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  1. Thankyou New Shub Nation for demonstrating just how out of touch pollies, boffins and the 4th Estate are..
    I tore myself away from my darling Kin Hill just to watch on plus 503 to watch.
    Stimulating (not)
    So from here in on in, lil ‘ole Nu Zull that punches above its weight goes into hibernation. The season where the 4th Estate and politicians reflect on the year and congratchalate their best and worst moments and Mother Earth stops in order to entertain their glorious endeavours.
    The 4th Estate cadets and the public service administrators are now in charge with duty Munsters swapping in and out.
    In the rest of the world ………

  2. So Turkey, that mess is falling apart with run away inflation, and a rapidly crashing Lira.

    Because you may have missed it, it has committed to occupy Syria for two more years, and to carry on their illegal war in Iraq.

    Lets not forget that last week, Turkish government decided on the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to use Chemical weapons (tear gas) and rubber bullets against women demonstrators. Aljazerra has a good piece on it and the justification Erdogan put forward for the use of violence. “Lesbians were there”, I shit you not.

    These are the guys who wanted to arrest our diplomat who signed a letter in protest over the treatment of journalist in Turkey.

    Turkey is a shining example of why authoritarianism is a beyond FUBAR, and why one all powerful leader is a stupid idea. Democracy, in what ever form it takes is always the better option. Here the kicker, we need to let democracy take what ever form it will take. Personally I’d like to see a hell of a lot more democracy here, over water, in the work place, and in our local communities.

    Or we could not bother organizing and let ourselves be ruled like a tin pot idiot like Erdogan.

    Bureau – crats, bureau-cats – Cats that sit around desks a lot of the time? Where do they learn the tricks of their trade? Is there a bureaucrat theology college that tells them all the strictly economic answers to all our human questions, and sets the template for how the world will look in ten years. And how to keep their salaries above ordinary.

  4. Tranparency International world index is a once-over-lightly feelgood project I think. And also apparently according to this academic. When I learned about it, I was amazed to find it was nothing better than a questioning of like minds on facebook. TI does not seem to check or search through legal proceedings measured against some set criteria, or quote an anecdote as example, it is people asked what their opinion is. Which people, and if employed, they would be acting as whistleblowers against the country! Why would they make trouble for themselves, their employers or their clients?

    Jan.24/20 In a research paper titled The Visual Politics of Corruption, published in Third World Quarterly, Dr Olli Hellmann, Senior Lecturer in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Waikato, says although corruption is essentially invisible, the anti-corruption industry continues to use images that reinforce stereotypes of a “corrupt” developing world that needs to be saved by the “clean” North…
    “Developed countries, including New Zealand, always rank fairly highly in this survey, yet we know we’re not immune to corruption. The way corruption is being measured and visually represented by TI serves to cover up the North’s role in transnational webs of corruption,” he says.

    Upton Sinclair: ““It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!””

  5. ‘I tort I taw a putty tat’. I thought I ‘j’accused’ The Standard here. 50 % I didn’t push enter. Or … the fast and loose of free speech among the Left blogs, very least , The Standard.

    Your views don’t grab me, mate. Maybe I’m an older generation or, you’re silly. Bernie Sanders supports me. That irrelevant oldie who saw out the freemarket revolution to speak democracy again to us.

  6. This book about the IRA and the end of The Troubles sounds daunting, but that the Troubles could end is even more amazing after reading just the synopsis of the book. Can we try not to get caught up in such violent emotions that swamp the reasoning part of the brain, please/
    Patrick Radden Keefe –
    One night in December 1972, Jean McConville, a mother of ten, was abducted from her home in Belfast and never seen alive again. Her disappearance would haunt her orphaned children, the perpetrators of the brutal crime and a whole society in Northern Ireland for decades.
    With gripping, forensic reportage and lyrical, vivid detail, Say Nothing weaves the stories of Jean McConville and her family with those of Dolours Price, the first woman to join the IRA as a front-line soldier, who bombed the Old Bailey when barely out of her teens; Gerry Adams, who helped bring an end to the fighting but denied his IRA past; Brendan Hughes, a fearsome IRA commander who turned on Adams after the peace process and broke the IRA’s code of silence; and other indelible figures.

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