So Jacinda’s 90% vaccination plan has actually worked?

For those claiming our Covid strategy isn't working

Those incredible stats are proof positive that Jacinda’s plan has worked.

We have avoided mass sickness and mass deaths while rewarding the double vaxxed with more liberties.

I think Jacinda has done an incredible job navigating us through this nightmare and the lack of gratitude and hate and crazy conspiracy madness vomited on her is an indictment on us as a fractured social media crazed culture of resentment, not on her.

Insanely enough, more people will be furious at Jacinda for saving us from Covid than if she fails!

The unvaccinated will still see her as a combination of the AntiChrist and Hitler.

National & ACT supporters will be disappointed she succeeded and the death cult capitalists will be furious that public health was put before their right to make money.

The NZ woke have become so wedded to the power public health has given them over Covid that they can’t comprehend losing all that virtue signalling cred. They almost yearn for a perpetual level 5 and seem sad no actual genocide has occurred.

Who would want to run this shitty ungrateful country?

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  1. The high vax rate is excellent.

    But a plan is “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something”. You know, careful strategic methodology and scenario testing used to arrive at a carefully laid out and published answer to the way forward.

    Nothing I have seen during the past 3 months gave any hint there was a plan, any plan actually, before the rather horrifying realisation dawned on our PM that no plan, a dawdling vaccination roll out full of conditions and MOH imposed limitations coupled to last year’s thrown together level 4 lockdown solution was going to end in anything other than unmitigated carnage on multiple levels from a woefully underfunded health system. And that realisation was around about late September.

    Yes, hitting the nuclear button/last man standing option/hail Mary that froze Aucklanders in their homes for months achieved high vaccination whilst playing chicken with people’s lives but calling that a plan is bloody optimistic!

    • The overall plan of this government was/is to respond to changing circumstances with changing responses. This meant not setting a definite date to open the borders etc. but recognising that an appraisal is made as the pandemic changed.

    • I have often thought “what is the plan” and not finding one, thought the worst. But I also recognise that to have a plan as such would probably limit MoH ability to adapt as the situation changes. If there is a plan to have no plan then I’m all good with that. As Martyn says it’s working well, so far. But will a high vax rate be able to stop Delta spreading when the borders open under the traffic light system? This will be the real test of Jacinda’s “plan”.

    • ‘Nothing I have seen in the past 3 months’ should be worded as ‘ I have seen nothing in the past 3 months.’ or even, ‘I see nothing -‘Reminds me of Schultz.

  2. There seems to be a running narrative from the left at the moment that the people are ungrateful of our glorious leader. Sure AT THE MOMENT you can highlight statistics like the above. Simple Simon and his buddies at OneWokeNews probably get pre-orgasmic over them. However.

    -Gun & Gang-related violence is at an all time high
    -The commencement of hyper inflation means the cost of living for the bottom 40% of NZ will skyrocket even further in the next 12 months
    -Interest rate increases will begin to bite as beetroot realizes he needs to show some credentials for his next gig
    -Vaccine Mandates will create major staff/service issues in most industries over the next 12 months (wait till non-urgent surgeries get pushed back due to a lack of staff) as well as creating a simmering hatred for authority like what is seen in Southern US States

    You can’t highlight the good and ignore the bad. And if you think people are going to forget the bad when on holiday with spot checks, masks and non Aucklanders giving us arseholes the left is in for one hell of a disappointment.

    • Crime, yes, serious crime worsening, definitely and not helped by either the incompetent Minister of Police or the woke commissioner or out to lunch Justice Minister.

      Inflation. Hard to say as economics are impossible to pick but housing cannot keep going like this.

      Mandated vaccinations, yes that will be a speed bump but it will settle, quite quickly. If you’ve quite your skilled job in protest, good luck to you paying your bills ‘cos guess what? Even a real days work stacking shelves at The Warehouse at less than half your old hourly rate will still require you to be vaccinated.

      So go for it, whoever you are, if you are into self mutilation that is!

      Discontent amongst the “if Facebook says the world is flat, it’s flat”, disciples; absolutely.

    • And your running narration is right wing propaganda and will never agree on anything that is successful. We all read you Frankie, we get it. Back to your woke Newstalk ZB station and continue your orgasmic climax over misinformed Mike.

      • I think he means either Adrian Orr or Grant Robertson. Its Rightwingnut speak. A delusional language that only the truly insane master.

  3. The bitterness will come from those vaccinated under extreme duress , not those who could carry on their lives e with little disruption either way.
    D J S

  4. Pandemics don’t come with a rulebook. Things change daily, because we don’t know what’s going to happen next. Chances are next year there will be a more viralent mutation of the virus we have to deal with. Everyone complaining that they want certainty, that they want a plan, should ask COVID for its plan. I’m sure the Government would like to see it too! In the meantime, I think we can take heart that the peaks in each wave of the virus globally are getting smaller than the big peak earlier this year. The Government managing it the best they can, balancing the third who want more restrictions and the third who want none. I think Labour will be rewarded once again at the next election for its handling of Covid. Sorry National.

  5. I would argue that an ungrateful country would have incredibly low vaccination rates.

    Do not fall prey to thinking the loud contrary voices represent anything near the majority. Empty vessels make the largest sound.

    • Yes riffer, I am sure that our vaccination rate is a reflection of the general very high level of approval of our present Govt in particular and in our governments generally. Unfortunately they have taken whole the story that is coming from the US government who’s citizens have a much poorer opinion of theirs. And with good reason.
      Our government can hardly go against the recommendations of the WHO and US medical authorities ; But these organisations are bought and sold by big money interests . The power structure reduces to a tiny number of people with vested interests. We would not trust them the way we trust our government.
      It is a cruel situation for this government to be in. The fallout will be immense when everyone works out how they have been had.
      D J S
      D J S

  6. A bit early for celebrations Martyn. The provinces are not yet living the daily existence of Covid in their face like Auckland. When that reality comes to pass in mid December there will be an anxious and uncomfortable rural NZ who up until now have been protected by Aucklands prison term courtesy of JA and her policies. The problem with Auckland is they haven’t seen the worst of this either because as restrictions are eased they will be affected by themselves as well as new infections coming in from the provinces whose vax rates aren’t as good. 10% of 5 million unvaxed. Half a million potential infections. Mmmm.

  7. How dare such a dirty word as “liberty” gets mentioned by anyone other than someone from the mob-of-endless-names! There is no place for liberty in New Zealand. For the love of God please do not utter those other calamitous words beginning with ‘f’ and ‘c’….there is no place for anything other than embracing lock downs and fully complying to the dictates of our beloved government. We are not hypocrites, we know our place…our place has nothing to do with liberty, freedom or choice. Those are the foolish fancies of that other mob. Get with the program folks!

  8. Martyn
    Has the plan worked? Probably. Maybe. But then about a year ago you trumpeted that “Jacinda Smashed the virus” when had like 50 cases and went down to 20 or something. You wanna bring out that headline again? Nobody smashes this virus. Not even, and I know this is beyond comprehension to many of you…not even Jacinda. We gotta live with it.

  9. The anti-vax/anti-Labour force is using new tactics now.
    Now the claims are coming thick and fast that vaccination actually doesn’t provide any significant protection against either contracting COVID or passing it on.
    Is is true?
    Well, when it comes from the anti-vaxxers you have to doubt its credibility.
    There is plenty of scientific debate about it, but most health professionals say that vaccination DOES provide the following:
    1. Significant protection from contracting the virus.
    2. Significant reduction from transmitting the virus to others.
    3. Reduced severity of symptoms and reduced possibility of complications.
    But of course you can easily find some website that will debunk all the above, or claim that the Pzifer vaccine is no good, and argue what the level of protection is etc.
    Shamans and witchdoctors abound everywhere, seeking to frighten and confuse people.
    The fact is that no vaccine for anything can guarantee 100% protection all the time, but vaccination combined with sensible hygiene and social distancing is a lot lot better than nothing.
    And another thing to consider.
    The government would not be spending hundreds of millions of dollars plus on a vaccine programme if they didn’t think the evidence stacked up.

    • When the government signed an agreement for the purchase of the Pfizer vaccine all we knew about the virus was that was extremely contagious and presumed to be very dangerous. The WHO was strongly recommending it and it would have been irresponsible not to acquire it.
      To understand properly everything that has happened since we would need to know what is in that agreement. And there is precious little chance of that ever being known by us.
      D J S

  10. There is no blue-print on how the Government should handle this crisis and of course there will be some mis-steps and errors on the way but the Government has done a lot of good work in managing it. Of course, there will always be those people who damn Jacinda no matter what she does to manage the outbreak in a way that gets people vaccinated and the country’s economy operating again. In the main, these are the people who resent Jacinda simply because she is a woman.

    The greatest critics at the moment seem to be the rabid right wing business community with one of its key representatives being the very dishevelled looking Michael Barnett banging on about how the Government needs to work at repairing the relationship with business. Like what???? I use a phrase my father uses – the door swings both ways on that. Shouldn’t it be the business community working hard with the Government to make this whole thing work? Oh no says Mr dishevelled Barnett – all we need to do is criticise and the Government needs to come on its hands and knees to us asking for forgiveness.

    Wasn’t it Barnett and his barking-mad followers including Hosking who last year complained that the Government had left it too late to go into lock down; who then said that the economy would not recover – but it did, spectacularly so; and is now saying we should not be in lock-down? Oh, goodness me, who is pulling Barnett’s and Hosking’s strings?

    Jacinda has done amazing work managing this epidemic without a blue-print. The opposition run by Collins and her cronies criticise Jacinda no matter what she does but I would like to see them do a better job. Knowing how they operate, National too would have followed the same route – have us all in lock-down then follow a vaccination plan which pushes for a very high percentage of the population being vaccinated.

    I get it that whoever is in opposition has to be an effective opposition by keeping a Government in line but criticising for the sake of criticising without justification, which is what National is doing, is fatiguing everyone as much as COVID is fatiguing us.

  11. never expect consistency from a rightard, as you burn each strawman and ‘gotcha’ they quickly move to another, they know they’re wrong and have no argument, they just don’t have the self awareness or mental resilience to just admit they’re wrong.


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