TDB Christmas Contribution Drive


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

2020 was a hell of a year and in a media landscape dominated by NZ on Air funded ‘journalism’ and corporate media ‘interests’ it was increasingly difficult to get an independent voice.

Folks, TDB are always weeks ahead of the mainstream narrative in giving you insight and oversight.

Sure you could support Stuff or Spinoff, but then you would have to read them!

Unlike them, we get zero NZ on Air money.

If you value having an independent voice and are in a position to contribute to our Christmas Contribution Drive – please do so here.

All of us here at TDB wish you and your whanau a surreal Christmas.


  1. @ Sinic.
    Gubbimint* funding would become the tail that would wag The Daily Blog dog.
    Our democracy is a capitalist democracy. That means it’s all about the money.
    If our democracy was a socialist democracy, our government would be all about people first. Specifically about our most vulnerable first.
    Our capitalist democracy labour gubbimint is still in a post roger douglas state of bankster profits and control before any human needs so any gubbimint money advanced to TDB would immediately become a mechanism of control for TDB and we commenters and contributors by extension.
    A good example of that is RNZ and virtually all print media.
    I knew people who worked in RNZ but they got pulled out like teeth.
    RNZ is now an up-the-wrong-tree yapping lap poodle to invisible forces within our politic and they, in turn will do the bidding of the foreign banksters who take billions out of our AO/NZ.
    * gubbimint. A jonkyism.

  2. According to this on google you have a heavy union backing. But then today they are lightweights compared to their old persona.
    New Zealand Pseudo-left Daily Blog Promotes Wuhan Lab Lie › Politics
    9/09/2021 — The trade union-funded Daily Blog, the most significant publication of New Zealand’s liberal and … Join the Scoop Citizen Community.

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