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  1. Howzat! House that – poorish person!
    Trusts may have become more attractive since the start of April, Henaghan says, when the top personal tax rate for individuals was put up to 39 per cent, but the top trust tax rates stayed at 33 per cent.

    Trusts also allow protection of property from creditors, Henaghan says.
    Because trust income can be spread across a number of beneficiaries, who are often lower earners, the income is often taxed at a lower bracket, he says.
    “This is where accountants and lawyers make a fortune because people say ‘if you put this into trust, this is how much you will save on tax spend’. It’s like money from heaven, you can’t go wrong,” Henaghan says.

    But Andrew Logan, a partner at law firm Mortlock McCormack, disagrees.
    He says Henaghan’s assessment is overly simplistic, and while trusts might have reduced tax bills substantially in the past, it isn’t so much the case today.

    Logan sat on the Ministry of Justice’s reference group that helped establish the new Trusts Act, the first big reforms in over 60 years, which came into effect in January and created new reporting obligations on trustees and more stringent rules about how trusts should be set up.

  2. What a lot of overweening purity.
    Why not just aim to be a university that has high standards. In the USA for sure that would be outstanding but often a questionable location can house something good, far above the average. So what about trying to bring up the average to a level where the anti-faxx and vaxx proponents would be a new 1%, to balance the overly-rich?

  3. Nelson 0-14 in two weeks? Aue. Aue.

    Example of how things can change because of cabbage white butterflies. I saw one in the garden flying fast and dodging around – they are a curse to cabbages which are unexciting but basic and good, as many of us are, without being vegs. Spoke to a young feisty man today who is basically good but is anti vaxer; ‘they’ are full of lies. Bloody tiring putting up with all that stupid notional shit – anyone who is grown up and thoughtful knows that a lie helps now and then, and when in charge politically with 100’s of different opinions around you, a few are necessary – but now is not the occasion for pollies tel;ling them! We are hearing the nearest to truth that they know.

    We have a PM not a ‘clown’ as Macron called B.Johnson.

  4. The preliminary Pharmac review report.
    Read and get your head around it.

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