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On 22 October, the Israeli Defence Ministry declared Defence for Children InternationalPalestine (DCIP) to be a “terrorist organisation”. This was a desperate attempt by the Zionist regime to discredit DCIP‘s work which, since 2000, has documented the killing of 2,206 Palestinian children. 2021 has been the grimmest year for Palestinians since 2014 – shelling by Israeli tanks, along with live-fire and missiles launched from drones, war planes and helicopters, ended the lives of 60 Palestinian children and, as at 14 December, a total of 86 Palestinian children have been killed.

In our Open Response to Nanaia Mahuta, we asked the Minister: “If you accept the evidence presented in our reply as true and incontestable, then please do act accordingly by demanding that Israel be called to account!” As neither she nor our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) have contested the evidence we presented to them, we would like to remind readers of some of the Ministry’s declarations on policy regarding international human rights provisions in international law.

In its presentation of New Zealand’s International Human Rights Action Plan 2019-2023, MFAT informs us that “New Zealand has a strong history of protecting and promoting human rights both at home and internationally.” It goes so far as to claim that “our foreign policy engagement on human rights . . . ” “. . . enhances our reputation as a constructive and committed state in support of the global rules-based system.”

MFAT also asserts that, supporting strong rules-based international human rights mechanisms is critical to safeguarding existing rights.” It would appear though that New Zealand’s international human rights advocacy priorities are being shaped by, what it calls, “our broader foreign policy, trade, and development interests.” Safeguarding human rights cannot be secured when those who violate them are never called to account.

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Leslie Bravery is a Londoner with vivid World War Two memories of the Nazi blitz on his home town. In 1947/1948 His father explained to him what was happening to the Palestinians thus: “Any ideology or political movement that creates refugees in the process of realising its ambitions must be inhuman and should be opposed and condemned as unacceptable.” What followed confirmed this assessment of the Zionist entity a hundredfold. Now a retired flamenco guitarist, with a lifelong interest in the tragedy of what happened to the Palestinian people, he tries to publicise their plight. Because the daily injustices they suffer barely get a mention in the mainstream news media, Leslie edits/compiles a daily newsletter, In Occupied Palestine, for the Palestine Human Rights Campaign. These days, to preserve his sanity, he enjoys taking part in a drama group whenever possible!


    Another islamic terrorist hugging propaganda piece Leslie, you are what is deemed by most terrorist organisations as a ‘useful idiot’.
    Yourself John Minto, Lois all play the part so well!

    • Don’t they just and their deranged obsession with the world’s one tiny Jewish state is becoming a crashing bore. BDS is failing everywhere.

      • Leslie Bravery lives with them in the middle East….only reason, I assume, he is still alive is he agreed to write propoganda for the terrorist rulers and they let him live!

        • If Leslie’s already Johnny on the spot with time on his hands and a passion for justice perhaps he could pop across to Occupied Cyprus and expose the illegal Turkish settlements, the theft of Greek homes, the human rights violations against Greek Cypriots and the destruction of their cultural heritage. And as he’s such a champ of the right of return he’ll know exactly how to structure a BDS movement and inveigle the masses into protests outside Turkish embassies. I’m sure the Arabs will be delighted to join in; they’re getting a bit peeved with Hamas intransigence these days.

          • Many will gladly join your protest action when you have finished participating in the war that Bennet is trying to start with Iran. Pity it will require the likes yourself and the NZ Zionist Mercenary Brigade to help, since it appears Biden won’t come to the party.

            • Tsk, tsk aom. Spelling!! And you a grammar purist.
              The geriatric in the basement is too busy partying for his 10%, resettling illegal migrants and refugees, training them to hate America and Israel (Omar and Tlaib have his back there) and promoting his son’s “artwork”. He’s entirely forgotten which US Coast Iran will line their nukes up on. More than a little voter regret going on in the US.

    • Israel and its politics is full of Kahanist terrorist ideologues and other flavors of zionist extremists.

      If we taught a bit of the Zionist language in our schools ,,,ie, ‘If I Don’t Steal [Your Home] Someone Else Will’,,, Israeli Settler Justifies Forcible Takeover ,,,
      ,,,,then NZ would have a better grasp of what they are all about.

      As the most extreme Zionists generally speak english ,, “What Do Settlers Sound Like?” ,,,it makes Zionisim an easy tongue to learn ,,,,

      With terrorist Ideology voted into their parliament,,, one shouldn’t be surprised that Juliet Moses and her NZ Zionist chums cuddle up to Iranian terrorists ,,, and call them “freedom fighters”.

      Israel is presently helping and supporting terrorist groups listed as such on our NZ police designated Terrorist list,,,,,.

      Supporting terrorism is a crime in NZ ,,,, supporting those who support terrorism is the same thing,,, with Israel officials straight out admitting they are helping the head choppers in Syria ,,, ,,, they are their medics and airforce

      NZ trade with the Israel regime should be illegal if NZ law were applied,,,

      As our politicians and the corrupt officials at MFAT have no problem engaging in this criminal activity,,,,, it’s up to good citizens to do the right thing….

      …. Boycott the land stealing, children bombing, warmongering, Muslim hating ( unless they are terrorists ) Zionist regime ,,,,

      If not apply for one of their ‘friends of Zionism’ medals
      ,,,, the modern ones are more up to date than the old ones ,,, different logo’s

      • Muslim hating Zionist regime? Au contraire reason, you need to revisit the source of ancient emnity. “Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud,” has been the battle cry of Islamic jihad terror against Jews for 1400 years following their ethnic cleansing from Arabia. Listen carefully and you’ll hear it on the streets of any city, including Queen Street, during anti-Israel demonstrations.

        • And the zionists just say they are going to steal the Palestinian homes, ,,,, which Anne obviously approves of.

          We can all speak the Zionist language,, with the usa and english accents these settler home thieves speak ,,, as they steal, bomb and ethnically cleanse the local Palestinians.

          But I bet Anne D for dunce has been incapable of learning the two Palestinian words which describes what the Zionists have stolen ,,,, Akhaduha Mafroosheh

          Nothing ancient about the present day crimes of the Zionist regime or Kahanist terrorists.

          presumably Anne approves ,,,, why dont you go be a Israeli medic for al-quada terrorists Anne.

          help Israel help the terrorists why don’t you?

        • Which is sicker ,,, bombing and sniper shooting Muslim children that you hate ,,,, or doing the same to children you don’t hate?.

          Also the sub-human poster ‘I’m right’ refers to dead children like this as eggs ,,, and he’s keen to break a lot of them in Iran ,,, so he’s a bit subhuman on the christchurch mass murderer of Muslims,,,,, Whats the modern Zionist “battle cry” for that blood-lust Anne ????

          Anne should tell us the modern battle cry or Israel Soldiers as they smear shit all over a kindergarten that they are destroying ??.


          … and never mind about the imaginary terrorists that Anne hears and Juliet Moses sees at NZ protests ,,,,,, The reality is they never speak or condemn the very
          and deadly use of terror and terrorists by Israel…. Two faced and one eyed, imo.

          Why is the extreme ( even for Israel ) Kahanasist zionist terrorist group / ideology missing from NZ’s designated Terrorist groups ????

          The lack of action or words spoken against the ultra violent Jewish supremacy Kahanists beliefs,,, ,,,, Which are represented in the Israel Parliament ,,,, this lack of condemnation by the right wing zionist cock gobblers ,,,, speaks a lot longer and louder than the cynical anti- Muslim shaming that goes on whenever a Islamic terrorist group ,,,LIKE THE ONES ISRAEL IS HELPING,,, commits an attack .against westerners.

          This opportunist demand that all Muslims condemn attacks by terrorists would be like demanding all Catholics speak out against attacks by the IRA ,,,, something which never happened….. And was never demanded.


          Finally the hard right Juliet Moses is extremely dishonest lecturing anybody about confronting terrorism ,,,

          ,, Juliet MEK moses? ,,,,, or is she a Shah lady , being more comfortable with State Terror…

          Either way she’s full of shit with NZ zionists “Iranian freedom fighters”.

  2. Nice to see one of the ignorant fuckwit Zionist brigade on the scene. Thought you had all gone to Israel to fight the good fight with the IDF since it looks as though Biden doesn’t intend to join the Israel -Iran party that Bennet and Gantz are formenting.

    Leslie – keep up the good work!

    • How’s that BDS working out for you? Lol
      Don’t worry about Iran, Israel will sort their nuclear ambitions out, they seem to have alot of set backs don’t they?

      • Ohhh – do they let the NZ Zionist Mercenary Brigade use uncensored email from Tel Aviv for anything other than state generated propaganda?

  3. Zionists love to hate. Just spieling bullshit. But then how do you justify killing children? Perhaps Uncle Sam could help there.
    Nanaia has been asked for her response and has ignored the request. So as our government’s foreign affairs minister she gets 0/10 for effort.
    Great effort from the Zionist trolls though, maybe 2/10.

  4. pot/kettle/black endlessly from both sides and the dying carries on as normal on both sides.
    .it’s almost like they all enjoy it..after all it’s the only life most of them have known.

    • What? Missed the bit where Israel offered the Arabs their own state 8 times? Guess you’ve never heard of the Three Nos either. Pitiful.

      • Thought you were in Israel training with the IDF as one of the NZ Zionist Mercenary Brigade since your usual inane comments were on the wain until todays outburst.

        Oh well, seems you are only a mouthy chickenhawk after all.

        • Feel better for yet another peevish outburst that relieves your mental constipation? It’s all the Israel haters can resort to really as Israel continues to prosper. Here’s a thought for the coming year: the Palestinians recognise Israel, stop being terrorist losers and finally build a state. You could stop taking the laxatives then and give us all a break from your futile fulminations.

            • Here’s hoping some thoughtful soul sends you the fare to Gaza and does us all a favour (apart from the poor Gazans that is!).

              • Being opposed to egregious human rights abuses in Israel and elsewhere does not equate to needing to have personal imperatives to live with the oppressed.
                However, your situation is entirely different. Myopic one track chickehawks don’t seem to understand the meaning of human rights – their (your) driver seems to be colluding and propagandizing an oppression you would not tolerate if the boot was on the other foot. The next decade will be a time of change – hopefully evolution, not revolution.

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