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  1. Top 30 wage subsidy claimants, corporate welfare at it finest, especially when many of them seem to be polluting, paying high CEO salaries while making workers redundant constantly, and making record profits.

    Air NZ $125,364,852
    Fletcher Building $67,683,718
    The Warehouse $51,988,574
    Silver Fern Farms $43,252,774
    Downer NZ $38,232,218
    Alliance Group $34,386,456
    Fulton Hogan $34,254,797
    The Farmers Trading Company $32,033,140
    SkyCity Management $31,206,090
    NZ Post $29,714,222
    Spotless Facility Services (NZ) $28,718,341
    Bunnings $27,202,044
    AWF $26,595,044
    KiwiRail Holdings $26,387,304
    Restaurant Brands $25,781,238
    Best Start Educare $25,640,354
    OCS $24,426,929
    Bidfood $16,803,220
    Compass Group NZ $15,965,950
    Beca Consolidated $15,866,556
    Adecco Personnel $13,795,140
    Antares Restaurant Group $13,367,802
    Harvey Norman Stores (NZ) Pty $12,707,652
    Flight Centre (NZ) $12,131,959
    Noel Leeming Group $12,092,969
    Kmart NZ Holdings $11,977,440
    Southern Cross Hospital $11,847,277
    Regional Facilities Auckland Trust $11,448,872
    Waste Management NZ $10,975,680
    City Care $10,727,819
    Total $842,576,431

    These companies have already been asked to give back money after claiming the wage subsidy when they didn’t need to.

    Porirua City Council $68,837 $2,564,916 $2,633,753
    ContainerCo (NZL) Ltd $758 $1,677,156 $1,677,914
    Orchestral Developments Ltd $0 $1,135,966 $1,135,966
    EmployNZ Ltd $0 $386,827 $386,827
    Orion Systems International Ltd $0 $264,295 $264,295
    Orion Health Ltd $0 $217,918 $217,918
    Orion Hospitals (NZ) Ltd $0 $161,681 $161,681
    Advanced Personnel Services Ltd $0 $161,198 $161,198
    Symphony Research Ltd $582,214 $136,714 $718,928
    China Travel Service (N.Z.) Ltd $0 $126,533 $126,533
    Total $651,809 $6,833,204 $7,485,013

  2. Other countries seem to be more interested and successful at affordably solving housing. These don’t have the mod cons that the woke expect in NZ, but are better than the streets!

    Last year, Tabassum and her team used the pandemic lull to develop a low-cost modular house kit for the landless char dwellers. They had previously researched the region’s popular flat-pack homes, which are designed to be dismantled and moved when needed, but the cost of £1,500, along with their requirement for carpenters, puts them out of reach of many. MTA designed a simple space-frame system using lengths of readily available bamboo, connected with steel joints, that could house a family of four for £300, and be built by residents themselves. The Khudi Bari (Tiny House) comprises a pitched-roof upper level sleeping platform above a ground floor of compacted earth, with the structure clad in panels of woven grass, or whatever local materials are to hand. Four families have been rehoused so far in Char Hijla, southern-central Bangladesh, to test how the design works, with 100 more homes on the way.

    Also not sure if true, (who knows) but this article says the construction industry is not taking up 50% of the world’s emissions.

    No doubt NZ is leading the way with global emissions and contributing to landfill, we love to demolish existing housing, for the next grot boxes or McMansion. They they need more construction workers to rebuild the perfectly good houses they just demolished or meters of concrete with millions of carbon emissions from both the concrete and truck movements, to raise flood land levels that flood the neighbours instead?

  3. For those concerned about covid handling this unrolls events as they happen. It’s hard to keep up with all the information. (Thinks Monty Python ‘Look I’m bring oppressed’ by government factual information.) Protesters please note:

    Personally I am not travelling to be with family at Christmas – my Rights are being oppressed by anti- Vaxxers and Deniers and anti-Authority types! There is a time and place for things. The Traffic light system is a good choice by government. Keep using traffic laws people, with them we get democracy on the roads. Why not introduce that thinking into everyday movements anywhere?

    • Can you imagine the chaos as all of NZ start driving all around on the 15 Dec? It will be hell. I’m staying home and waiting until after the madness that will ensue.

      NZ already have gang members axing people in petrol stations with road rage. It is going to be a disaster.

      Maybe NZTA and can start all their road works too (sarcasm), and have hundreds of heat strokes and heart attacks from all the blockades, with Covid spreading in rural areas like Northland and iwi up in arms. s

      I get why the government wants to do it as it’s the was thing to do to try and stem the angry venters out there, (won’t work though as nothing makes them happy). but seriously think of the practical reality of what is going to happen.

      Even worse if they open the airports without MIQ, Covid before lunchtime and even more chaos on the roads and hospitals and can’t even say we are beating the world on Covid anymore.

  4. Oh, I hate technology. Just got here ‘you are posting things too fast’ ! What the shit. How about you nerdic tech-nicks leave us alone a little. My phone says don’t touch the face of the phone when I try to answer a call. Leave us alone! You computer geeks (geniuses in your own minds) are all so much beneath our world of ideas.

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