Youth Unemployment Rate Three Times National Average – Statistics New Zealand


The unemployment rate of young New Zealanders has decreased following initial COVID-19 impacts but is three times the national average, Stats NZ said today.

In the September 2021 quarter, the unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) for people aged 15–24 was 9.6 percent, compared with a national rate of 3.2 percent and a rate of 2.3 percent for people aged 25–64.

“Young people play a vital role in the labour force, but our data shows that they experience much higher unemployment rates than people aged 25-64 and the overall population,” labour market manager Andrew Neal said.

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  1. Here is something that always puzzles me and I cannot seem to get a straight answer from any expert.

    It is claimed that our ageing population is now unsupportable and the age of superannuation eligibility will have to be raised from 65 to 67 or 70.

    Here it is also shown that young people cannot enter the workforce because there are no job available for them.

    Two years ago I retired from teaching. The person who took over my position is a young, energetic Maori woman who has an enormous amount of enthusiasm, innovation and vigor. She also told me she had been looking for a job for around two years since graduating from university.

    So if I did not retire I would help to keep Mere out of work. By retiring I become a burden on the New Zealand taxpayers.

    WTF is one supposed to do for the best?

    Interestingly in 1970 I was a High School student and science teachers assured us that in our future there would be no problem with our employment.
    Mechanisation of industry and agriculture, along with progressive government, meant that in our future most people would only work for a few comfortable hours about three days a week. Our biggest problem would be how to fill all our spare time.
    If the poor bastard only knew that ‘spare time’ meant unemployment. ‘ Progressive government ‘ in 1970 actually included the National Party.

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