That, the United States of America, claiming moral outrage, can call for a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics, is hypocrisy in the extreme. 

But, maybe it’s just trying to avoid the embarrassment of having any of its political leaders arrested and charged with war crimes or crimes against humanity, should they leave US shores to go to the Olympics.

Having ridden roughshod over every ethical, moral and political principle that world governing bodies have ever codified into mutually agreed conventions, the United States is a rogue state whose hubris knows no bounds 

For its waging of illegal wars, the targeting of civilians, the destruction of civil infrastructure, use of chemical, biological and atomic-waste weapons, instigating insurrection, ordering political assassination, engineering the collapse of foreign economies, destruction of the means of self-sufficiency, illegal detention, torture and murder, the pillaging of foreign assets and the illegal seizure of sovereign financial treasure, and all of it responsible for the death and displacement of millions resulting in the global refugee crisis, the United States of America has nothing to teach anyone about morality.

Built on a one-party system feigning two options, in which the electorate’s child-like idea of democracy is kept alive by the media promotion of a cloying Disneyesque jingoism, the United States operates a ruthless system of weaponised Capitalism, more akin to a Mafia protection racket than that of a senior member of the brotherhood of nations. 

Supported by an odious phalanx of sycophants whose fortunes it maintains, for as long as they’re of use, the US not only turns a blind eye to the genocide Israel is waging on the Palestinians, and that being visited on the Yemenis by the Saudis, while also funding both, but deploys its destructive influences wherever its Military Industrial Complex can sell another bullet or bomb or plunder another country’s resources. 

And as its pernicious policies exacerbate the ever-increasing divide between rich and poor across the world, the US, under the guise of protecting Democracy, aides and abets the rise of Fascism wherever it can, knowing full well the advantages to its hegemony such regimes provide.

And in the meantime, wooed onto the bandwagon by our bought-and-paid-for media, we go along for the ride.

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  1. US hegemony is going to end soon. But the Chinese government better not replace it. Us in the middle can condemn without being hypocrites

  2. Thanks Malcolm for putting it so well. Of course the US puppet Australia is joining the boycott. Why do athletes go at all if it is such an important issue? Because people won’t accept banning that…
    I hope someone in politics in Opposition will make the $55 million propaganda payments an election issue. Nothing in the MSM still about the latest polling.
    And the ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority that says the Three Waters Advertising didn’t breach standards was buried way down the news stream on 8/11 Newshub.
    Who is responsible for upholding the rules about taxpayers not paying for promoting Government policy? Looks like we will be getting more 3 Waters garbage but I won’t be watching TV. The Taxpayer’s Union anti campaign is very good.
    We absolutely have to stand up to this Government which is making incremental encroachments to whittle away our democracy every day!

  3. USA is currently eating itself, which will make it even more dangerously aggressive on the world stage as its leaders grasp for distraction from internal woes.

  4. I agree 100% M.E.
    Supplanting the US as the No1 economy in the world is seen by the Washington establishment as a threat to everything they value, hegemonic capitalism.
    The senate-driven US Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) which provides $250 billion is a bipartisan bill that openly states that China is “the greatest geopolitical and geonomic challenge” to US foreign policy.
    An additional $15 billion has been set aside to countering that threat including combating Chinese influence and disinformation online.
    Further into the Act is $300 million set aside to specifically counter the “political influence” of the CCP.
    In other words a propaganda arm with deep pockets to destabilise at every opportunity no matter the cost to global peace and harmony.
    Listed clearly in the Act are 3 targets on the hitlist,
    1 Human rights in China.
    2 Calls for diplomatic boycott of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.
    3 Study on origin of Coronavirus.
    The lengths the US is prepared to go to knows no boundary.
    This should be evident by the openly arrogant, self serving and propaganda-led criticism of any country or state that refuses to play by the “rules-based order”.
    Thank you M.E. for a concise and accurate summary of how cruel and destructive the US footprint has been and will sadly continue to be at an immeasurable cost to humanity.

  5. It’d be a terrible day ( For psychopathic money fetishists ) if global peace and harmony reigned supreme.
    All this shit’s about money. Mainly because people who crave money have no imagination for other things in life that are free but also affords greater pleasures. Cell phones are amazing things but try and build a blow fly? We’re surrounded by remarkable mechanisms and systems of weather, plants and animals but we sell our souls via The Warehouse, as an example, for a nasty bauble that’ll be landfill in a month after Christmas, which is of itself a marketing tool to seporate you and me from our money. And what’s money other than a small document that tells others that you just spent priceless time on earth working for some one else which automatically makes you more valuable to them than to yourself.
    These, are fucking strange times man and we’ve all fallen in step with a dangerous false narrative that we must all now try and fit into.
    What would happen if the world went to Beijing and gave thanks and praise to the Chinese ? We could subtly, by use of kindness, lead the Chinese Power base to a new awareness. Or? We could slip them a nice cap of
    methylenedioxymethamphetamine each then bring on the hugs !?
    Some of you will think that, that idea’s mad and silly but is it any madder or sillier than putting on silly clothes and driving a mad fast car that, which, by law, can’t be driven over 100/ 50 kph to a small box office where you will do a thing for some money? Don’t you think it’s all just a bit fucked up?

  6. Yes the US is far from the beacon of virtue that they are increasingly struggling mask themselves as but the world is much better off with them as the current ‘global overlord’ than if it were China . .

    US – Fat camps / China – Concentration camps
    US – Black Lives Matter / China – Forced organ harvesting
    US – Noam Chomsky / China – Peng Shuai

  7. Yes the US is far from the beacon of virtue that they are increasingly struggling mask themselves as but the world is much better off with them as the current ‘global overlord’ than if it were China . .

    US – Fat camps / China – Concentration camps
    US – Black Lives Matter / China – Forced organ harvesting
    US – Noam Chomsky / China – Peng Shuai

  8. I think I know what the author is referring to for most of those claims but not the Chemical and biological weapons. Could we have links please?
    I agree that the US is a bit of a rogue state, and certainly the number of confrontations it gets involved with outdoes any other country. However, Guantanamo is probably the most blatant crime they have committed, and it does not really compare with what the CCP is doing in Xinjiang (despite a few non-combatants being accidentally rounded up). Also, not many U.S presidents would have had the gall to get the Guantanamo thing started, and it is easier to ignore than close it down.
    China is completely breaking whole ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The concentration camps must be shut down urgently. There is no point being picky about our allies to do this – there are no innocent states on earth, just bad ones and worse ones.
    I will happily go out and protest USAs crimes, but I will definitely support them in holding China to account about Xinjiang, and doing what they can to stop an invasion of Taiwan.

    • how about the clearly race based US forced labour prison/industrial complex

      way more amusing is Bidens ‘summit for democracy’ or whatever it’s called, the neo-libs still belive re-branding works…still using the 80/90s marketing textbooks from their mba courses…they don’t understand just as the LINO doesn’t ‘spin is over’ as an effective tool.

      • “how about the clearly race based US forced labour prison/industrial complex” yes, I agree it is awful. However, people usually have to commit some sort of crime in the US to get imprisoned, even if the law is applied very unevenly and poor black people often get singled out for not very much.
        In Xinjiang, you just need to be a member of certain ethnic groups to be imprisoned or have a minder placed in your household. Professionals also get rounded up and sometimes young children are left without any provision made for them when their parents are taken.

    • So let me get it right, your saying the fact the Chinese government is serious about getting the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang out of poverty is a crime. Because lets be clear there is no genocide, and no ethnic cleansing. What there is a commitment to reduce poverty. Funny how moral wrong that is for so many on the right of politics. And how much bullshit they will spin to not make it happen.

      Chemical weapon, well here the main sufferers here are the USA citizens themselves. Like the pollution of the water reserves in Hawaii. Or the toxic and deadly dumps the US military have all over the USA, spilling chemicals into the environment. Or the practice of burning waste on their 1000+ odd military bases, and whilst this may not be overt chemical attack, it is leaving behind a toxic chemical legacy.

      As for the use of biological weapons maybe you need to read a couple of history books. Or just ask a Vietnamese War vet or better yet talk to a few vets about their on going problems with their skin, sexual organs, and the health of their children.

      • I have read more than a couple of history books, including a few on China, but none of the ones I read said anything about biological weapons. I am not claiming the USA has not used biological weapons, I just want a reference as is normal in published articles. Say hi to Xi Jin Ping for me.

        • Do you not remember the 2001 Anthrax attack in the US? With the lead suspect being a member of their own military. Loads of books on that topic Ed Lake, David William to name two. Actually, David Williams book is an extra ordinary cautionary tale, well worth a read.

          Or the claims by Cuba, (funny how they got this embargo going on, but…) more than once they had odd diseases suddenly and rapidly appear. Howard Zinn has a good couple of chapters on it. As do a few other authors on the relationship of the US and Latin America.

          Say hi to trump for me, seeing as were going for silly childish put downs.

  9. During the Vietnam war the US used no less than 6 herbicides but the most popular was Agent Orange (245T).
    Operation Ranch Hand (1961-1971) was a period of wholesale use of herbicide as a defoliant.
    Agent Orange was mixed with diesel fuel and or solvent.
    All the herbicides used were sprayed in concentrated form and not diluted.
    In 1979 three years after the Vietnam war ended the US EPA banned 245T from manufacture.
    Sadly here in NZ we were one of the last countries to use 245T until 1987when it was banned.
    Unfortunately many farmers stockpiled the herbicide guaranteeing the potential for multi generational exposure.
    Growing up as a child on a dairy farm I remember DDT and 245T and the liberal use of both without hesitation.
    Guidance from farming groups and health practitioners was non-existent, so it seemed.
    The poor health of many of us who have been exposed in peacetime is bad enough but to strategize
    the use of massive volumes of herbicide (estimated at 74 million litres of herbicide of which Agent Orange made up 60%) when the shocking health outcomes for all who were exposed both US and North Vietnamese combatants was scientifically planned and executed is a special brand of evil and which can never be justified.
    I can only reiterate that the specific concentration on Xinjiang is a well orchestrated and coordinated propaganda mission that has everything to do with the inevitable supplanting of the US as the no1 economy in the world by China.
    As the connecting region to the world for the Belt and Road Initiative Xinjiang is at the epicentre of China’s push for economic consolidation.
    This has been a bipartisan effort on the part of the Washington establishment to destabilise almost at any cost.
    Another shocking moment in history for a superpower that openly displays their ignorance with the regularity of a school yard bully.

  10. As a general proposition, any society founded at its inception on slavery has nothing to teach the world about morality, ethics or human rights.

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