MEDIAWATCH: Yay Stuff finally kill off Martin Devlin!


Yay! After goading Martin Devlin into a suicide , Stuff finally get their latest woke scalp using the usual Post Me Too hearsay to destroy a mans career…

Broadcaster Martin Devlin quits NZME after taking company to court

Veteran broadcaster Martin Devlin has quit NZME after taking the media company to court over his employment.

In a joint public statement from NZME and Devlin, it was announced that Devlin had “decided to step away” from his Newstalk ZB weekend sports radio show and leave the company.

He has been absent from The Devlin Radio Show for months, during which time he faced employment investigations and attempted to take his own life.

NZME owns The New Zealand Herald and Newstalk ZB, among other brands.

…The holy trinity of Woke dogma is all white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

Woke justice is whatever a victim says on Twitter, due process is heteronormative white cis male privilege and it’s far better 10 innocent cis men go to prison than one guilty cis male doesn’t because, you know ‘patriarchy’.

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The woke lynch mob on Twitter have been salivating over cancelling Martin Devlin for some time and the cancel culture journalism at Stuff has you openly wondering if their intense and never flinching gaze on every tiny detail of Devlin’s latest troubles is driven by Devlin holding Alison Mau’s pets hostage or something.

Stuff’s desperate drive to uncover the next Harvey Weinstein has blinded them to being anything more than a lynch mob. The way they have insinuated there was something off about Devlin contacting a female staff member and their attempt to paint him out as a violent thug using snowflake trigger thresholds are part and parcel of their woke cancel culture journalism.

If it hadn’t been for Devlin’s partner, the amazingly courageous Andi Brotherston, we wouldn’t know the other side of the story in her must read Twitter thread.

The rudeness of the millennial upstart who burst into Devlin’s studio and demanded Devlin break into his program for breaking news but then wouldn’t tell Devlin what the breaking news was (because Devlin was beneath this journalists contempt) is rarely explained but Devlin lashing out is constantly played up.

The way Stuff have consistently insinuated there was something untoward in his email to another female staff member (when as Andi points out it was Devlin calling her out on her attitude) is grotesquely defamatory.

Hearing the other side of the cancel culture list of sins makes Martin less the pinnacle of white cis male privilege and far more like any bloke over 50 putting up with a younger generation who wallow in a sanctimonious trigger free safe space while screaming wolf at everything that moves.

But the Wellington Twitterati and Stuff should celebrate right? They’ve reached the top of woke cancel culture, snuff activism!

They goaded a white cis male into attempting suicide and that’s good because it’s the ultimate deplatforming isn’t it?

Is Stuff feeling righteous yet? Are the woke sated?

Of course they aren’t, their noble mission to dismantle white cis male privilege is too important to worry about innocent lives wrecked.

I and Alison Mau were allowed to view the ongoing employment case Martin had with NZME and reading between the lines NZME knew they were in trouble and this whole case was trumped up woke bullshit.

The sudden ending of that case suggests NZME paid Martin an extraordinary amount of money. I just hope the new MagicTalk radio station hires him because it will drive the Woke and Stuff mental!

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  1. Yeah, i think MagicTalk will hire him. Like him or not, Devlin is passionate about sports, just as his followers are. The zombie apocalypse could be raging around him and he would still be putting in his pundits pick as to who should make the All Blacks squad. Undead players included.

  2. No wonder everyone is switching off.

    I’m tired of the brain washing and political and financial agendas in news.

    Used to read Stuff but they just got too woke for my liking. Otago Daily Times is worth a skim, although not a lot of news (but more than Stuff).

    Granny (Herals) also going woke, neoliberal which is very confusing. AKA the West Auckland man’s death from Covid, (allegedly they forgot to mention the family was unvaccinated in spite of running a huge campaign to vaccinate people).

    So woke is more important than facts even to right wing Granny, desperate to open the border and get the poor hard done by exploiters & exploited into NZ hospitality ASAP. Funny how those groups are now on the teat of wage subsidies, but we still need MORE cheap workers ASAP.

  3. As a news consumer, Mr Devlin came across as someone who could dish but not take. Quite a nasty bastard in fact on the basis of some of his columns and comments.

    But of course men of a certain age are stuck aren’t they? The need to lash out and express themselves, but often don’t know how to do it with dignity, credibility and purpose.

    If there is procedural unfairness he is entitled to have that addressed. But really he looks like another case of an emotionally under developed male, like Tony Veitch. Considering self harm is a pretty heavy response to what ails you and all of us should think about that.

    • “But of course men of a certain age are stuck aren’t they? The need to lash out and express themselves, but often don’t know how to do it with dignity, credibility and purpose”.. That says a lot more about you than anything useful to any intelligent discussion that should be happening on here..
      Since when is making bigoted generalisations something a mature, intelligent person does? the easy answer is never… Good thing your not letting down your “group level” isn’t it…

  4. From all this might come the mantra, again, ‘our msm media is shit.’ Okay, accept that and move on, move to “Why?” and “How can that be changed?”

    Some of the stuff around the anti-vaxx thing recently and some of the stuff in recent ‘protests’ showed there are plenty of lunatics who want to run the asylum and plenty who want to go along with and empower them.

    Does a crazy media merely represents the populace and want it wants?

  5. He is in the media surely his work should only be judged on what he says and his ability to command an audience. If the audience like what he has to say why would you fire him! The idea that workers get fired from their jobs for anything other than laziness, incompetence, continual lateness, negligence, shit like that, stuff that impacts the work is crazy. A disagreement with a colleague cannot fit the bill. Same with pro sports people being expected to be role models. NRL players being caught by police doing drugs after work, like half the rest of society and then being hauled over the coals and fined by their employer for bringing the business into disrepute. Or even being fired for proselytizing their religous beliefs (no matter how horrible). Its madness.

    And let’s not play the woke name-calling game, just don’t say “white cis male” say “man”.

    And let’s keep calling all sorts of people “guy”

    • It is bizarre. I don’t get it – the all powerful and omnipotent woke millennials. They are amazingly powerful and seem to have complete control of society and are behind almost every significant event. Via twitter and Stuff they are making all of the important decisions and deciding what happens in almost every situation. I take my hat off to them really. I guess it makes up for not being able to afford a home.

  6. I hope they get rid of that stupid ticking clock on his late show, and i hope he survives his next suicide attempt, he comes across as an aggressive prate and deserved to walk

  7. If there’s ever been a man with a passion for sport, boy it’s Devlin. Big loss for one, hopefully a big gain for some other station…and us!

  8. He’s a middle class male who is outspoken and doesn’t conform to the hegemonic religious dogmas of our millennial soy-latte-sipping wellington woke twitterati overlords. Therefore he must be purged.

  9. Martin was right on a lot of things about sports, such as FIFA are corrupt, many young Kiwis guys do not want to be All Blacks, and Mike Hesson, former coach of the Blackcaps, was wrong in dropping Ross Taylor 5 years ago…He annoyed many people in advertising of sports, and various sporting governing boards, by asking pointed questions.
    Stuffed, and NZME wanted him gone to keep the sport businesses happy

  10. The barren intellectual wasteland that identify politics has foisted on the world won’t be viewed fondly in posterity.

    We won’t be viewing it with the same lenses of ancient civilisations birthing the foundation of democracy, philosophy, mathematics, drama, and poetry, it’s not the Renaissance, nor the golden era of Scottish Enlightenment.

    Even the supposed beneficiaries of all this virtue signalling won’t be materially or holistically better off in ten years, as the woke don’t have enough bloodthirsty grunt to embed their cultural revolution into history.

    Salem eventually settled down didn’t it.

  11. See if he’ll come on board and get him to head up a newly established Sports Section of The Daily Blog.

  12. No, No.Devlin, like his St Pat’s old boy mate Billy Bragg English, has always been the biggest bit of Marxist PC political garbage in the country. Like the whole ZB network and particularly 1ZB , since 1938 when IZB went all the way for JA Lee regarded in London and Washington as a very dangerous communist who incited revolution on the streets of Auckland and Dunedin and talked the same line as ‘Jacinda, ‘ there are no capitalists in NZ, never have been, never will be’. ‘There are no Nazis in NZ’. NZ is protected from serious defence threats by distance. Really there is only ocean between, Auckland and South China, Vlad or even Arkangel. The only stop over is Suva, if and it take 10 hrs for a Blackjack to bomb Sydney and hit 10 targets in Auckland with cruise missiles. And no I don’t think the bush telephone on an Anzac frigate would find a Song, or Akula.

  13. Devlin is a Legend and I assume his savior, his wife. Has told him, that his fans, will follow him to his next media. Having all that ZB money in your pocket isn’t going to calm the beast.

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