We hit 90% double vaxxed while lunatic antivaxxrs protested – this is us at our Kiwi best!


It says something about the wonderful character of Kiwis that on the same day 2000 AntiVaxxer lunatics were marching in Wellington that we as a country hit the 90% vaccination target.

The vast, vast, vast majority did the right thing and got vaccinated while a tiny minority screamed and called it Nazi Germany and the wonderful thing is that the majority let the minority have their protest.

That’s how gracious we are in reality.

We will allow you your right to protest even though you are fucking stupid, prolonging lockdowns and possibly endangering the rest of us!

The 90% vaccination rate strategy has left us with one of the lowest death rates and hospitalization rates in the world and represents one of the greatest public health successes since seat belts in cars and the polio vaccine.

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Jacinda’s 90% vaccination rate, a strategy her Maori Academics & public health officials decried as racist has worked!

Jacinda’s 90% vaccination rate, a strategy the Death Cult Capitalists screamed was evil because it put public health before private profit has worked!

Jacinda’s 90% vaccination rate, a strategy National and ACT denounced as unworkable has worked!

The Woke Left decrying the roll out as a genocide against Maori or the religious right QAnon lunatic antiVaxxers screaming Nazi?

The debt of gratitude this ungrateful bloody country owes Jacinda and Labour is immeasurable and watching the toxic hate vomited on her for saving us from tens of thousands of sick and thousands of deaths is honestly heartbreaking.

THAT is us at our Kiwi worst!

We beat Covid and then along came Delta.

We beat Delta and then along came Omicron.

We really have no idea how lucky we are.


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  1. It is truly amazing that anyone can still give National or Act any credibilty. Their politicising of a pandemic is nothing short of disgusting.
    Our success is not just due to Jacinda’s efforts and leadership but to her team of 5 million, with special mention of the essential workers – many on the minimum wage that National and Act want to lower or scrap.

    • Exactly, a team of around 200, expert epidemiologists, public health, economists, treasury, virologist, hospital and health board admin, doctors and politicians and civil servants, for which Jacinda is the spokesperson. This personalisation of attacks on Jacinda powerfully suggests an unpleasant misogyny in a vocal and ignorant and worthless subsection of New Zealand humanity, which would unfortunately seem to include some notorious commentators and not a few opposition MPs. Not that I am uncritical or forgiving of major failings of Jacinda’s government in global warming and the housing crisis.

  2. A few weeks ago my brother, a permanent resident in Zary, Poland, emailed me asking me and my whanau to please DO NOT get the Covid Vaccinations. (He was too late, my whanau are all due for our booster shots mid January.)

    Well a week later he contracted Covid, and after trying for 10 days to cure himself, he eventually admitted himself to hospital, and although he was put on a ventilator, the hospital staff could not save him. He passed away Monday morning, and was cremated on Thursday morning.

    This is not the only sad part of this story, his adult son lives with him and was also unvaccinated. Fortunately his son has tested negative, and has now had his first Covid jab.

    What I can’t understand is how an otherwise healthy, fit, intelligent man has lost his life because he believed the BS promoted by the Antivaxxers.

    Covid is real, Covid is evil. Thank goodness 90% of us have listened and have made sensible choices. That is Freedom.

    • It’s putting your feeling of being right above being right. I have a brother with a 33 to 50 % chance of dying if he catches it but he puts his subjectivism above objective reality. Since he’s been shouting his shit for 40 years it’s his deserved death. His way of death. I look forward to it, where I now see I will say exactly nothing. All the family rejects ‘appeal to reason’. Appeal to fantasy would have more appeal.

  3. There are a lot of Kiwis who lack any form of critical thinking, and are therefore fundamentally stupid for want of a better word.
    There are plenty who don’t understand detail at all . Whether it be at the most basic level, let alone the macro and micro level .
    You also get the ‘a little bit of knowledge being dangerous’ type, and the equally dangerous, ‘paralysis through over analysis’ type. Both the of those groups usually fall into the anti-vaxxers camp.

    However, not to worry. The National party have a new great white hope leader in Luxon!
    ‘Corporate Wiki’ informs us that he is extremely well read and possesses great in- depth knowledge on a wide variety of topics.

    Apparently His list of favorite books include New York Stock Exchange bestsellers such as:-

    1)How To Win Friends and Influence People

    2)The Art Of The Deal

    3)What Your Handshake Says About You

    4) (Sequel) How You Can Make Your Handshake Work Better For You

    5)The Art Of Speech- Making Using Cliches As A Marketing Tool

    6)How To Corporate Buzz-Word Your Sentences to Sound Knowledgeable and Authoritative…Going Forward

    7)The Art Of Picking ‘The Low Hanging Fruit’ Whilst Looking Like You Are Being Substantial

    8)How To Develop ‘Silos’ To Ferment ‘The Low Hanging Fruit’

    9) How to Articulate Colourful In-Depth Analysis With Just A Whiteboard And A Black Marker Pen

    10) How To Prevent Profuse Forehead Sweating When Talking Out Of Your Arse

    • I’ll play along. What point would you like to discuss and where’s the science that supports this point. Lets crank the critical thinking gear into action. How about Martyn’s points regarding protestors possibly extending lockdowns or endangering everyone else. How is this possible and where’s the science that supports these points?

      I won’t hold my breathe that this will get in or that you have anything to back your bluster, if it does.

        • Stop protecting and get on with it. My challenge, surely, is not that hard.

          Think critically, because according to Grant, the AV crowd clearly cannot. Name your Covid issue, bring your science to the table, and we will dance the ‘critical thinking’ dance.

          But as said before, and as your response has already shown, it ain’t looking likely…..

      • I’ve recently read an Aldous Huxley’s pronouncement that fits here:
        “In a word, they failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” from goodreads quotes
        And comment – For conditions even remotely comparable to those now prevailing we must return to imperial Rome, where the populace was kept in good humor by frequent, gratuitous doses of many kinds of entertainment – from poetical dramas to gladiatorial fights, from recitations of Virgil to all-out boxing, from concerts to military reviews and public executions. But even in Rome there was nothing like the non-stop distractions now provided by newspapers and magazines, by radio, television and the cinema.
        In “Brave New World” non-stop distractions of the most fascinating nature are deliberately used as instruments of policy, for the purpose of preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/75681-in-regard-to-propaganda-the-early-advocates-of-universal-literacy

        Tl:dr? We get distracted from considering the important point. Make note – must work on not doing this in the 21st century!

  4. Just talking to some friends last night. None of them vaxed. Bragging and laughing that they were having a night out in Auckland at a number of bars and not being asked for their vaccination passports which they obviously don’t have. It kind of makes a mockery of vaccination mandates, the push for vaccination and those of us who have done what we believe to be the right thing. With omicron on the way I think I’ll be spending a lot more time at home.

    • Covid’s Omicron variant can’t read vaccine passports.
      Covid’s Omicron variant ignores vaccine mandates.
      Covid’s Omicron variant doesn’t listen to people laughing at it, or bragging about being unvaccinated.
      Covid’s Omicron variant does worry how dense the population is.
      So does Jimmy Carr, who agrees with you Sylvain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQj6IgegGYo
      Mike drop.

    • We have now had 2 winters and 1 summer so quoting the season as a reason for low numbers is you talking out of your a—- . I am no lover of Labour but up to 3 months ago they were spot on target . Obviously with hindsight thinks could have been done better but the book is being written as we speak . The wheels seem to have fallen of recently as the way for will be painful for one sector which ever way they call the shots and now we have a new version.
      Those supporting the pretend Bishop Tamaki need to understand he hates Labour due to their support of abortion and homosexuality. He ctys for choice re the vaxination but does not support choice for women and gay . Those who follow him need to wake up before they fall victim of their own stupidity

      • “Those supporting the pretend Bishop Tamaki need to understand he hates Labour due to their support of abortion and homosexuality. He ctys for choice re the vaxination but does not support choice for women and gay . Those who follow him need to wake up before they fall victim of their own stupidity”

        Excuse the pun Trevor but amen to that! Idiots.

    • One swallow does not make a summer . All vaccinations and in fact any medical procedure has a risk but when you look at the odds you stand less chance of dying from vaccine than by covid by a huge margin. This death was a result of poor management by the DHB rather than any fault of the shot

      • Disagree, I was simply stating his death is being directly attributed to the vaccine. I leave research using only one sample to the government (shutting down the country over one suspected coronavirus case, using the death of one eighty-something with covid (possibly) who had pre-existing conditions as proof of the fear we must feel, etc). The government goes even further into fairytale land and declares if they had not done what they had done then we would have all died. That if we don’t take their vaccine then we, will, DIE.

      • I also heard of a guy local to me who had a massive heart attack after the jab.
        Mismanagement? I think Pfizer call this the “post marketing experience”

      • The sad thing is that this “one swallow” could have been avoided if there were enough information about possible side effects and if there were more attention given to them by healthcare providers.

    • yup you managed 1 example….remind me again how many doses have been administered in NZ….one of the more entertaining aspects of covid has been watching the PRO-COVID mob clutching at thinner and thinner straws as their arguments disappear below the waves….but still they persist like a victorian admiral going down with his sheep

      they’re just dying to own the libs…

    • Nicki Minaj’s friend’s testicles swelled up too Ethan.
      Therefore, all male anti-vaxxers are doing the right thing to save the planet’s population by not having the vaccination.
      How can you breed more little anti-vaxxers, if your testicles are the size of watermelons?
      The population will decrease if anti-vaxxers take the vaccines.

      • Dear Mike,
        Please don’t spread disinformation.
        If the anti-vaxxers get Covid, but they had not had the vaccines, they will likely die.
        If the anti-vaxxers get Covid, but they have had vaccines, they will likely live.
        They have the freedom to choose to live or die and that is their God-given right.
        It’s a binary choice.
        Get vaccinated and have a much better chance of living through the Covid infection.
        Don’t get vaccinated and run the higher percentage chance of death.

        Also, worse than the freedom-of-death of anti-vaxxers, are the images of Nicki Minaj’s friend’s swollen testicles, ‘the size of watermelons’. I ordered a mental corkscrew online to remove this image from my brain.

        This image is even worse than the thought of rows and rows of dead antivaxxers’ graves, with the same inscription on each cross “I told you Covid was a hoax!”

  5. “Northland lags,” we keep hearing. What’s that all about? It’s about the lunatics who have been discouraging people from being vaccinated being successful. Northland is a pariah region largely through dumb pakeha.

    “Non-Māori now significantly outnumber Māori among Northlanders who have not yet been vaccinated.

    Northland’s high Māori population is often cited as one of the reasons for the region’s relatively low vaccine uptake — and the fact the region will soon be the only one stuck in the red traffic light setting — but some simple number-crunching by the Advocate shows Māori make up a minority of the region’s unvaxxed.

    Ministry of Health figures show 9034 eligible Māori in Northland had not received a first dose as of December 16.

    The number of non-Māori who hadn’t yet received their first jab, however, was significantly higher at 10,660.

    While the ministry does not provide a specific figure for Pākehā, Northland’s other ethnic groups have above-average vaccination rates so the vast majority of those 10,660 can safely be assumed to be of European descent.

    Only 136 Pasifika people in Northland have not yet had a jab, for example. Northland’s Indian community, the region’s next biggest ethnic group, hit the 90 per cent fully vaxxed target early this month.”

    Northern Advocate 18-12-21

    • Northland DHB vaccination rates 17 Dec: 88.0% single dose, 82.3% double dose.
      Non-Maori rates: 90.5% single dose, 86.9% double dose.
      Maori rates: 82.4% single dose, 72.3% double dose.

      Counting all unvaccinated non-Maori as European, then 10,660 of the European population in Northland of 101,986 translates to 89.6% single dosed. Not far from the accepted 90% benchmark.

      Maori make up 31.3% of the eligible population in Northland, yet 45.9% of the unvaccinated. Not sure that pointing the finger at unvaccinated Pakeha really changes things for the better for Maori.

    • Yeah it’s been good to get this data thanks to Shane Reti. Most thinking pakeha up here have suspected this for some time. I agree there are some seriously dumb uneducated fuckers up here. My social life is fractured as a result ,I was disappointed initially now i do not care. I am doing summer activities often alone but isolation has it’s pluses and we are well adjusted misanthropes in this part of the country.Whatever happens is what happens. I expect hospitalizations and deaths . Getting my booster next week. Ce’st la vie. We were warned.

      • I’m not pointing the finger at anyone. The newspaper said Ministry of Health figures show the number of non-Māori who hadn’t yet received their first jab in Northland as 10,660.

        I know some who are in that total. There are some seriously dumb uneducated fuckers up here. And they think they’re so fucken clever.

  6. I’d kinda prefer it if if the majority of us could dictate what the minority of us can do – in this age of never-ending government dictates. But of course, this is not the case. The government dictates what we are allowed to do, or not, we have no say in these matters. Still, we can always be gracious and thankful for their kindness – towards those that do everything dictated of them!

    Otherwise, another measure of success is life returning back to normal, which many thought would happen with an 80% vaccination rate, let alone a 90%+ rate. But alas, a return to normal seems even further away now than this time last year…..

      • It can be that simple, for those who own or control the media. They can make any situation or any person as problematic or as harmless as they care to choose. It is that simple and we, the people, need to decide if this dynamic primarily serves our interests or their interests….

    • ‘I’d kinda prefer it if if the majority of us could dictate what the minority of us can do’

      I believe that’s called democracy, we elect a govt and they act on our behalf, or are you suggesting a plebiscite on every tad of legislation?

      OR are you just attempting another wet noodle PRO-COVID tilt at jacinda?

      • In this instance, we are not electing government. In this instance, we are determining, or have determined, that the majority of us have allowed the minority of us, to protest. This is a totally, totally different dynamic that we are talking about, actually theorizing, here.

        But as for democracy, when money has a bigger influence on governmental decision making than us people, then we do not live in a true democracy. We do not live in a true democracy! But hey, by all means, prove me wrong…..

        • no we don’t live in a real democracy..nobody does but the system as flawed as it is, is better than giving the PRO-COVID mob their head….

          now once this pandemic that has been extended by the un-vaxxed is over we can look at reform but for now….just sit down and eat your sprouts.

          note – – cheap nazi/stalin comparisons will not be entertained.

          • If money rules the political world, as it clearly does, then that begs the question, is our government, is any government in fact, working in the interests of its citizens or for the powerful. This is especially prescient now, now that our government has willfully, and happily divided its citizenry. And when you consider that the opposite of this was called for, was championed, for the majority of this crisis, then it does raise questions! And yet, at the same time, the so-called pro-covid//anti-vax mob, that also includes anti-corporate control, anti-government corruption loons like myself, our ability to question these government actions – censored into oblivion – or as you call it, not given its head.

            But back to the key point here….the undermining of democracy….this point alone should have people questioning every government dictate. But alas, the exact opposite has happened and history shows us all, that accepting every government measure that comes our way is one heck of a parlous state to be in.

  7. Personally I am so over it. I have not watched a press conference in two months.

    The never ending media blood lust, oxygen given to depressing little fuckers like Michael Baker who is surely a time warped flaggelant from the Black Death era and geeks like modeller Shaun Hendy who upon realising someone was actually interested in his boring as bat shit world, told us Auckland was staring down the barrel of 7000 covid deaths per year. For both these men we were only missing the chant of “bring out your dead”.

    And with that goes our poll driven government who panicked and sent sick people to self isolate at home lest the miserably underfunded health system they completely forgot about collapsed as predicted and assured. But only for these poor people to die of this very disease at home because text messaging them to see how they were failed them with lethal consequences, as well as their families. Who would have thought?

    Anyway, awaiting Aucklands borders to go back up in sheer terror with Jacinda getting out of Dodge like it was yesterday. Having said that, she probably never returned! Oh, and the “gamma” variety to emerge!

          • Incorrect Bert.

            Robert P Kadlec wanted it.
            So much so he oversaw the US joint exercise Crimson Contagion – Jan to Aug 2019 – where it was war gamed…. for 8 months!
            From there it proceeded along the conveyor to Event 201, with the John Hopkins Center & the Gates Foundation in October, then out into the streets of Wuhan shortly after.
            From memory the Chinese first acknowledged it late Dec 2019.

            Also, wiki is unusually modest when describing Kadlec’s credentials as a physician & career officer of the US Air-force, makes him sound like a doctor sort, when in fact he’s a bio-warfare expert, without compare.

            Just saying Bert

      • I might add Bert, that when our MIQ system fails, again, and let’s omicron out into the Auckland community, then what?

        This government ensured no one quite knew how Delta got in and for Auckland to be locked down for 4 months.

        Nor have they done anything different, it appears, with MIQ since Delta..

        And that will become a typical story of the management of this pandemic. Never learn anything unless from the PM down, they are put in the spot light over it.

        • And I’m over the constant whinging of the supposedly poor management of our covid response. Seriously over the constant whinging. There is something very important here, given the statements of ACT and National, the MIQ facilities and management would have been perfect. However our hospital system overrun and probably a he’ll of a lot more deaths. You could always move to Europe, Australia or the UK.

        • Just to add, what would you do to stop such failures XRAY? 24 hour surveillance, ensure you know exactly where a variant is detected and tell the rest of N.Z.?

          I am seriously interested in what you might do, not in hindsight but pre covid arriving into NZ

  8. ‘Woke’ is a bland space in your understanding. You use it to dismiss legitimate Maori concerns.

    Ten times Maori deaths in1918. They’ve suffered the most now.

    Stop using the term, Martyn. The golden NZ ‘fair go’ is good enough.

    • Good on him, who wants an absentee PM who thinks this is a bit of a lark. What sort of health emergency sees the government shut down the country, segregate society and then go on holiday?

    • Good on him, who wants an absentee PM who thinks this is a bit of a lark. What sort of government locks down the country, segregates society based on health status then goes on holiday?

  9. I heard of a local guy that had a massive heart attack after taking a booster. He was having heart problems after the second jab, but was told by his doctor that it was unrelated. Now he is in a critical condition

    Well done Kiwis, you have supported one of the most corrupt and criminal companies in human history, that is literally killing people

    • Andy, “You heard of a local guy”; are you sure of the facts surrounding this rumour, or just wanting it to be true to support your opinion?

          • OK some guy had a heart attack. No problem, his life is worthless
            Clearly the only thing that matters to the “progressives” is that pharma companies make billions of dollars.

            Oh dear, what a sad pathetic bunch of losers you are. No morals, no values nothing. Just empty vessels of nothingness

            By the way, happy Christmas

            • I’m sorry to read about this. I am sorry that anybody, regardless of what side of this unnecessary decide they may be on, ever has to suffer because of these rushed, barely tested vaccines.

            • you brought it up andy to bolster what is at best a tenuous delusion if you can’t back it it’s a worthless anecdote..sorry this blog doesn’t do fox news

              the fact your statement fails at the 1st hurdle is your fault…
              now just jog on.

          • Evidence, namely verifiable evidence, is what we should be demanding from the mainstream media, rather than from someone simply recounting a personal experience.

            It is the mainstream media who influences the masses, not some random member of the public, thus if no verifiable proof is presented, especially in one of the endless eye catching headlines they run, then I hope you, and everyone here, is as doubting of that media headline as you are of this random person.

              • Holding the media to account, ensuring that they can verify any claim they make, that’s not a political ideal, that is just plain common sense.

    • and this guy is who? he lives where? which pub/chatroom/bubble did you hear this story in?
      or did you just make it up on the spur of the moment…

      cuz me mates uncles brothers friend heard from someone at work who has a pal down the pub who reckons that..
      ….(insert anecdote here)

      • I was speaking to some actual people, about their friend, who had had a heart attack.

        You remember – real people?

        Not some random troll named after a Russian cosmonaut

  10. oh yessssss sirrie let’s slap ourselves on the back that only 10percent of our population are hard of thinking…..you do realise the damage that those numpties can do if they but their minds to it…vaxxs are not protection they do drastically reduce the chance of serious illness…so yes the free-dumbs can still kill you, yes you there, you in the corner…anti-vaxxers can kill you…personally.

    meanwhile an evangelical american weight loss doctor peddles fraudulent documents(they are specifically designed to mislead) and the medical council ‘investigates’ and sends her a letter, weak and pathetic if she isn’t a fully naturalised NZ citizen stick her on the 1st slow boat home.
    Websites openly selling forged vax passports doesn’t our security state have the offensive capability to fuck up their computers..or is the greenpeace hippy threat more pressing?
    And has anyone noticed it’s all gone quite on the rich entitled couples attempts to infect the people of wanaka during the auckland lockdown.

    This stuff needs to be stamped on, rules without enforcement are waste paper, ‘be kind’ helps no one, if the actual policy is open slather, just say so.

    • addendum

      today he the millionaire was fined 750dollars ‘a mere bagatelle old chap’
      she was discharged without conviction cause it might harm her lucrative legal career

      that is the problem with NZ neatly encapsulated…..

  11. ok this is becoming pointless…

    some posts appear, some don’t I understand the need for moderation and I know real-time is a bit of an ask for a small blog…but sometimes the delay/non appearance disrupts the flow…

    surely a quick look to be sure I haven’t used the N word would suffice
    … or is closer inspection of concepts and ideas required?

  12. More big pharma propaganda. I imagine you’d be truly outraged if we actually started to treat COVID patients. Those high vaccination rates aren’t working too well, world wide. Kids more at risk from vaccine than COVID. But it certainly vaccinates against risk of critical thinking. Body mass index passes make more sense.

  13. More big pharma propaganda. I imagine you’d be truly outraged if we actually started to treat COVID patients. Those high vaccination rates aren’t working too well, world wide. Kids more at risk from vaccine than COVID. But it certainly vaccinates against risk of critical thinking. Body mass index passes make more sense.

      • Thanks Bert. Trump gigs do require shining a strong light up the anus to kill Covid. Trump has had his booster shot, meaning he has had two doses of the vaccine already. All those Trumplandians can all now have their vaccines, safe in the knowledge that their glorious supreme leader has been vaccinated fully!

        On the subject of vaccination Trumpocrisy, have Tamaki Inc. and his inner circle crew all been vaccinated?

        It’s times like this when you wish that someone would hack Tamaki Inc.’s medical records and out him for hypocrisy..

        Tamaki Inc. can prove his allegiance to the New Testament God and like his mentor Trump did, and out himself as being vaccinated and urge all his flock to get vaccinated, as a public service.

        After all, Tamaki Inc.’s tax-free status, is ‘sponsored’ by taxpayers. It’s the least he can do to encourage everyone to get vaccinated to protect taxpayers and tithe-payers alike.

        God’s creations, scientists, created the vaccine, to protect God’s other creations, our fellow human beings, from Covid.

      • Gagarin and Bert, interesting you both mention sheep. Obvious projection chaps, doing as you’re told. If you ever wondered if you would’ve complied in 1930s Germany, now you know.

        • Yep definitely on the sheep wormer whitey.Tell us how was it for you in 1930, lived experience? You seem to know absolutely everything.

            • ….. an update of the logical fallacy reductio ad Hitlerum, modern Latin for “reduction to Hitler” and a take on reductio ad absurdum. The reductio ad Hitlerum, or “playing the Nazi card,” was coined by philosopher Leo Strauss in 1951 (a distant relation of Levi Strauss).

  14. andy weak son weak…what he said is there in black and white… comparison the 30s germany (not weimar germany) can only carry one infference.

    if you could read you’d know the ‘n-word’ referred to the time it sometimes takes for my posts to appear and nowt to do with whitey

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