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  1. I’m reading Robert Morley’s book about his life and travels.
    He has a quirky mind and has included snippets of quotes relevant to his topic.
    He has been relating about visited exotic places and comes up with this quote from Richard S. Dunn –
    “Negroes imported to the sugar islands died much faster than they were born. West Indies
    slave masters soon gave up trying to keep their Negroes alive long enough to breed up a new
    generation and instead routinely bought replacement slaves year in and year out.”

    Is that what our Masters are doing here?

  2. Lprent himself, the old bogan, appeared here to say the only reason I couldn’t comment on The Standard, the arena of the modern NZ Left on the internet (laugh) had nothing to do with my 1935 social democratic opinions, it was to do with some technicality. I’ve tried since that comment but no. Not sure if you’re serious about the people if you don’t attack that thus propaganda trumpet.

    280 comments today on their ‘Democratic Party’ cleared-of-the-people, neoliberaL, Roger-is-alright, daily post. Which is alright for Americans but no NZer of my age who knows where they come from.

    But that’s truth only Hager is willing to fight for.

    • Are you serious Martyn or just a poser like me? Labour and the Labour semi-official talk site are still the children of the idiot Roger Douglas. Fight real enemies rather than a Right not interested in our opinions.

      You make a display of the most vicious fight but you never charge in. Unlike Hager etc.

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