MEDIAWATCH: Gone by Lunchtime Political Podcast


I’m listening to this so you don’t have to. It was a toss up between State funded social engineering propaganda on The Spin-off or State funded social engineering propaganda on Stuff where they have just launched a new podcast looking at the impact of the News on women.

I’m not joking, they really have.

So I went with the shorter of two evils and tuned into The Spin-offs in house production of their political podcast ‘Gone by Lunctime’.

It’s a community service Ben Thomas does to seek forgiveness from the woke for working with Matthew Hooton.

The first 10 minutes are taken up with them laughing about podcast awards and Annabelle talked on and on and on about a pigeon.

I’m not joking.

It turns to a discussion about Tuis.

Which becomes some extended metaphor about vaccinations.

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Then they talk about the table they are sitting at.

Is this how they actually talk in real life?

A meandering inoffensive meaninglessness that slowly goes nowhere?

This is their political debate?

It has all the energy and dynamism of a vegan baby in a hot car.

Duncan Grieve makes a surprise entry to boast about how much money NZ on Air gave them and then extraordinarily begs listeners for MORE money!

‘MORE GRAVY’ cries Duncan while drowning in creamy public money,

The show goes back to its glacial tone and I struggle to find the a reason to keep breathing.

How is this boredom funded by NZ on Air?

There needs to be a new live-streamed political podcast from far funnier people that’s available on Spotify and ROVA and Apple Podcasts and YouTube by the end of this month dammit!

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  1. “Gone by lunchtime” has become a catch phrase that sums up empty populist political posturing.
    At least Don Brash did one thing noteworthy when he made up that phrase.

  2. This is the sad reality of emphasising opinion over fact.

    But don’t worry your little heads…

    …facts will always happen the same way irrespective of your opinion.

  3. I had a mate, years ago back in the 1980s who vowed never to watch TV considering it crap and government propaganda. Even in those days of relative quality and media objectiveness. He in fact owned many a nice TV but solely for videos and whatever the Playstation number it was at the time. He was into something even for that earlier age.

  4. NZ’s media freedom, and coverage of the actual communities within NZ is reducing every year…Stuffed, and other rags are looking more, and more like rough toilet paper.

  5. Conspiracy theory warning – I think there is a plan to dumb down the young so much that they will have no idea of how anything works except their latest version of a cellphone/computer.

    But here is part of a discussion on how Dorothy L Sayer introduced ideas about World War 1 into her writing and why she chose detective novels.
    Flourishing in this time period, detective fiction shows itself to reflect the growing modernist movement in its questioning of governmental authority, emphasis on the motivation of the individual, and challenge to social customs.
    These hallmarks of modern literature demonstrate the trauma felt by society that had been ripped apart by World War I. The detective fiction novel thrived because it brought a sense of comfort to readers, reassuring them that within the confines of several hundred pages someone was keeping order and making sure justice was administered and a peaceful equilibrium restored by the last page.

    I think we have been ripped apart in a similar way to what I have bolded above, and we have been assaulted by neo lib economics sweeping away our previous systems, then Covid 19 has added a layer that is incompatible with the adjustments made by people most affected by the brutal nature of self-serving practices that we have experienced.

  6. Gone by lunch time is far funnier than yr thing w Damien Grant. Its meant to be a light opinion piece, not some heavy duty in depth analysis of politics. Its good listening and funny.

  7. low quality 3rd rate journos, low quality 3rd rate pollies, low quality 3rd rate managers… wonder NZ keeps getting the shitty end of the stick.


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