Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: And we are free?

Late Stage Capitalism in 3 shots


The boot of the State is finally off my throat, Big Sister is out off my grills, the Police State we agreed to because of the pandemic is finally forced to stop strangling our liberty and the anarchist in me is delighted and thankful.

Rolling back the Police powers is an important step back towards a Democracy and must always be pushed once the public health emergency abates.

I’m still deeply concerned who gets all this data and demand specific legislation that safeguards it only for the Ministry of Health.

But in terms of avoiding mass deaths and hospitalization, we accepted de facto house arrest and it’s paid off thanks to our collective will.

The academics and woke activists who have cried genocide were wrong. The Death Cult Capitalists who screamed open the borders were wrong.

Jacinda’s 90% vaccination plan was right.

Both sides of the spectrum will squeal in frustration at the loss of life to prop up their worldview.

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To all the AntiVaxxers who refuse to get vaccinated, meet Covid. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but don’t complain you weren’t warned.

Alongside the sickness and the death of the AntiVaxxers will be the social ostracisation and their inevitable nose dive into an act of political violence that will see the majority of Kiwis turn on them in a gruesome purge.

Until then let us dance madly on the lip of life’s volcano until the next mutation cripples us.

And here’s Tom with the weather.

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  1. You probably won’t publish this, but read it carefully anyway and think about what it possibly means going forward. Published in one of (if not the top) medical journals, The Lancet:

    Also the UK is now recommending a 3rd jab after just 3 months (implying the vaccine only lasts that long), and a 4th “booster” for the over 60’s (from The Guardians YouTube channel):

    The CoVID fiasco is far from over.

  2. Don’t you love the narrative of “freedoms” that were a given 18 months ago.

    Also now that we are 90% can someone track our record of hospitalizations/deaths against Gav Hendy’s predictions?

    • The model’s prediction is a worst case scenario, the equivalent of spotting a large boulder in middle of the motorway and you just carry on speeding towards it at 100km/h, no seat belt, no air bags, no crumple zones, no collapsing steering wheel, no swerving, no touching the brakes, not even bracing, until you hit it.

      We’ll still be wearing masks, not mingling closely with the unvaccinated in bars & cafes, physical distancing with gathering restrictions, plus a range of other public health measures, and these are just the officially mandated ones, many people will continue to avoid crowded spaces & people they don’t know. If we even get close to the worst case predictions, we’ll be applying the brakes and changing direction, because no NZ Government is going to survive that collision.

      • Yes and that worst case scenario -3000 daily cases was it?-was the one published everywhere for news clicks and to sell fear to the public.
        Blind Freddy knew it was bullshit but hey it makes the government look good if it’s only a few hundred cases instead and it might frighten more people in to getting vaxed.
        Trouble is once you’ve cried wolf like this, trust in science, media and government all plummet.
        And here we are.

    • Was it Hendy made that horrific predictive figure? It was not sensible or helpful from him. This morning a woman who is helping me with post-operative aftercare said that Jacinda is a communist and that changing over to MMP was a cause of our problems. We were talking lightly and conversationally. but still those are swingeing observations. Then she complained that her young adult son won’t get vaccinated.; I wonder where the thinking that brought that decision came from? Where is the joined-up thinking in the public or the scientific side, when both can come out with wildly implausible statements like that?

      • I didn’t know you’d been in hospital Grey.
        I hope you have a much healthier time ahead of you.
        Stay safe, and stay strong.

  3. What the ding dongs goin on ?… I’ve been workin flat out since I arrived in the Waikato and drinkin beer because its so damn humid. Too bloody hot here, Im movin on south to Otago in future ! I want rain, thunder and snow, dammit !

  4. Some history, of Greek origins, well worth a look at :

    Why Were Spartans So Disciplined? | The Spartans (Ancient Greece Documentary) | Timeline

    The Clash Of Sparta & Athens: Greece’s Power War | The Spartans | Timeline

    From here you will see the origins of perhaps western thinking, both left and right . From so many millennia ago. I think its well worth a look, putting aside two hours to get a grasp on what we are dealing with today. Decide , if you will, which camp you side with. Who you most align with. For me rudimentarily , its Sparta, but if I was to be honest, its Athens,…. or neither. Choose this day who you would stand for,… I cannot , it is far too brutal.

  5. “Jacinda’s 90% vaccination plan was right.” or would have been if she’d done it 6 months earlier. As it is, we’ve suffered six months of economic pain for no reason.

    With Omicron coming around the corner, will we be back to another year of BS ‘elimination’ strategy? While Sweden, which had no mandatory lockdowns or masking got on with its life and is now just fine.

  6. Yep, is going to be a bumpy ride for the unvaxxed. A nervy one for the vaxxed too. You’re right, the unvaxxed can look forward to the distain of the vaccinated. And likely look foward to more chance of catching the disease, more chance of getting really sick, but not necessarly more chance of dying – unless your’e over say 65 and are unvaxxed. Or are at risk in some way. But there ain’t going to be many of those unvaxxed folk at Rytham & Vine. Forget about the supermarket, What a red herring. Your’e probally more chance of getting stabbed by a lunatic than picking up the virus there. But if the Covid pass works there ain’t going to be any unvaxxed fullstop at the super spreader events. Yes? Forgive the pun, but don’t hold your breath.

    But that’s only half the picture. The Covid story has a few more twists and turns. We here in Godzone we forget that there’s a world out there a good many are dirt poor by OECD standards and have limited access to vaccines. Think of the implications of that as you tuck into your mashed avo on toast.

  7. Seperate from conversations about COVID itself, we are normalising a control system and technological division of society with privileges/restrictions. There are good practical reasons for this, like an enforced blackout during the Blitz. However will vaccine (social) passports be cheerfully scrapped if say, omicron or a later variant out competes Delta, becomes endemic but turns out to be a mild illness?

    Agree with earlier comment, given global vaccine distribution (and vaccine leakiness/waning efficacy) the COVID story is far from over as is the story of control systems innovated in response.

  8. Like many people these days, they think it is so far in the past that it doesn’t matter to them. They think that they live in another world where history does not matter.
    How wrong they are. But, the neoliberal free-market capitalists like that. Keep them dumb and the population becomes malleable to enslave them into a doctrine that keeps them in their place. It’s called the ‘Bubble’ doctrine. think small and let no alternative opinion in if you ‘feel’ it will burst your bubble.

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