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  1. Easy route to getting a work permit, and being a terrorist in NZ it seems.

    Immigration history and processes relating to the New Lynn terrorist

    Sad but after 2 terror attacks and so much money to be made in NZ supporting terrorists and the biggest scum bags, might be time that those whose applications are being processed are held offshore like in OZ until their refugee status is proven.

    In addition I’d like to see NZ only take refugees from refugee camps which are overflowing, not have people fly in with money or jump into the sea, then claim NZ asylum.

    NZ should be helping the most desperate and real refugees like children in camps, not using NZ’s woke laws to make a mockery of modern human rights where terrorists have more power and rights than their victims.

    Law abiding migrants putting in an application seem less likely to have their claim upheld, than a would be fraudster turned protected/refugee person.

    Also need to stop foreign teenagers being able to travel to NZ on visas. Not working out for them and us!

  2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – not widely known.
    But should be considered when getting definite about vaccinations.
    University of Otago’s Emeritus Professor Warren Tate says he is aware of serious reactions triggered by the Pfizer vaccine in several people who have the condition. He believes some of those with the disease shouldn’t be expected to be vaccinated.
    There are an estimated 25,000 people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in New Zealand. Tate is considered a pre-eminent authority in the country on the disease.

    But CFS afflicted will hope that it doesn’t become the getoutofjail card for those who want to make a stand, on a pile of dung, about getting a vaccination. If you can go to the dentist, you can cope with the jab should be the attitude there. And don’t follow it up with a binge of anything. Be kind to your health.

  3. Grant Robertson goes easy on mandating police vaccinations.
    Police are given until the middle of next year to jab up, by which time two booster shots for two different variants could have been administered. Seems the only emergency is not having enough police to respond to emergencies.

    First Union Logistics disrupt the food supply chain.
    Ardern assured the nation there is no need to panic buy and there is plenty of food for everyone if we shop normally. Media reports suggest otherwise with empty supermarket shelves already observed. The government needs to at least issue a statement on this, if not intervene.

    Ultra mega deadly South African coronavirus variant apparently about to be unleashed on the world.
    Who cares.

    • Union members need to get informed about politics and society and when to apply pressure to get just wages and conditions. Threatening even, to diminish the supply of essentials in times of trouble does not do the social democracy idea any favours, and just applies the pragmatic, me-first approach that unionists complain about from their bosses. Sing about hard times, hard times stay away from my door. But think when taking action, do people need your work, tell them you won’t go on strike now just before a holiday, when there is a problem, but encourage society to start asking for better conditions for them, write to the bosses etc.


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