Onward Luxon’s Soldiers


Onward Luxon’s soldiers

Marching to class war

With the lust for profit

Going on before.

Chris the new ringmaster

Leads against the foe

Forward into battle,

Goes this C.E.O!

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Onward Luxon’s soldier’s

Marching to class war,

With the lust for profit,

Going on before.


At Luxon’s religion

Voters may yet flee

Surely someone’s focused-grouped

His Christianity?

Bottom lips may quiver

When the news is shared

From bible-bashing Tories

The country would be spared.


Onward Luxon’s soldier’s

Marching to class war,

With the lust for profit,

Going on before.


The Nats were once a party

Inspiring fear and dread

In every street, in every town

They left the Reds for dead.

Now a fractious rabble

Of vicious smears and leaks

An off-putting selection

Of circus clowns and freaks.


Onward Luxon’s soldier’s

Marching to class war,

With the lust for profit,

Going on before.


Leader follows leader

Factions rise and fall

But the pollsters’ numbers

Hardly change at all.

Weary of the slaughter

Caucus takes a punt

Pins their hopes

just one more time

on one more rich white … man


Onward Luxon’s soldier’s

Marching to class war,

With the lust for profit,

Going on before.


Gleeful sits Jacinda

Among her happy throng

Struggling to believe that

Her luck could last so long.

Covid won the last fight

Unleashing the Red Tide

Does Luxon prove that Labour

Has God upon its side?


Onward Luxon’s soldier’s

Marching to class war,

With the lust for profit,

Going on before.


Chris Trotter

2 December 2021



  1. Hahaha I laugh at your desperate and feeble counter measures for
    the torpedo that has been launched. Trotter is panicking. Bomber is panicking. Labour will be panicking. Good!

    • The Kraut,

      Do you actually believe anything you post?

      We know Luxon will be the new blue God to a % of desperate National Party supporters who previously thought Bill English was an exciting leader……….

      • Thinking-Man
        Hmmm now you make me think…do I believe anything I post? Some of it yes. Some of it sometimes. Some of it is just opinion. Opinion is still allowed for now, is it? Thinking further, since you made me think, Labour or National, either way NZ is a great country to be live in, love it. Wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else. So while we may as well admit things could be improved by either side, on the whole life is good. In the end, the country kinda runs itself doesn’t it? So there TM, how’s that for a It’s-Friday-And-Almost-Time-For-A-Cold-Beer post?
        Oh, there is one thing that could improve immediately: Bert could apologise for suggesting I belong in Nazi Germany, because that is beyond banter.

    • Mr Luxon so far, is not getting the rose water and hot towel treatment the media so lovingly administered to Sirkey.

      Chris Trotter as a person of faith and experienced student of political history is actually at the front of the pundit pack imo when it comes to assessing the religious nuttery or otherwise of Cristopher Mark Luxon within an epistemological framework.

      merry xmas mein friend

  2. It was the farcical “Rock Star Economy” aka Class Warfare of the previous National Party Government that created the perfect environment for a Jacinda Ardern to arrive on stage and appeal. How much has National learned since then? Nothing of course but they didn’t exactly have much to choose from.

    Luxon will have considerable appeal to National Party faithful who’ve had zero to get enthusiastic for several years but the rest of NZ see Luxon for what he is. An extremely wealthy white man with absolutely zero in common with the vast majority of Kiwi’s and with very strong religious beliefs at the very time they are needed least in the role of PM.

    Let’s face it, if John Key was a strong supporter of Phil Goff, then Goff would be the next National Party leader. True story.

  3. It reads like a brain fart Chris. A bit of fun I suppose. I don’t quite understand what you’re inferring. Is Luxons agenda to make himself richer, no that doesn’t work. Has he got himself into this position to make his rich religious mate’s more wealthy. That’s cunning but not likely . Is his initiative to make businesses do better. Probably, now that may be useful. Will he be socially minded. You obviously think not and you may be right. But we don’t know yet do we. Unfortunately our labour coalition claims to be socially minded but has failed miserably with poverty and struggling businesses. Housing health? Most of this governments problem is it’s incapable of a coherent plan to action it’s ideas. If Luxon has any strength it will be his ability to work with and organise his troops. If he can do that he might be a real leader. We’ll have to find out.

    • He has earnt vast amounts of money and now what else is there to do, well be the PM. That surely is what he wants. Much the same as Key.

      Unfortunately our labour coalition claims to be socially minded but has failed miserably with poverty and struggling businesses. Housing health?

      • You know what they are doing better than National did, who stigmatized the poor and kicked people out of state houses, did nothing for the health sector which woeful underfunding has contributed to the current state of affairs of crumbling hospitals etc…Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and Labour have come a long way from nasty nats.

        woefully and Rome was not built in a d
        ay etc…

  4. While the woke beat him up about his religion winning no votes what’s so ever, as most people don’t agree with identity politics.

    Meanwhile here’s NZ hospitals are in crisis, our health spend is going towards cronyism, and not doctors, nurses and medical equipment and medicine.

    Lefties need to point out the government’s failings before they lose the next election, so they can stop the rot in time!

    Health system reform: ‘Transition Unit’ to spend $18m on consultants this year

    “The special government unit established to overhaul the country’s health system will spend $18 million, 69 per cent of its $25.96m budget this year, on contractors and consultants, its director has estimated.

    In addition, the Transition Unit’s head, Stephen McKernan, confirmed the total outlay on contractors and consultants, from the division’s inception in June, 2020 to Oct 11, 2021, was $10.4m.

    The single largest beneficiary of the contractor spending to date is Ernst and Young (EY), where McKernan is a partner.

    The figures were released under the provisions of the Official Information Act.”

    Ernst and Young mostly known as an accounting firm, so not exactly the right fit – sounds like more Lester Levy types at work destroying NZ’s free health system from the inside out, with the government allowing it!

    • Pretty lame, Chris.

      Instead, how about an article about the recent antics of the Royal Society of NZ? On a left-wing blog site?

    • I don’t care about his religion it’s his membership of an anti-democratic society of right wing american influenced fundamentalists that I find dangerous

  5. Yes aside from covid and I do thank them for that, labours outcomes are woeful

    Housing worse, more expensive, mental health wtf (btw the Conversion practices bill isn’t going to retain counsellors, some of whom will not be protected under the act from facing threat of up to 5 years in prison)…gangs, violence, anti social state house tenants and poverty.

  6. The appointment of Simon Bridges to #3 and finance is a clear indication that Luxon has no new vision for National and that Jim Bolger’s wise words have gone right over his head.

  7. “They have to be tika and pono, they have to believe what they’re doing is going to be best for all of us, not just for one culture, and that’s what it’s always been like. And you know – if you have a look at who’s at the top of the food chain it ain’t Māori, so how do we help that and make that happen to bring Māori into the true partnership on the same equitable level as everybody else.”

    As long as they do better than labour is now … labour have paid out and funded Maori organisations ‘Shut Up’ appeasement money and have made too many promises to whanau, hapu and iwi, that they have no intention to deliver at all.

    • The Natz will throw the cuzzies straight under the bus. You will get nothing but bullshit and probably reverse the minimum wage increase et etc. The leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

        • And let’s not forget the state houses that got sold under Nats, and people evicted with a stain on their back from ‘meth contaminated’ houses, a completely false science that targeted poor people, who literally had no where else to go…

          • Followed by Ms Bennet rushing into Real Estate to increase her personal fortune, potentially off some of those same homes.

            …After turfing occupants out of their homes, where some had lived for many years.

            Cold, callous, predatory.

  8. The elephant in the room here isn’t Luxon, It’s Jacinda and why she and her Government have made little progress with their election promises and why no change in direction from a government that has had the biggest mandate in my memory. If we are going to have a government that maintains the status quo we may as well try Luxon and see whether he does any better. We know what labour can do, or not do.

    • New View, more like Old View? You say with a straight face that Jacinda & Labour has made little Progress? Well what do you expect, the have had to deal with 3 major Crisis with the last being a major Global Pandemic that is still ongoing! Can you tell me what the hell did the National Party achieve or do in their 9 yrs in power?? Absolutely NOTHING, except sell off Assets, run the Health Sector into the ground, give Tax cuts to the Rich & deny that there even was a Housing crisis, then their ludicrous Meth testing cost Taxpayers $100 million dollars & then when they booted out everyone & sold off the Kainga Ora Social Housing, they put the Homeless up in Hotels at huge expense to the Taxpayer of nearly a Billion dollars & counting! When Labour gets in power it usually has to spend its first 6- 9 yrs fixing up the National Party’s mismanagement mess, incompetence & fuck ups! And regarding Housing, since when is it the Govt’s job to interfere in the Free Market isn’t that Capitalism’s job to determine price equilibrium, its called PRICE DISCOVERY! If Jacinda & Labour intervened they would be called Communists or Socialists so they can’t win can they? You & your fellow National Party supporters have real problems with your memory because things were a helluva lot worse under National than Labour so stop your bloody whinging & whining about Labour. Pathetic!

  9. Watched the Luxy One do the media scramble today.
    Just occasionally, though fleetingly, I saw facial impersonations of two of his predecessors: Rob Muldoon and John Key.
    Seek and ye shall find.
    Bit ominous!


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