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    This is sad. It shows from bureaucracy a lack of understanding of what’s needed to survive when you don’t have regular work and the privilege of a cushy job with a cushion under your bum as you work!

    It is a similar attitude that was shown to Metiria Turei after she took an extra flatter/boarder which she didn’t declare so she could manage to keep studying and finish her training. Those with advantage or who can tap some advantage and work hard to make a life for themselves may get over obstacles. Metiria had child help but not enough money. This poor family needed subsistence food by the sound of it. If he got someone to speak for him it still mightn’t be enough. A German couple who ran a shop in the backblocks held some cannabis for someone and despite protests about their value in the community, they had to go because of that. Holistic viewpoints should be the practice.

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