How rich is Luxon? He made $2.3m in a year on one house & didn’t notice


National leader Christopher Luxon unaware his $7m Remuera home increased in value by $2.3m over one year

Newshub can reveal the new leader of the National Party has no idea how much money he made off his seven properties last year – and that’s not all Christopher Luxon didn’t know. 

There is an urban legend that Key’s people put out a poll before he was serious about running to ascertain how much money Kiwis felt was ‘too much’ for a person to have before they felt the politician had stolen it.

$50 million, $100 million, $150 million or $200 million.

The overwhelming answer was $50 million, anything above that voters felt was stolen.

Key stepped into politics with $50 million.

Rumor is he’s worth $200million.

New Zealanders respect rich business men the way they respect Head Principal at private schools – a mixture of fear, subservience & sexual excitement, but we don’t like too rich because that brings with it pretensions and we fucking despise that!

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Key always dressed down and played down his wealth, Luxon can’t help demand everyone looks as his blessings are because of Jesus.

Luxon angrily attacked a question over him gaining $2.3million in one house as ‘You can attack me for being successful. I can’t defend that,”.

No one is attacking him for being ‘successful’ people are raising questions about an evangelical Christian with some far out beliefs who is so rich he didn’t notice gaining $2.3million!

Folks – if anything I ever had gained $2.3million, I’d bury it in the middle of the Squid Games homicide Disneyland for safe keeping, old Christian Lex Luthor wasn’t even aware!

There’s out of touch and then there’s hire a black Mercedes to drive him across the road out of touch.

Luxon is a leader for very shallow people, has the pandemic built us resilient or left us weak to the sparkle of money?

How many houses would Jesus own?


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  1. I don’t mind how rich people are, But when you are so arrogant, that you flaunt it like luxton , limos to cross the road. How can this guy have any empathy for those at the bottom.

      • So those at the bottom sleeping on cardboard in the streets, living in cars and begging, their lives were improved by National in 9 years how? Oh that’s right genius, they weren’t. The only mistake Labour made was to promise to fix Nationals fuck ups! National’s brilliance was to promise nothing, nada, zilch of which they overachieved

        • You’re right for once… National were shite when it came to our most vulnerable. But the fact that most here don’t want to admit is that Labour have been significantly worse. There’s no excuses anymore, they have the mandate and a majority. Time to stop the excuses and time for sycophants like you to demand better.

          • You were correct after your first sentence, then the moron in you took over. The Whail Oil site misses your narcissism.

          • I think you’ll find a fair amount of ‘jacindas done nowt’ sentiment round here if you’d read rather than troll bert

      • Well, you can criticise Labour for not fixing housing if you like, but which party sat back and cheered as house prices climbed throughout their term in power? At least Labour are attempting to fix it with tax changes that will deter investors. What will National do? Their ideology says the market will fix it, so I guess they’ll give tax breaks to investors then and hope they’ll house all the homeless. Is Luxon an investor by any chance?….

        Those at the bottom have seen a mininum wage rise by year 4 of Labours term equal to the rise through the entire 9 years of National’s term. I’d say those at the bottom value Jacinda’s kindness more than they do National’s faux concern for their plight.

        • Yes Brad, I think this gets deliberately lost just because Labour promised to correct National’s abysmal record, only to find out it was worse than first feared. At least Little and Robertson are strong enough to remind the National front bench of their utter failure and incompetence .

    • Some MPs cycle to the hospital to give birth, others get driven up the street like the queen to their anointing ceremony. Who said we didn’t have freedom of choice in this country?

  2. Maybe he would have noticed the gain if it was actually a realized gain. Your house going up in value means nothing until you sell it or borrow against it. This is petty partisan bullshit. Labour have overseen the largest growth in house prices and inequality in a generation. If only they had the power to change that for the betterment of all, not make it significantly worse. If only…

    • If only…(they had the power). This left me wondering how much true power they actually have. If they don’t actually have enough power to move society closer to a more egalitarian state then criticism in terms of lack of result, would be irrelevant.

      • voting would also be irrelevant

        I’ve had a theory for years that all new leaders in the west are invited round to the US embassey and shown a film of JFKs murder SHOT FROM THE GRASSY KNOWLE
        nuff said.

    • Partisan Bullshit, I think not. How many of the people on this blog site actually support Labour, very few I would have thought.

      I haven’t voted for Labour since ’85 and can’t see myself doing it in the future, Our Jacinda the woman of angst and hand wringing and frowning, so bloody genuine. Yeah right!

      ‘Your house going up in value means nothing until you sell it or borrow against it.’
      When you have 7 houses then it would be very easy to bring in much of that capital

    • You’re right, it isn’t a realised gain….yet. But somebody owning 7 houses with the gains not yet realised will have somewhat of a vested interest in house pricing staying high, would he not? Or did he buy 7 houses not caring about if he’ll make a capital gain when he sold them? Is Mr Luxon one of these mythical investors that buy houses out of their charitable desire to house the less fortunate, as the property investors association predends they all are?

      • That would make him a socialist and in the wrong party. So clearly like the Bridges portfolio, Luxon is a two edged sword.

  3. From the few accounts from those I know that have engaged with him. I am told he is a nice guy…I’ll keep an open mind, as we get loser to the election. That’s the mindset that the Nats are banking on with this ‘Key’ election gamble.

  4. Luxon will do more for those at the bottom than Jacinda will ever do. She has made life worse for the have nots. Speeches don’t pay for food. Money does.

    • So John Key helped people off the bottom, bahahahaha! Jacinda has increased the minimum wage and benefits, however at least we now know what Key meant when he said ” mum and dad investor’s ” now we know that Luxon has 7 properties.

      Personally I don’t give a rats what he’s worth, it’s as a person I’m more interested in. Only time will tell.

      • Under 30’s white collar females. That is the target market. Uncle Fester appears taken back by the ferocity of the feckless as they fear National could have a competent leader.

        Time will tell Bertie if he mans up or goes down the Muller road. Strategic mistake putting Bridges in Finance. The coming economic issues require someone that can land a thousand jabs on Grunter. You just known Simon’s ego will get in the way and he start swinging ‘slushy’ haymakers straight away……

        • Yep Frankie, no disagreement there and an argument well articulated. When Mickeytwoblueeyes grows up he could well heed your debating skills.

      • Yes she has done all that. Yet we have more people in hardship, more people waiting for social housing and far more inequality. But that’s all Sir John Keys fault too right Bert? God you’re pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you.

        • Wah, Wah, Wah, did mummy run out of lollipops Mickeytwoblueeyes?
          Don’t worry you’ll be allowed the vaccine after xmas as under 12’s are permitted to get it moron.

    • Simply don’t believe you Kraut, re doing things for those at the bottom, the difference between them is barely a cigarette paper.

  5. M. You’re starting to sound like a crazy. So what if he’s a rich prick?
    I’m more interested in what their policy will be. How about that for an article. Discuss what they are likely to do and what they have done and whether they are capable of delivering, unlike the current lot.

  6. So glad you picked up on that prat comment “You can attack me for being successful…” I mean was he being defensive for being ‘successful’ what a dick and it says everything about his attitude towards probably everyone who doesn’t own multi properties and doesn’t have millions stashed away. Not a good attitude for a leader to have let’s hope he never gets to be PM. Taking a five minute drive across the road to work says everything you need to know about his environmental aspirations.

    • Agree with you Lone Comet he has already shown he ain’t suitable to be our PM. He is singing of the same song sheet as his mate John. And now Willis is the new deputy dog does this mean she will stop barking at every passing car and leave it to Chris byshop.

      • My German Shepard only barked at cats mainly, and the odd dog or postie she didn’t recognize. Apart from that, she was a sweetie. Always put her head upon me Dads lap on the couch and headed off to bed when he did ( treason after I gave her to me Mum and Dad to look after!) and was brushed daily and fed the best of foods! ( the ingrate ! ), so … it depends what breed and temperament of the dog concerned !

  7. How rich is the future husband of our millionaire PM Jacinda Ardern?
    How much money did dear Jacinda make during lockdown on her property in Mt. Albert?
    How much money will dear Jacinda make once she leaves these lovely shores to elsehwere, a little movie about her, a little book here and there how she singlehandedly defeated Delta and created an underclass of people?
    How rich are any of our suits in Parliament?
    Maybe we should stipulate that anyone who wants to be PM can only be paid minimum wage with no top ups.
    but then, the difference between this beige suits and the current beige suits is that he actually had jobs, and while she was galivanting about in the office of the known war criminal Tony Blair, ran some socialist student group in England and cooked tea for Helen Clark.

    the left is clutching at straws, why? Because this effn Labour Government can not do the things that it should do. Case in point the millions allocated to the Hunger Games lottery for cheaper tickets to the Akl Zoo or Swiming Pool also called ‘bail out the Auckland Council grift’.

    Getting desperate here?

    • Well said Sabine. It is a shame that success is not valued by some on the left and it has to be noted that profit could have been taxed but for the weakness of Jacinda and her merry band baring in mind it would only be a profit when the property was sold at the quoted price.
      I will agree with the knockers on one point re the unnecessary ride in the Mercedes. Whoever thought that was a good PR stunt needs his are kicked

    • The left is clutching at straws? While the right is applauding Luxon’s success in life has him hiring a flash car to travel 200 metres to all the cameras?

      Of course it wasn’t an “unnecessary” ride in the Mercedes. It was thought necessary by the man himself surely, that’s why he did it. Whoever thought that was a good PR stunt needs his arse kicked? The new leader obviously thought it was a good PR stunt. And of course why wouldn’t it have been his own idea?

  8. Yes Kraut he mentioned something about being a high paid economy funny that didn’t John and Bill say something similar about us catching up to the Australian wages and it didn’t happen it was all talk.

    • Funnily enough, I remember Roger Douglas saying during one of his spin sessions back his early days with Lange: “Oh no, we must become a high-wage economy, not a low wage economy.”
      Spin, selling his dream of wealth. His subsequent actions (along with Ruth Richardson’s) ensured that we became a low-wage economy, while Australia avoided such folly and, strangely enough, became a much higher-wage economy.
      If Luxon is now saying the same thing as Douglas, I suspect he is as trustworthy as Douglas was.

    • That pic at top of this page IS Leigh Hart — WHY??

      That pic is NOT Luxon!!!

      (Leigh Hart is a good bloke. And that is recognisable in his features.)

      • Yeah I want to know if that’s Bomber just taking the piss or did the Herald actually use a picture of Leigh Hart for an article about Luxon?
        Wouldn’t surprise me if they simply delved into their stock of “pictures of a bald man” in their rush to get the story out. That’s about the Heralds level of journalistic integrity!
        Hope they keep it up though as most pics of the man himself leave me feeling somewhat creeped out. Its like he’s been 3D printed at the Wealthy Business Man Factory.
        Leigh Hart on the other hand actually has substance and charisma.

  9. Luxon gains around forty four thousand dollars profit a week every week for 52 weeks on just one of his properties and he’s “unaware” of that situation? Haha, here’s a man that will relate to all of those Kiwi families finding it impossible to buy their own home in the own country… absolutely no way whatsoever.


    What Is a Conflict of Interest?

    A conflict of interest occurs when an entity or individual becomes unreliable because of a clash between personal (or self-serving) interests and professional duties or responsibilities. Such a conflict occurs when a company or person has a vested interest—such as money, status, knowledge, relationships, or reputation—which puts into question whether their actions, judgment, and/or decision-making can be unbiased. When such a situation arises, the party is usually asked to remove themselves, and it is often legally required of them.

  10. Deny! Deny! Deny! Oh!

    “Soaring house prices mean new National Party leader Christopher Luxon is effectively earning about $90,000 a week in capital gains on his seven properties, which give him the biggest property portfolio of any sitting MP.”

  11. I looked on the other day and was surprised to learn that my parents $270k property (late 80’s) was now worth almost $3.5 million and my brother’s $600k home had increased to $1.2 million over the last 5 years. Things definitely aren’t right with increases in “value” like that and none of these properties are in Auckland either. House “values” are largely fiction as money is magically created by banks. Fortunately our 3 bedroom townhouse with a parkland outlook & close to amenities, would be relatively affordable if we were considering selling (no), it’s valued at $225k, which is very nice for rating calculations, though not so good if you want to buy in the same market. Housing costs in NZ are ridiculous, things need to change.

    • it’s heading for a shit storm, interest rate will go up, the heavily leveraged will default in their thousands, the middle class will scream like stuck pigs…and then things will get really nasty

  12. Don’t be too hard on Mr Luxon, he’s the new man of the people and a rich whitey one can inspire to become
    PS what are his chances with the 20 to 55 yo female voter,SFA

  13. If the Herald used Leigh Hart’s face to introduce Luxon to the masses, then this is from their Dirty Tricks Dept:
    I don’t for a moment believe it was an accident. The two men are very very different in character, and that is evident in their faces. Hart does not have that “creep factor” that others have felt immediately. Hart is trustworthy. Hart has depth of character, empathy, a sense of humour, human insight and other invaluable qualities which are NOT immediately evident in the Luxon. These differences are in their faces.

  14. Wow Mr Luxon is a shoe-in for the 20 to 60 yo female voter,hard worked, underpaid…he’s their poster boy

  15. This is nuts,yes he is rich like a lot of people – get over it. He, like us all is a product of the environment we are living in. If his house prices drop so will every ones, and that will hurt many young people who will find themselves grossly over capitalised. We all know CEO’s are paid a lot more than they can possibly be worth and that cleaners are being used as ‘slave labour’. – What I want to know is what does Luxon believe about the growing inequality and what are his revolutionary plans to fix it? Does he believe in a CGT? If he spins the same ‘trickle down’ BS, in my book he will be history before he starts. Jim Bolger put it bluntly in his Jack Tame interview on Q&A – ‘inequality’ – Well worth a listen.
    Luxon’s arrival in a hired black Mercedes does not auger well that I will agree with his answers, for me that one act shows more about him than his asset value or rhetoric.

    • “He, like us all is a product of the environment we are living in” – do you really expect him to work against his own interests – wanna buy a watch – Rolex cheap cheap.

      • No, no expectations at all billid, especially as I see him as Key’s puppet – but in my book he has got one chance; although he nearly blew that with his black Mercedes stunt, sort of said it all really.

  16. WOW in banned and censored,,,WHAT DID I DO WRONG…is Cameron Slater moderating,Martyn has lost my respect,I’m gutted…different image SAME PICTURE

  17. I live in hope. The alternative is too despairing.
    Here’s what’s happening.
    Adern and others have come to realise I’ve been right all along.
    Our farmers have been exploited for generations and now that, that’s sinking in Adern and her people are realising the enormity of the crimes committed and the far reaching consequences of that.
    AO/NZ should be one of the richest countries in the world per head of population ( That subject’s been touched on by others…) but instead, we now have one or two filthy rich and many living in the streets.
    Bastards like luxon ( Who could take that prick seriously? A million dollar bible bible basher? WTF?? ) jinky-jonky, Cock-Nose ‘The Spud’ bolger, Don bare-chest brash? judith Psycho-Chucky collins.. etc, etc? And they’re just our politicians? Imagine what inquiries could uncover if the dirt was dug over deeply enough? Aye Boys?
    Adern, I guarantee, knows only too well what the problem’s been.
    But what to do…? Adern could launch inquiries into our post colonial past and expect catastrophic revelations but then what? What could she do? What could we do? How would we deal with The Truth? The Reality? The realisation that our AO/NZ could have been prosperous beyond imagination but was instead parasitised until all that’s left is a false-economy urban property market and a few hyper riche buying up our farm lands to plant fucking pine trees. Pine trees are yummy?
    What would we do…? I reckon we could start with a hanging party then move on to burnings at the stake, garrotting’s, towing behind a ute until there’s nothing left but a bent spine and a tiny cock?
    Now’s that time of breathlessness where farmers must come over to the urban party and the thieving creeps in the middle are squeezed out and asset stripped and imprisoned as required.

  18. When Luxon came to Tauranga today, where do you think he did his stand up? Was it a homeless shelter? a food bank? no? surely then it was a housing initiative?,,,, no?,,, That’s right,, you guessed it, He used it as a free advertising opportunity for a family owned business. Never let a free taxpayer funded trip (with media in tow) fail to push yourself and yours forward. Says all that you need to know about the guy.

  19. How many houses would Jesus own? Has to be catchphrase of the year.

    I’d love to see it emblazoned on the cover of the Listener or splashed upon Stuff’s front page.

    Kind of encapsulates everything that is wrong about NZ today

  20. Luxon is buggered, he will be known as 7 property Luxon or black Mercedes Benz trip to the majority and will never be PM. He reminds me of Mayor pants down Brown who did his last term as a hated and derided numbnuts.

  21. My house was worth $880k in 2008 and increased to $2m in 2016 under the Tories – 150% (20% per year) thanks to JK and his property speculators friends. The price has since increased to $3m – 50% (10% per year) also thanks to JK’s property speculators and the greedy rip-off aussie banks stuffing up our economy. Properties were out of reach of the average family in 2010, where land values ended up at 80% of the property value. Watch the tories bring back the speculators tax (and tax breaks for the wealthy) if they become government.

  22. How many houses did Jesus own? Apparently none, but they say his father’s house had many mansions and I imagine he would have stood to inherit the lot once the old boy had popped his clogs.

  23. Well, I don’t like National and Act and I’m starting to have a gutsful of Labour , – for the third time ! And I sure as heck dont like the neo liberalism that underpins all of ’em ! However, as a reformed heckler – I am also starting to view unnecessary dredging up of a persons appearance ( and that includes his / her attire ) as not particularly in good taste, and frankly, – a pointless exercise. Same goes for ethnicity and the particular faith they have.

    I do not even have a problem with people who are wealthy, it will always be like this. But I do have a problem with unregulated conditions which encourage an elite to get rich at the expense of the poor. This includes such pernicious legislation as the Employment Contracts Act 1991 and its latter day variants. I have a problem with offshore banks due to a deregulated market that circle like sharks predating on the NZ public. And hooking many billions per annum out of our economy. They have no right to that money. They are foreigners.

    I have a problem with the Reserve Bank adjusting its settings to global markets instead of being under direct govt control whereby formerly,- the govt could go in debt to itself via our taxes and finance a massive housing build and reset our overblown, false and unrealistic housing market to correct those settings instead of leaving it up some overseas profiteering banker who has no concern whatsoever about the colossally negative impact its having on this country’s population.

    I have a problem with that same neo liberal attitude that says NZ lands and farms are up for grabs. They are not. We are a sovereign nation and a clear majority says we don’t want any more lands slipping into foreign hands, nor even our small remaining assets. We are not a conquered nation and our land is not up for divvying out to any foreigners in a free for all. They must pay lease , and a handsome one at that, – if they want the privilege to use our space for profit. Not only that, those leases must be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure the tenants are not wrecking the place. If so, – lease terminated. No questions asked.

    Our resources are similarly not up for grabs . And that includes our water and /or oil / natural energy resources. No foreign private company or govt has a right to expect subsidies or special treatment due to political affiliations with any individual of NZ decent. These resources are ours and exclusively belonging to the public of NZ to ascertain how we see best to use them for the benefit of NZ and its population only. This is a consensual reckoning and vote, not subject to lobby groups with wealth nor local minority party political influence.

    NOW,… IF Nationals Luxon can fulfill these conditions , which only touch on a mere minority of concerns regards the neo liberal rape of this nation after 36 years,…perhaps he is worthy of the vote. If not?,… he is unworthy, regardless of dress sense or appearance.

    AND THAT :… Is how you measure the man or woman who would seek to be King or Queen. Anything less is a betrayal of yourselves, your nation, those who went before you, and your conscience.

    N.B: This,… is only a small list. There is much more the neo liberals have robbed us of after three and a half decades. I would invite you all to fill in the blanks. Please, and thanking you.

  24. The real problem for the National Party and New Zealand is that Luxon is already a political dinosaur in a sunset party.
    His personally conservative politically neo liberal white loaf of bread dna will not and cannot address the multiple and combined ills of this country brought on by the very values he espouses.
    He will only entrench and expand the wealth divide
    He will only exacerbate climate change denial
    He will only further marginalise Maori
    He will only continue to push the privatisation model
    He will no doubt exploit the environment, migrants and low wage workers.
    Our current government is not much better.

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