Of course MIQ will close for Omicron


Chris Hipkins reveals decision on borders, boosters amid Omicron threat

The Government has announced a suite of changes to bolster New Zealand’s defences against the Omicron variant of Covid-19 – including shortening the booster shot gap, rolling out the Pfizer vaccine for young people from January, and pushing out changes to the country’s border rules until the end of February.

The changes just announced by Covid Response Minister Chris Hipkins include:
• The interval between the second dose and the booster shot reduced from 6 months to 4 months – over 82 per cent of vaccinated Kiwis will be eligible for a booster by the end of February 2022
• Eligible border and health workers required to get booster dose
• Pre-departure test requirement to enter NZ reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours before travel
• Phased border re-opening pushed out to the end of February
• Roll out of paediatric doses of Pfizer for 5-11s. Rollout to start from 17 January prior to school returning in 2022
• Temporary change to MIQ – length of stay increased to 10 days for all travellers, with no self-isolation component
• Everyone on an international flight with a positive case to be treated as a close contact
• All countries removed from Very High-Risk country list
• Cabinet confirms use of traffic light system to manage future outbreaks and in the event of Omicron community cases areas will move into the red traffic light setting

The rules of travel during a pandemic are as follows:

If another Covid outbreak happens, and we have to tighten MIQ, too fucking bad.

We will not tolerate you whining to the media about getting locked out, we will not tolerate you calling Jacinda heartless and we will not tolerate your demands to get back in!

The only travel should be urgent, if you are travelling because you are sad sad by the lack of travel and get locked out or in, dems da breaks!

You can’t say you haven’t been warned!

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So say all of us.


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  1. 🙂
    Dems the breaks indeed! And if you’re looking for equity and fairness in the way it’s all carried out – tuff shit my brutha.
    We have the authoritey!
    Btw, from recent media commentary, (i.e thems that are delivering the latest spin and bullshit), it appears one little neoliberal authoritarian bureaucrat (who is a key player in this space, going forward), appears to have gone on leave.
    Either that, or she’s deputised to an equally uber-ambiitous underling because she’s too busy in meetings and rewarding her favourite uber-ambitious pols and meerkating, work-life balanced underlings.

    Fuck me with a feather duster! You couldn’t make a load of this shit up even if you were trying to produce a fully funded reality TV drama with a cost centre devoted to stroking delicate egos

    • ” You couldn’t make a load of this shit up even if you were trying to produce a fully funded reality TV drama”.. Well, you just have with that pile of impenetrable innuendo.. I’m starting to despair of the lack of reasoned, and even slightly thought out argument that passes for “informed comment” in this country.. It’s becoming more and more obvious that even handing over power to the tories, and their barking dogs of modern day fascism, with the resulting horror show that will inevitably lead to, will teach anyone here anything useful.. There has to be some foundation of intellect, and maturity for that to happen… Haven’t seen any since getting trapped here in 2020, and have given up on ever seeing it, until I’m back in the real world again..

      • Stefan darling DARLING. I’m so sorry I didn’t drop everything to reply to you earlier.
        I really have to defer to your obvious superior intellect and disposition darling. It really must be a burden at times so as I beg for your forgiveness. Can I offer you a little musical trinket as an apology:
        Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance (it really is a treat)
        There’s a horn or two you might find a big enough to shove up your arse

  2. This is new insane response policy that will potentially lead to a snap-election somewhere in 2022. The government is now actively ignoring the both the science and data (regarding Omicron), and doubling down on already failed policy. If they think the voters are going to somehow reward them for that, they really need a reality check.

    • They’ve succeeded in keeping a large proportion of the population absolutely terrified, so they can do what they want.

      It’s a scary prospect when a govt uses terror to control the masses.

  3. and what ‘science’ on omicron are they ignoring? yup appears less serious in most but very transmissable so numbers in hospital and dying could be high (less percentage of serious illness but more cases overall), thankfully between 75 and 90percent of deaths are amongst the unvaxxed, yup sure the vaxxed can get it but less death ensues…bit of a plus there.

    …and before anyone goes on the ‘but gagarin you sooo callous’ THEY BRING IT UPON THEMSELVES.

    • …and before anyone goes on the ‘but gagarin you sooo callous’ THEY BRING IT UPON THEMSELVES.

      They really do. There has been ample opportunity for everyone in NZ to get vaccinated. Blaming the delivery by this government for Maori is disingenious at best and otherwise BS. Do we need to do what some countries are doing overseas and actually pay folk to get immunised for the ‘common good’ not for individual advantage or quirkiness or conspiracy paranoid fantasy?

      I think to have gotten to where we are now is a great achievement. You can all have tomorrow off work.

  4. Just remember, it isnt the poor half of NZ doing all this travelling, with the cost of living none of us can afford to go overseas anyway!
    Its all those people who feel entitled by their position demanding first class service from the govt.
    The poor arent seeing benefit increases that are realistic yet we see temporary unemployed get a gold plated benefit.
    Through thick and thin the govt will do anything it can to help those who’re already doing well in life but wont lift a finger to help those at the bottom get ahead. I think the reason comes down to all those rentals, if you start to enable poor people, who is going to pay thier mortgages?

    • Bullshit. In my family case is was about NZers wanting to return home to see off a daughter dying of cancer. These people are working class kiwis not the 1%

      Luckily they got a MIQ spot through the lottery, because they were refused compassionate reasons to return and managed to be with their daughter for her last weeks. But they should have been home with her during her last months.

      If you think that is ok, then we’re in a very bad situation.

      • It seems that being able to make rational responses in the Age of Covid gets caught up in the large amount of cases and the inability, apparently, of the workers for the PTB to do some sorting and then prioritising. People in your family’s situation would then get a humane response.

        However I started to recall historical lowlights some years ago and rethought about the holocaust in WW2 and Cambodia and… And realised how humanity compartmentalises in its mind and can perform the supposedly unthinkable. You can be grateful for small mercies now. Perhaps help stem in society a tendency to be case-hardened and insensitive going into the future. I think we need lessons in philosophy to do that.

  5. You’d think that in the Covid world of normality, people would by now get it that things change in an instant. But they don’t. Fuck omicron, I wanna come home!

    And what they also don’t get with they’re outage and whining is the rest of us don’t care and never will.

  6. Except Lorde who clearly needed, and succeeded in getting back for Jacindas do at the billionaires palace.
    It’s real fairytale stuff, saving us from disease, leading the world, eradicading povidy.

  7. Look. We will soon become a Republic. So, those not here are fuck’d.

    Something to look forward to!

    What day will the Queen die in 2022?

    Top discussion to have over the break.
    1. The NZ Republic
    2. A Republic?
    3. Which day in 2022 does the Queen kick the bucket?
    4. Will the Maori’s get more than the ToW 1% quantum? Or jack?
    5. Or will the world blow up!

    • In response to thee: First of all we should all have a two week holiday to celebrate the end of Queen. Some time in late feb would be nice, actually any time in autumn would be awesome. Then we should get down to removing the English royalty from our society with all it’s lords, ladies and every other piece of shitfuckery that goes with the whole royalty buzz.

      Republic, only if we get a second house of parliament with 50% representation in it is Māori. Oh and the treaty cemented in place, with previsions for religious freedom (and yes protection for atheists too) the rights of communities, cultures and collectives.

    • 1) we could base our constitution on somewhere like Ireland. they have a president ( Hone Harawira) and a prime minister.
      2) excellent suggestion as would it be an excuse to get out of the five eye/ankus rort which makes us hated worldwide; also would avoid Charles and the dreadful Camilla emboldening the remittances here..
      3) not likely, sorry, her pharmacy is pretty comprehensive and she has a solid gold piano (not relevant bur fascinating)
      4) there’ll be a stoush because ‘science’, how to define being ‘maori’ – this is interesting
      5) we’re good for spare parts and minerals

    • Denny P Question 6 Would Maori ever be happy with what they took (rather than, passively, were given) and would anyone be satisfied in the end? You can tell I think not, because that is the human way. Want, and then be a bit disappointed when you get i – , perhaps you should have asked for more. ‘This one has a hole in it now. ‘
      When the feminists got equal rights on matrimonial stuff after three years, they were happy to be as unfair with that enforced largesse because it was mostly flowing their way. It was excused because of all the trauma that either they or other women had to put up with. Any bunch of people with a grievance can never be satisfied completely. Negotiation is necessary and even that will be disagreed about. However let’s keep on keeping on. I think it’s working even if quite costly

  8. Fortunately for me I’ve developed my own theory of the ‘me and I’ based on drugs, TV, film and books on science, and their sexy bastard cousin, science-fiction.
    More than anything else, I think I might be a vibrational wave of oscillating gibberish encased within an irresistibly kissable meat pack. If there is a God? Thanks mate! x
    While all of us allow psychopathic human lunatics to draw us into The Abyss along with our bestie beasties and plants etc we can, based upon my logic, rest easy because we’ll all get another go at it in a parallel, multiverse, time/space continuum of the eternal, looped and revolving kind.
    That’s were my hopes and dreams now lie. In a so far mythical space/time where, I hope, my present and correct wishes and pleasures are realised without the interference of fuck wits.
    Because isn’t it terminal fuck wittery that’s taken us to this point? The obsession to have much, much, much more than one could ever use, shag or spend in a hundred life times is the height of fuck wittery surely?
    That fuck wit who deliberately went to AU to see the new iteration’s of his man-toys on display gets the prize for best fuck wit. That fuck wit deliberately put us all at risk and he now has 50 deaths on his conscience.
    The fuck wits who brawl with shop keepers when asked to put on a mask? The sick fuck wits who travel unnecessarily because freedom an’ that?
    Imagine if the virus mutated up to a point where its kill rate was 90% of those infected and 90% of the population were now infected? Imagine Christmas then? That’d be the very definition of freedoms an’ that wouldn’t it, fuck wit?
    Arrogant, human fuck wittery is heralding in the end of humanity and that same arrogant human fuck wittery will take all life on Earth with it.
    P.S. I used to do a lot or driving. I was a locations scout and locations manager freelancing for the film industry and one of the many things I saw was K after K after K of Monsanto’s Glyphosate poisoned fields and roadsides.
    STOP IT ! BAN IT! STOP THE FUCK WITS ! Unless food’s certified organic? Don’t fucking eat it. GROW YOUR OWN OR YOU MAY GET BUM CANCER. One of my jobs took me to a farm where there were fields of grain blowing romantically in the soft summer breeze. I noticed there were no spray tracks and commented on that thinking the farmer was growing grain organically. He said ” Nah mate. Used a chopper. Faster and cheaper.”
    Then, I heard him talking to his farmer neighbour. They mentioned a term I’d not heard before and being a farmer myself I was curious. I asked ” Ripening off…? What’s that then? ”
    “Ripening off” Is a term used to described killing the grain head in the husk with ‘Roundup’ so the grain ‘farmer’ could time the ( heading) harvesting the toxic and now dead wheat, oats, barley etc when the weather looked like coming up dry and settled.
    So. Num-num down on that porridge with sugar and milk now won’t you because glyphosate’s are also in the milk and no doubt the sugar too?
    Greedy fuck wits, see? Within a capitalist democracy the greedy fuck wit has control.
    That’s why C-19 + is here and now and killing us. Greedy Kiwi-As fuck wits would have put huge pressure on politicians to open our borders and now 50 people are dead AS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE OF THEIR GREED AND EGO AND IT WAS ENTIRELY AVOIDABLE!
    Do you ever consider who’s behind stirring up trouble within the antivaxxer squads? Who’s paying Machiavellian Confederates to stir up terminally stupid fuck wits ?
    Machiavellianism is a personality trait that denotes cunningness, the ability to be manipulative, and a drive to use whatever means necessary to gain power.
    Machiavellianism is one of the traits that forms the Dark Triad, along with narcissism and psychopathy.
    noun: confederate; 
a person one works with, especially in something secret or illegal; an accomplice.”where was his confederate, the girl who had stolen Richard’s wallet?”
We AO/NZ’ers had a fantastic opportunity to be safe, well and flourish and someone threw us all under a fucking bus. Aye boys? 

    Merry Christmas beautiful people.

    • exactly countryboy, on the money re: monsanto the murderers in our town and Doc’s 1080 no better; that’s why I can’t donate to the World Food Programme – G.M.O’s – the slow poison.
      We don’t do overt genocide here, this is after all, clean green New Zealand where everyone lives in multicultural harmony and government ministers sign their letters ‘nga mihi’. We do delay, obfuscation and straight out passing off. We do poison so well and so elegantly, designated as ‘the answer to pests’ but all round deadly, when the payoff goes into the pocket of some british politician/lord type person and the eco friendly trappers here get nothing, no bounty, nada.
      Our country is awash with chemical product ( and I’m not talking about ecstacy, meth etc.) and the passing off can not continue indefinitely, people will notice.

  9. Countryboy, you are “literally” the man of my dreams. The way you write……..woof. I’m a writer too, but your satirical turn of phrase makes me go weak at the knees. Call me.

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