PODCAST: Why Bannonism-Trumpism is in NZ & Why ACT is Vulnerable


A View from Afar – Bannonism-Trumpism, a cultural ideological export – Political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning deep-dive into how Aotearoa New Zealand is in the cross-hairs of two distinct political powers – one has been around for awhile and applies influence operations aimed at elites; and the other is new to this part of the world and uses cultural and ideological diffusion that is aimed at civil society and aims to change the character of democracy itself. Can countries like New Zealand resist the slide into US-styled political chaos?

In this podcast we explore the under-defined, but hardly hidden, ideology that we will refer to as Bannonism-Trumpism.

So what is taking shape in New Zealand? Why is New Zealand a political lab-rat of sorts?

How is this battle taking place for the minds and political thinking of New Zealand voters?

What should you be aware of?

What political parties are most vulnerable to these two powerful external influences?

What is the end-game?

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Is resistance achievable?

Join Paul and Selwyn for this LIVE recording of this podcast while they consider these big issues, and remember any comments you make while live can be included in this programme.

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  1. Good show again. But I have to disagree with the premise that NZ is been overrun by crazy Bannonites or Bannonism.
    That kind of crazy has been here for a long, long time. Also, it is not a left or right thing anymore.
    It is those disaffected people who both of the main political parties have and continue to, ignore.

    Rogernomics was the start of this group and ACT too, who have tapped into this.

    The cultural war being played out in public is more common than you think. And the MAGA thing is only a stick and stones thing.
    The people saying this might not be pretty but that’s a judgement call people make and can then seem to them that these people are dangerous. Prejudice is what I will call it and a bit of class judgement too is in play.
    Not many if any of them have been arrested.

    The pious middle-class attitude is what came across in today’s show too could be considered a bias ‘lens’ which leads to discrediting all and everything they say. Not listening to them will most likely lead to more resistance and possible a popular uprising. No violence has happened and no arrests, not many if any have happened so I do think today’s show has been over-egged on the threat level from the protesting groups.

    Ignore them any longer will lead to what you’re discussing today, but we’re nowhere near that point yet.

    • you aren’t wrong denny 35 yrs of lies from the reps and dems let in trump, 35 yrs of lies by blairite labour and the cons resulted in brexit, 35yrs of lies here from labour and the nats…which ‘disrupter’ will profit..

      ACT are not ‘vulnerable’ they are the preferred team for the foreign money subverting NZ politics

  2. I’ve listened to Bannon being interviewed, I’ve appreciated many of his insights and often found him interesting.

    Three things that that struct me in this podcast:
    [1.] The ridiculous idea that Act voters want to run around verbally abusing people and breaking laws.
    [2.] Painting a huge chuck of the voting population (Act voters) as crazies that have banded together.
    [3.] Regarding the American media; by saying Trump and his voters disrespected the media.. it implies (the presupposition) that the American media is credible.

    This podcast then goes on to condemn, IMO, citizen journalism in NZ. It’s no secret NZ has little-to-no investigative journalism and Ministers make themselves unavailable.

    I think this podcast contained an echo-chambers worth of far-left, pernicious views and ideologies. Perhaps they could actually interview David Seymour?

    Mr Bannon is far more insightful then these two. Labour will likely fall pray to their demented hubris at the next election.

  3. what bannon is or isn’t personally is immaterial, the threat to NZ democracy, not any party, democracy itself his subvertion by funding groups here is the issue, yup just like china and the mythical ‘moscow gold’ of the dancing cossacks…he personally (and I’m sure other yanks) are actively seeking to subvert OUR democracy

  4. I appreciated this conversation on influencers manufacturing ideological strains of the CCP and Bannonism, the nuance of liberty vs libertine and I am also concerned with the rise of ACT. However I cannot help but feel a 3rd threat has been completely passed over.

    Direct messaging at the fault lines of society, subversion of culture and institutions establishing a counter hegemonic ideology as conceived by Antonio Gramsci, camouflage in claims to support civil liberties and new American-imported rhetoric are also all hallmarks of the identitarian left (woke/critical theorists) which I’d argue is far more established than Bannonism and indeed engendering a backlash that may facilitate the rise of Bannonism.

    Speaking of rhetoric, the breathless invocations of misogyny, racism, and white supremacy (how for example do concerns among some Maori align with the latter two?) and describing liberal democracies as serving ‘white-patriarchal heteronormative power and privilege’ suggest Mr Buchanan is somewhat influenced by this third ideology. Although of course he’s mistaken it’s white-patriarchal-CIS-heteronormative power.

    Agree with Denny, I enjoy ‘A View from Afar’ but there is something of the pious (I’d add myopic) middle-class attitude in what came across in today’s show.


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