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  1. So they lay everyone off, and due to Covid have after resisting for years, decided to try local recruiting measures, but have they already destroyed any trust they once had by laying their workers off in the first place?

    Meat firms going for broke in bid to recruit workers for season

    Dozens of jobs lost in Mid-Canterbury as Silver Fern Farms closes pelt house

    Million dollar investment at Pareora plant as Silver Fern Farms prepares to close Fairton

    Lets have a look at how NZ treats their workers to wonder why so many people are being encouraged not to work in NZ…

    Truckie sacked for sharing Stuff story with workmates

    ‘Soul crushing’: inside Rocket Lab’s ‘toxic’ workplace culture

    Smiths City advertises for new staff days after making 115 redundant

    Comvita makes 90 staff redundant, posts $9.7m loss

    Warehouse job cuts: 33 Northland staff made redundant; union may challenge decision

    Big read: Why being made redundant in NZ is so tough

    Employer held to task again, after exploiting workers via sham business

    ‘They’re not hiring Kiwis’: Locals keen to pick fruit ignored, rejected’re-not-hiring-kiwis-locals-keen-pick-fruit-ignored-rejected

    Oil rig workers claim unfair treatment in a system ‘rotten to the core’

    ‘Absolutely horrible’ telling staff they’ve lost jobs, says owner of Te Kuiti sawmill cutting 35 positions

    Worker told to ‘f*** off’ wins unfair dismissal employment case

    Employee wins unfair dismissal case after being fired three days into new job

  2. Story #33 week 17.
    Read this on the sorry state of kidney cancer medicines available in NZ.
    This story is beyond even my knowledge of our pathetic medicines situation .
    Read it and be very very afraid.

    In just 4 years the amount of time taken to fund a medicine at the fastest pace has tripled (See my Scoop post I posted the other day with the meds landscape link for details) even then it may not be funded as a first line medicine as it is elsewhere in the developed world .

    WAKE THE HELL UP folks.

    • How fast are numbers rising because of bad dietary or drinking practices in NZ. Be circymspect when losing your cool I think.

  3. Animal suffering is not important in NZ, when a profit to be made ….

    Hawke’s Bay’s largest cattle export shipment: 14,000 animals off to China

    Drug, arms and people trafficking bonus with live animal exports

    Live animal exports are being used as cover by smugglers, say NGOs
    Huge vessels used to transport farm animals are an attractive option for criminals smuggling drugs, arms and people

    Bit like our ‘farm workers’ who happen to be supplying most of NZ’s cocaine .
    Canterbury cocaine bust: Arrested Colombians named for the first time

    And all our guns appear out of nowhere.

    Police Do Not Know Source Of 82% Of Criminal Weapons

    Hello Delta, boats obviously a good way to smuggle in people, drugs and arms.

  4. Queenstown seem reliant on tourism, jhigh end stuff. It could be that they are over-exposed in that market.
    Now they want us to bring in Aussies again, such a good idea in April. Just when we are about to experiment with ourselves – let that roll out and see how we go. We don’t need double jeopardy. Queenstown can put out the begging bowl to its wealthy flitters.

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