Political Caption Competition

A loaf of National MPs

A loaf of National MPs


    • Uncle Fester is the new leader Bertie! Willis as deputy and Bridges as Finance Minister (probably).

      How long till your mate Johnny replaces Goodfellow?

      • The stars are aligning for you Frankie. The ghost of National past and present( Collins), still haunt. Johnny Rotten could be president by days end.

      • Yes the token female is deputy and uncle Fester is saying all the right things calling it the “New” National party. Shame they still have all those ” old” players in there.

        • From the N.Z. Herald…

          “It is not yet known what positions Bridges has secured, but it is likely he was offered the finance portfolio and the number 3 ranking.

          While he could have been offered both the deputy and finance roles, Luxon was understood to have wanted Nicola Willis as deputy and some in caucus believed a gender split was important.”

      • I thought he was in trouble for ANZ flouting the Stock Exchange rules?

        OK I guess…it’s someone earning whilst on a benefit that’s horrendous eh Tank?

        • No idea what you are talking about Spurry but if Key committed a criminal offence then he should be treated like everyone else

    • Kheala. It’s getting worser and worser. They picked the most aesthetically revolting-looking male that they could, and we may have to see his ugly dome for the months ahead. This is mental cruelty at a time when we’re already under pressure. Add flaccid Key to the mix and we’ll know that they’re misogynistic sociopaths – if we didn’t already. What a Christmas. ( There are 13 uninhabited islands off the east coast of Ireland.)

  1. Here’s 4 good reasons to vote National again
    Hear no evil!
    See no evil!
    Do no evil!
    Definitely no more dirty politics, unless it is really needed!

  2. Usual clichés…..ambitious for the rich , a new page for the powerful , a reset to retake control of the narrative , improving the lives of the already privileged ( New Zealanders need a better deal lol )

      • Defence ? Defence ? Yes Siree. You see Mark started off as a police dog handler, and then progressed to saving fluffy little dogs in the devastated shattered exploited tragic ruins of Iraq and got very rich doing so – who would have thunk it ?

        A person who can cope with four- legged animals can clearly defend two -legged types twice as easy – it’s called pure maths, and the Nats get purer and purer day by day. Soon, God willing, they may ascend en masse to that great kennel in the skies and be part of the firmament, which is a totally great word – and genderless – gotcha Greens.

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