Dear Aucklanders – let’s stay close to home this Christmas


Brothers, Sisters, Comrades of Auckland.

Watching Hone Harawira beg Aucklanders to not go North this year demands a legitimate response from us.

We really need to seriously consider not holidaying in under vaxxed communities this year.

I know. I know. I know.

This year has been hell.

Jacinda just told us we are locked down under de facto house arrest for another month and we didn’t even flinch, so exhausted by this bloody plague are we!

But we have an obligation to stay out of regions that have low vaccination rates.

We just do.

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It won’t kill us to holiday closer to home or somewhere with high vaccination rates this summer, but it may well kill those we accidentally infect.

Those locals deserve more from us than that type of selfishness.

I’m not damning anyone who does holiday – this year has hurt us all in unique ways – but if you can avoid doing it, consider it.

Our fellow brothers and sisters deserve that from us all.

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  1. I live in the Far North, so I know why others want to come here! Agree with the Editor’s sentiments but the Ford Raptor driving, towing a jet ski behind, crowd will likely not agree.

    • It does not matter what aucklanders holidaying looks like. What only matters is people have a good mental state especially those that have been couped up while the rest of nz are fishing diving walking their dogs going to school (all week every day). These are the sacrafices aucklanders have made. So yes we want to bring our toys we want to bring our comforts. Thats the wrong judgement. The judging should be to judge if your safe to be near me while im holidaying…and are you? Most will say yes in Auckland. But in our home on our whenua its mostly no..Thats worth a judgement of…What a silly bugger I say.

    • Same page TM. Having bought these toys its SO UNFAIR not being allowed to use them!

      Also, It seems to me there is a certain type of person who feels they must go to a place other than their own town, district or region to be able to enjoy life.
      But of course they’ve invested all this money, including a beach house in many cases.

      I wonder how they manage in their day to day lives. It must be a miserable existence to be constantly craving for that holiday up north or wherever.

      Has it been a hell year really?
      For frontline people, medical staff, the sick and dying, the poor, yes.
      For most others, why?

  2. “Vulnerable” my arse…

    Look at the MoH website and look at the statistics. Someone certainly ought to.

    The baseline of 1.0 is for pakeha + asian, asians make up 20% of the eligible population so the white-only baseline is only 0.8. By that measure, every PI age cohort is more highly vaccinated than whites of any age

    As for Maori, again every vulnerable age group (50+) is better vaccinated than europeans and ALMOST ALL other age groups match or exceed whites.

    And if you’d like to explain why a 2-34yo Maori (the only lagging group) is any more vulnerable than anyone else I’d love to hear it

    These have been the stats for some time and either the MSM is choosing to ignore them or they’re too dumb to see what’s in front of their noses

    • If you are to exclude the Asian vaccine rate from the non-Maori and non-Pacific data, you also have to exclude them from the population count too. So while Asians do lift the combined rate, the effect is reduced by the smaller contributing size of their population. Combined vaccination rates (first dose only) are 93%, but drops back toward 90% for European only. This would not pull the baseline from 1.0 down to 0.8.

    • 1) Maori and Pacific people have experienced a shorter multi-generational exposure to other Coronaviruses such as the flu and common cold. While not the same virus, one could assume long-term, multi generational exposure to these other Coronaviruses may well help pakeha fair better against COVID.

      2) Maori have a higher obesity rate and higher rate of other high risk underlying conditions, even in their 30,s.

      3) More chance of poverty for Maori means lower chance of access to medical care, comfort meds, good food and a healthy place to heal.

      4) A reliance on hunting and fishing means if they get sick they may not be able to get food for themselves their whanau.

      5) Closer living arrangements and community = its going to rip through them.

      6) They were here first and your ancestors already killed many of them with the common cold. Makes them look like wankers in the history books.

        • Agree class not race. My comments were in reply to “And if you’d like to explain why a 2-34yo Maori (the only lagging group) is any more vulnerable than anyone else I’d love to hear it” but somehow I stuffed up the quote. But yeah, point 6 was generalizing/stereotyping to say the least. A slant on the image of the great white middle-class super-spreader (Cooks decedents???) in his late model SUV with 2X jet skis on tailor and 2.2 perfect little darlings who likely still see COVID as a poor or brown mans disease. But I realize most pakeha including my own ancestors descended from what were effectively working class refugees of the industrial revolution looking for a better life. I do stand by my other 5 points that Maori are more vulnerable. In the same way that they are more vulnerable to the harms of smoking and drinking, stuff just seems to hit them harder.

      • “They were here first and your ancestors already killed many of them with the common cold.”

        So, are you saying the common cold is a pakeha bioweapon, not simply nature? lol.

  3. Totally agree. Don’t be part of the problem. The roads will be gridlocked and even though many are so keen to catch up with family, is it worth it, if you bring Covid with you and put their health at risk?

    Likewise whiners stuck overseas who left for what ever reason, and can’t get back.

    It is obvious that people should never have left in the first place with Covid.

    Even if it for a good reason like sick relative, obviously when you migrate that is part of the calculation, aka don’t migrate if you have ageing parents and then blame others (Jacinda) when you are not a hop, skip and jump from aged relatives when they get sick. Death is an obvious consequence for age, so don’t abandon parents in the first place!

    Our country has workers who pretend to work on low pay, as our country grinds to a halt all the time, with so many absences and people new to jobs, who don’t know what they are doing (judging by the poor levels of work in NZ).

    Sense of entitlement is everywhere in NZ now. Somebody who seems to have a low level job in DHB procurement wants his taxes back as he left NZ but apparently can’t get back. (shouldn’t it be the other way around, if this person is being paid in his absence). Part of the problem with NZ health system, they have too many side jobs ballooning the budgets, instead of putting on more doctors and nurses..

    Likewise the OZ developer who liquidated the state housing projects before finishing them. Again a warning to government , all is not rosy with using foreign corporations, as it is easy for them to walk away leaving a mess. We already see that with Waiwera pools, pretty much destroying a towns livelihood, and many vineyards and farms going to rack and ruin under foreign ownership.

    Or even worse, pushing through polluting consents making their neighbours, environment and communities pay for their profiteering. (“NZ” Wastemanagement, Ocean Dairy).

    While not just the foreign owners doing this,(Rich Kiwis getting in on the act) it is far easier for foreign owners to avoid social responsibility for their actions, it’s just a blip on their radar, nothing important in their lives as they sail off or make decisions somewhere else, for their sole benefit at others expenses.

  4. With respect for all the hard yards done by Aucklanders and that light at the end of the tunnel getting further and further away- you are still more blessed than many others in this horrible pandemicized world in which we live. Sadly, some are entitled and not equipped with critical thinking skills and they see their freedom being stolen away. That is not the case at all. The government is protecting your future freedom, is all. i wouldn’t wish my situation on any of you but you don’t have to under ‘house arrest’ to be ‘housebound’ or ‘hunkered down’ when you live where you have friends and neighbours who have died or are dying from the evil Covid and in a population only 2 million more than NZ, 1,223,892 cases/just 3,459 new overnight and 21,752 DEATHS with 53 new overnight. Where 60% are vaxxed but everything is open and so carriers as well as those already infected are everywhere in the community. There is no measure of where cases are – nothing as sophisticated as an app which exposes places of interest which helps identify new cases. Please think before you toss off the chains of your temporary incarceration – nobody wanted COVID to come calling. Nobody wants it to spread. Nobody wants to lose their freedom or their life to a cluster of pretty little pink baubles. Nobody.

    • Well I want it to spread. And as quickly as possible.

      The only thing that’s made the govt move is Covid outbreaks and the sooner it spreads the sooner we accept that it will become endemic. Covid Zero was alway a nonsense and pretending and hoping to pursue it is totally ridiculous

        • on an average day an average of 70 people over 65 die.
          10% more is 7 a day
          20% more is 14 a day.

          With new treatments and vax high vax rate I suspect we could stop restrictions NOW and we would not exceed 10 a day.

          Thats using stats from what has happened. NOT what might happen.

          NZs actual Covid death rate divided by cases gives fatality rate of current cumulative 0.37 %
          So how many cases a day would be required to meet the 10 deaths a day threshold? 2,703.

          and you are worried about 150-200 cases a day.
          ie less than 1 extra death a day.

          • but under what conditions were those death rates recorded? conditions are a tad different today so they hardly apply…come back in 6months and repeat your exercise then.

      • 100% correct domdave!

        We’re all goin to catch it eventually, but the vaccine works and we have new therapeutics to reduce symptoms. So bring it on.

        Attempts to reduce its spread are evidently futile and more than a little amusing when considering it’s been Hone’s gang member mates who have been doing most of the spreading. LOL

        Winter is going to be fun…

  5. Nahh mate. Auckland has done ALL the mahi in this pandemic. Locked down for 4 months and getting 95% jabbed. The rest of Aotearoa should be thankful, not spreading fear of opening up. Let’s all get the Shot for Summer and have a great Christmas together.

    It is completely unreasonable of non Aucklanders to expect us to stay locked up indefinitely. Lockdown is a TEMPORARY suspension of human rights and it has gone on long enough. We sacrificed our sanity and stayed home for months on end to give the rest of you a chance to protect yourself.

    Does nobody care about protecting Aucklanders any more? We have to live in a pressure cooker with this small percentage of hard core rule breakers, and we are taking the blame for their bullshit.

    Now the rest of Aotearoa needs to step up and do their part. Mask up, wash hands, use the Covid app, and above all get vaccinated. Stop pretending you can lock up your fellow Kiwis and be safe doing nothing.

    The enemy is a virus – but another enemy is fear, hatred, and divisiveness. We are reaping the harvest of 35 years of neoliberal capitalism eating away at our institutions and social fabric.

    Don’t let paranoia and prejudice build Trumpian walls of division around your heart.

    • Well said. There are too many people hypnotized by their insecurity and anxiety/fear that makes them blidly cling to the religion of the lockdown mantra……

      • Hallejullia! Morons of the world unite!
        Kraut and Ra Henare – Know that I understand the situation, do not feel fear or paranoia in any way at all, and think that you are talking dumb spin.

        • You drink wine “in vino”? Alcohol kills thousands more people than Covid. At some point we have to step outside our comfort zone. Anti Auckland prejudice is an ugly aspect of our small minded parochial island nation

    • No ones saying don,t have a holiday. Just avoid Northland, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and the South Island. Keep to your selves, physical distance, mask up, avoid public places, keep your kids on a lead and if you or anyone in our circle feels unwell or has been at a COVID location of interest please stay home. If you must come, please consider wearing a hat or shirt with Auckland written on it so anyone who wants to avoid you can do so easily 😉

    • Yes. Of course in the context of covid, Auckland is referred to as a region. It should be kept in mind that it is very demographically diverse. It took just a few selfish ones to give delta to the Waikato which then had to join the lockdown club with Auckland. This has been consistently overlooked by most commentators.

  6. If the northland vaccination rates don’t go up in the next month, with the prospect of Aucklanders flooding the region, they will never go up. No one is being left behind. Everyone is aware of this disease and it’s ramifications. If people aren’t vaccinated by Dec 15 (which is enough time to have both shots) then they have made a decision to remain unvaccinated. Why should their decision affect my ability to see my vaccinated whanau? This disease is coming for the rest of NZ, like it or not. Their own communities will bring it to them. There is no stopping it now. I need to visit my whanau as soon as the border opens because there is a terrible chance that, if I wait too long, there may be family members I might never see alive again. For the love of god, get vaccinated.

  7. hamish good point, how far do the majority have to bend but how bad is it really if entitled jaffas can’t sip their lattes in a sub tropical setting?

    • Entitled Jaffas eh? Fuck Gagarin that is a shit attitude. You want it all, but you don’t want share the pain. Jaffas, come on, let’s not spend one fucking cent anywhere outside of Auckland. They can suck the lemon with that sort of attitude!

  8. Quick question Martyn, are Jacinda from announcements, and her Auckland MPs staying in Auckland during the Summer? if not, why not…if the answer no, then why should other Aucklanders?

  9. Ummm….even before Covid why would you leave Auckland for the holidays anyway?
    Superb beaches, fantastic bars and restaurants, islands to explore, huge selection of Regional Parks. But no….much better to go sit and swelter in stand still traffic for hours to “escape” to the batch or some shabby rental in another region…..and this year give them the plague for Xmas!
    Never understood why greater Auckland is a ghost town over the summer holidays.
    I’ll be doing what I always do, staying home, spending my days relaxing on a deserted sub tropical island beach, somewhere in the Hauraki Gulf.

  10. Oh bollocks.
    When someone gets shot and killed and their death is deemed COVID due to a recent positive test you know that this pandemic had been grossly overblown by governments around the world.
    Those same governments have taken this as a golden opportunity to cement their authoritarian ways.

  11. I’m just quietly kind of happy that the BoP has got it now, so when I go home to the family it wont some big thing anymore (not a holiday, I want to see my sick gran). I usually try to stay at home over the holidays because Auckland is fucking good when all the Aucklanders have buggered off.

  12. There are 2 schools of thought on this:
    The one are a group that would gladly sacrifice to reduce any potential harm they may cause to others.
    The other consider themselves victims and have no concern for their fellow man.

  13. Very disapponting Aucklanders, once was one – now living in Sydney for the past 20yrs. Including my wife & 3 boys, & we are out of lock down now for the past few months. Enjoying our freedom ? We did the hard yards, & now over 90%+ double vaccinated. Your Priminister should not have bosted, about how good yous were a few months ago. Comparing NZ to Australia ? Now its come back on her. Cant even come back to spend my money in NZ this year. Time for a new leader in Government, someone who’s humble. And doing that right thing, on behalf of the people. For the people, Still a proud Kiwi citizen – resident in Aus.

    • Ok Junior. Umm…Aus has 10 times the death rate per capita than NZ and those stats come mainly from NSW and Victoria.
      Also NZ is fast approaching 90% vax rate.
      Is comparing NSW with Auckland “apples with apples”?

  14. I have always liked Martyn’s term the ‘magical flying wizard’ who now may or may not have contracted a little covid for the ‘festive season’ themselves. Whether you believe covid is man made or not, I think magical flying wizard deserves a break this year. Stay home this year and respect the iwi who ask for that courtesy.

    Let’s spend Christmas Online

    Let’s stay home this Christmas, Santa’s doing fine..
    except that he’s got covid, so..we’re christmassing online:)

    Let’s stay home this christmas, cheaper on the gas…
    see the kids upon the screen where they can’t make a mess.

    Stayin’ home at christmas- okay for me and you,
    stayin safe & well behaved ’till New Year turns us blue,

    honestly guys it’s a freaky time- no apparent rules or rhyme,
    the lies that permeate the air, custom built to make despair!
    Santa’d like to do his bit, unfortunately the elves all quit 🙁
    Reindeer flight now not an option, 5G causing interference with their radar, plus globalists hogging all the airspace with their annoying private jets
    sorry ran out of rhyme when I thought about the un-researched effects of high frequency radiations on navigation equipment in commercial planes, a sort of thalidomide in the communications towers and satellite reverberations department.

    so let’s stay home this christmas, I’m certain Jesus wouldn’t mind,
    (God said: “no comment, my ears are hurting and I wish everybody would just be quiet for a day and enjoy the night’s stars without any filters”)…he’s very diplomatic here, personally I would ban Disney for the week


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