The Working Group Ep 1 – Simon Bridges, David Seymour & Damien Grant – what the hell happened inside National?


The Working Group – the Newest & Greatest weekly political podcast not funded by NZ on Air!

Live from the Auckland MediaWorks Studio and hosted by beloved left wing broadcaster Comrade ‘Bomber’ Bradbury with the best political panel in New Zealand media!

This week libertarian liquidator and Ctullah of capitalism, Damien Grant, De facto leader of the opposition David Seymour and Yak whisperer Simon Bridges.

Providing insight and oversight to the 3 big issues of the political week.


Issue 1 – What the hell just happened inside National?

Issue 2 – Why in all that is holy is ACT on 16%?

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Issue 3 – 3 cheers for Jacinda’s handling of Delta? A chance for our guests to thank Labour.

Plus everyone will have a final word 90 second rant.

The podcast broadcasts live at 7.30pm Mondays on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & Youtube.


  1. “Issue 2 – Why in all that is holy is ACT on 16%?”
    Perhaps it’s because everyone born in 1983/4 are now 38 years old and have no idea who roger douglas is much less understand that david seymour is roger douglas’s political blood boy.
    “‘Silicon Valley’ Fact Check: Are ‘Blood Boys’ a Thing?”
    Yes. Yes, they are.
    I think I know everything. Many of you who might stray onto one of my comments will agree on that.
    Therefore, I feel safe and confident in myself to categorically state that I know this:
    Only two things can happen to AO/NZ, and by extension, us.
    Thing One.
    We can continue along this current path well trodden. Rich, exploitative and manipulative political and privateer sociopaths own and control us. ( Worryingly, that manipulative administration is now extending further off-shore. Peter Thiel ? Heard of? Larry Page of Google? ) If we resist? Even in a benign and seemingly ineffectual way, they will squeeze you and me into the gutters where you will die in poverty on a rich land. And if you’re Maori, the irony will not escape you.
    Read this by Mike Treen.
    Thing two.
    Let’s climb up off the track and head up for a better view of things.
    God knows how but we must reboot our politics. We must shut down our current evil matrix and reboot.
    We absolutely must start-up from reboot as a socialist, capitalist democracy.
    Currently? We’re a capitalist, capitalist democracy which is really just fascism in loose fitting polyester clothing with a pocket for the knife that’s used to stab your voters in the back and your friends who helped you get there in the front.
    This ‘thing’… the political jungle that’s full of scary animals that we have isn’t working for us. It’s working for billionaires but really, how do you, and you, feel about that when you read reports of hungry kids living with their families in cars during the winter? @ Maori? You’re well represented here*
    This ‘thing’ that we hope is our politics isn’t working. And the charming, 1980’s fashion victim pig farmer who did this to us is so far up david seymour you can hear both of them squeal like pigs son.
    * @ Maori?
    The fascist capitalists who own and manipulate our democracy will be terrified of your Whakapapa. You’re family line thus your unity. While most of we non Maori tut-tut while we twitch the curtains, you guys, already united can fight back.
    That’s why Maori and non Maori must unite. And that’s why rural and urban people must unite. We have dangerous and common enemies and Mike Treen does a brilliant job of illustrating what I’m trying to convey.
    In my opinion, voting for ACT would be treasonous.

  2. Cant say I agree with Seymour’s policies but it’s so nice to see people of opposing views sat around the table talking and debating, and not hurling vitriol to anyone who has a different opinion than you. Bravo!

  3. I don’t agree with Seymour’s policies but it is great to see people of opposing views sitting down together and talking politics. Rather than hurling vitriol at each other which Twitter seems to have brought about.

  4. Congratulations, a very good debate, very open about things that matter most. And yes, nice to see people talking about ideas, be they the most different.

  5. Great show, Bomber. Thanks to giving time to your guests to talk. But why do you not put the right on the spot regarding the link between income inequality and the home ownership issues in NZ? Damien introduced the home ownership topic – and you missed the opportunity to draw attention to CEO pay being 40x greater than workers pay as a cause.

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