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  1. There’s an upbeat article on South Island venues and possible happenings.
    The entire South Island has been placed in the orange light setting, meaning life can almost get back to normal.</
    Nothing about the Blenheim infected caseand where he/she came from – we now have three cases in Top of SI and these cases seem to get around, liquor, Macs, etc. I don't know whether he/she flew or drove to Blenheim. I think all are in self-isolation. What are we going to get for Christmas Labour?

  2. “Today’s issues paper, ‘Future of Money – Cash System Redesign (Te Moni Anamata – He Whakahou i te Pūnaha Moni)’, reinforces our commitment to keeping cash available for as long as it is needed. We’re wanting input to develop the right set of policies to ensure the cash system is resilient and efficient in the face of changes in use and availability,” says Assistant Governor Christian Hawkesby. “We hope the option set presented today prompts discussion and debate, and identifies gaps or refinements.”

    Reading for those spare moments, or one’s you have created. this is important, along with the other issues causing stress.


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