitally important areas such as housing etc?

            • That is correct Bert. Had Jacinda come down with an iron rod right at the beginning of the pandemic when those ‘
              critical’ rules were established, then this DJ thing would have most likely not happened. It’s called respect for law, a foreign concept to Labour which will become an election issue.

          • it’s almost like the ineffective enforcement is actually an encouragement to the PRO-COVID mob….but hey the pollies can weep and wring their hands a little saying ‘we tried we really tried’

    • Ian Taylor National Herald and co: allow self isolation, allow self isolation, allow self isolation for exceptional business people, entertainment business people, TRUST US!
      Public: yeah right

    • Yeah, yeah, we allowed Omicron into the community at this time. So, we shouldn’t have allowed anyone into the country? Or we should have allowed them into the country but put them into strict, under armed guard isolation in MIQ facilities? And kept them in there for how long?

      And your neighbours, workmates and family, when they started going to protest meetings about the Nazi regime being run here, how would you have placated them?

    • indeed the lack of effective (fukkid any sanctions) against the entitled and the thick just gives fuel to the numpties, but then again NZ loves great sounding regulations that they then fail to enforce but still label it ‘job done’

  9. As the vaccine narrative continues to collapse in the wake of Omicron (it’s looking a lot like a pandemic of the fully vaccinated at this stage), there is also evidence based date coming out that the entire vaccine was always costing more lives than it was saving (based on Pfizer’s own internal data).
    Saying that “we didn’t know” might have worked as an excuse at the beginning of the vaccination program/mandates, but it isn’t going to work as an excuse from this point going forward. Hopefully the government takes note of the collapse NZ’s vaccine policy (based on “the science” and the “the data”), because I suspect a lot of people (~95% who did what they were told/coerced into) are going to get pretty upset about this if they continue doubling down on what is fast becoming a provable fallacy.
    I’m still predicting a snap-election in 2022 as the vast majority of the population of New Zealand completely loses trust in the Government wrt to it’s handling of the pandemic.

    • Nitrium, unfortunately with the mass psychosis afoot, only a couple of people will be able to read your comment, the rest will only see a blur. Besides, they’re too probably busy making fake IDs for under 5 year olds, hoping to get them jabbed in January.

  10. Three times in twelve months, this waster has been allowed in the country.
    If that doesn’t concern people, I don’t know what will.

  11. Surely this cant be true but if it is the WTF comments are going to fly. 3 times the DJ was here in the last year. No ICU nurses or Doctors only DJ’s (and are NZL DJ’s so bloody hopeless and NBG?)

    “Hogg said Immigration New Zealand assessed him as having “unique experience and technical or specialist skills that are not readily obtainable in New Zealand” and undertaking a time-critical role in work which brings significant wider benefit to the national or regional economy. ”

    This is going to be hard to counter.

    • oh right no kiwi is capable of spinning the wheels of steel(that’s showing my age right there)…YEAH RIGHT
      Someone in some govt dept or rich listers darling child had organised a rave…..betcha

      • gargarin – Betcha the “ truth “ may be even more terrifying. That some dipstick public servant applied the algorithm, correctly.

        And then government has the gall to state that they will leave the interpretation of their Hate Speech mechanics to the New Zealand Police.

        The buck doesn’t stop any more. It gets blown clean away over Cook Strait and simply vanishes, somewhere or other.

    • Gerrit – it’s all about joy (according to Greywarbler).
      Apparently that’s all the counter that is required.

      • Paul S. You may be twisting things. Grey Warbler did not say that it was all about joy. GW simply said that this DJ did not warrant being described as a waster and brought joy to people, but whether he brings more joy to people than you do, is an unknown.

        Prime Ministers adulating pop singers has been creeping up on Kiwis for a while as we continue our walk backwards in time. Hager documents wealthy Nat’s fundraising dinners accompanied by musical entertainments which could send less barbarous persons seeking shelter under banyan trees. We’re not Bach or Brubeck here.

    • Obviously kindness is truly off the menu! How many mothers are at their wits end worrying about their children who can’t get home and who need help? What that lady said in the video really touched a nerve.

      If the system was set up by idiots, we would forgive them and get some proper tangata whenua on the job instead as they could most likely be more scrupulous over the due diligence regarding people. Looking at MBIE though, one has to wonder how much putea comes in from the arts sector based on copyright revenue, MBIE and UMG being interchangeable or at least very good friends. When Bill Clinton signed the DMCA in 2000 he was sanctioning a world of pain for creatives and a world of joy for hedge fund managers.

  12. Will the next three variations be named, Dejavu, Duped! And Got Yah Suckers?
    All before 2023s election.

    Covid kills governments.

  13. Interesting that the DJ insists that he complied by doing 7 days then 3 thus 10 as he was told. What is clear is that the rules are not clear, or at best totally ambiguous, never have been really really clear for 2 years now, nor are they enforced properly, or ever have been right from the start. Nobody is scared of any consequences All this from a govt run by the ‘great communicator’…yeah right. BTW where was she today? Chatting to her DJ Dimension mate I guess?

  14. Good god, I didn’t think the media could embarrass themselves any further, but here they are today amplifying a ridiculous story about some random DJ who may or may not have a harmless virus, then wheeling out demigod Michael Baker to give his opinion on this trivia, and then running a story about Chris Hipkins’ mother clucking over her despotic son as he gives a worthless press conference in a park. New Zealanders are financing these childish distractions while the pharmaceutical new world order ransacks what’s left of the country. A disgrace to science, journalism and politics.

  15. Oh be quiet Jody. The DJ could be responsible for many New Zealanders becoming ill, with all that that implies – and he keeps getting border exemptions which others don’t- quite useful sorts of others.

    And Chris is cute. We could do with cute. Ain’t had cute since Gareth Hughes decamped to an island in Otago Harbour. Want pictures of ugly old blokes with bald heads all the time ? Luxon tiptoeing thru’ the tulips ?

    • if omicron turns out to a cold well and good but if the much higher infectivity leads to the lower percentage of serious cases (being larger in actual hospitalisation numbers) overwhelming our hospitals with unvaxxinated numpties….pray you don’t get appendicitis or need cancer screening cos your local ozzy will be full of unvaxxed selfish idiots taking the bed you could have had..and you know what son? no sympathy here…I save that for the people who get ill by fate not those who volunteer for suicide.

      • Gagarin, so by your logic we should ban driving, smoking, alcohol, swimming, fishing, KFC, McDonald’s. As COVID is more deadly for obese and elderly and those with co morbidities they should be excluded from society too?

  16. Will the Government still insist on vaccination mandates and passports? What a nonsense.—Tauranga-New-Zealand:6
    This story shows the criminal negligence form the side of the vaccinators. Pushing vaccination as a panacea without talking openly about the side effects, without properly educated staff and doctors that are not aware of dangers is just incredible and can make more antivaxxers than any misinformation.
    Bye-bye Delta, Hello Omicron but the fear is there will be no change in policies in New Zealand.

    • and the so-called side effects are????

      next to none and very rare at that….so unless your chest has become magnetic, your balls have swollen like melons, you’ve suddenly developed autism or are 5g capable, you’ll probably be fine.

      • This is from govt. site:
        Total reports received: 38,556
        Total reports that were serious: 1,462
        Total reports that were not serious: 37,094

      • There were 117 after vaccine deaths reported out of which at least 2 were preventable and caused by vaccine. 1464 cases of serious side effects. Have a look at the link above. Anaphylactic shock not treated properly and in time. That is just shame.

        • Medsafe data? or foreign anti-vax rhetoric….up to oct last year there had been 1 confirmed vax related death…and 20odd ‘under investigation’

          no working link to either video or govt site(which govt exactly?)…juz sayin

  17. Some joy still, you have to look for it. Hey don’t knock the Nock.
    We could boogie on down with Jan Preston.
    Or Crowded House – Hey now, hey now, Don’t dream it’s over.
    Now I’m towing my car
    There’s a hole in the roof
    My possessions are causing me suspicion
    But there’s no proof
    In the paper today
    Tales of war and of waste
    But you turn right over to the TV page

    There is joy even in resigned laughter. Just stick in there.
    Think Chains, Che’-Fu.
    Come break my chains come help me out,
    living in the city ain’t so bad Ch-ch Chale may i pull you ‘side for a second
    Asking you a question checkin what you reckon
    Why you letting your guard down with a frown

  18. ACD no medicine is perfectly safe. All medications have both main and side effects. Part of the medical professional advisory role of practitioners is to, based on their knowledge of you specifically, make recommendations due to the likely efficacy of the medication an improving the situation.
    The risk of a severe side effect will be weighed up in terms of the likely main effect efficacy and the client’s understanding of these issues to the extent they are able to make informed decision on what might be best for them. The problem often lies in effective communication about risk between medical specialist and the recipient of treatment. A vast disparity of medical vocabulary exists and makes “plain english” explanations difficult most of the time.
    My understanding is that the 2 deaths by anaphylactic shock may have been difficult to predict – especially if there is no history of such reactions. It strikes me that these folk would likely have been at risk of a catastrophic outcome even of the shot had been for the ‘normal’ flu.
    From a bigger picture perspective 2 deaths from a NZ total of 51 and a World total 5,486,260, which likely doesn’t include death by actual vaccination.

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