Righteously hate David Seymour but this attack on mandates is how he overtakes National


This is so Machiavellian it makes me vomit while acknowledging the brutally clever math…

Act leader David Seymour calls for testing as alternative for unvaxxed teachers, health workers

Act leader David Seymour has called for the Government to relax its “no jab no job” stand and allow a regular testing regime to be used as an alternative for workers who refuse to get vaccinated.

By Monday, teachers and other education staff, as well as those in the health and disability sectors, must have had at least one dose and be fully vaccinated by January 1.

It has led to workers in key workforces – such as teaching, mental health, and midwifery – walking away from their jobs rather than get vaccinated, as well as protests over the mandates.

The mandates already apply to border workers – and there is high public support for them in the education and health sectors.

…how outrageous to play to the paranoia of these antivaxx lunatics, but by doing so Seymour gives them political cover and will harvest their vote just as he did with the gun nutters .

It’s deplorable and amounts to Vichy France capitulating to the Nazi’s, but ACT will hoover up all the antiVaxx vote under the guise of personal choice and it will pay dividends.

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This is how ACT overtake National.


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  1. It’s actually a pragmatic approach that many European states are already adopting as they realize between 5-10% of their workforce won’t be able to partake in the economy.

    New Zealand like most other industrialized nations has a worker and skills shortage. Vaccination mandates will reduce the workforce, increase remaining employee burnout, delay service and importantly increase inflation as businesses need to recoup costs.

    There is no point in a 5% pay increase if cost of living goes up 10%.

    • ohhh yeaa frankie boy, and how many of those states are introducing sanctions against the unvaxxed as cases rise due to freedumb days…..austria, denmark, germany…..so freedumb/back to normal policy tried, policy failed, on that score methinks

    • “NZ has a worker and skills shortage” That’s half right. There are still many unemployed, or does 3,6% equate to nothing? What we have is a skills shortage.. Thanks to the Nats abolishing apprenticeships in the 90’s, and the key government starving the education sector of the funds required to train people properly, we have two generations of kiwis who are functionally illiterate, and bereft of the skill sets required to become good tradesmen.. The half wits I come across today who call themselves “tradies” is just demoralising… I hope you’re proud of your tory heros, ’cause otherwise there is no logical basis for any statement you make. Or are you one of those that thinks it’s agodd idea to throw those coming up into the workforce onto the scrapheap inn favor of importing third rate workers from the third world?

  2. It’s the classic move that the Ban 1080 movement, anti-Thar shooting hunting lobby, Groundswell and others do. They put forward what they claim is a reasonable compromise which is nothing of the sort. They look good and it weakens the defenses of those who are trying to hold the line.

  3. Just a small reminder, when Chris Hipkins brought up the vaccine mandate the first time he gave teachers the option vaccine or tests. Teachers who are not vaccinated can still teach on-line students whose parents do not want to send them to school or even those who are at school. That should not be such a problem. Mind you, a year ago we did not have vacines and children went to school and were all taught by unvaccinated techers!!!
    As for healthcare, again, a year ago there were no vaccines and people went to hospitals and were cared for by nurses and doctors in PPE. The same can happen now, if they are all wrapped up what is the danger?
    The votes for ACT were given them by the Government.

    • When Hipkins announced the mandate for the education sector, he gave the 1st of January as a deadline for teachers to be fully vaccinated. Until that date, unvaccinated (before today) and partially vaccinated staff would need to be tested weekly. Testing is not being offered as an alternative to being vaccinated, it is only for the period leading up to the deadline.

      • And far fewer US-inspired Covid-denying fuckwits running around spreading bullshit and infection. We were able to contain the pandemic long enough to give ourselves a fighting chance with vaccines. The same sort of morons who claimed the vaccine was an evil plot to kill us all, now seem to be saying the vaccine is no good because it doesn’t last long enough. Forget about the last one, have yourself another. Now that’s what I call a plan.

  4. i have had a test yesterday. Why? Because the partner is a essential worker and well…..never mind.
    You know what we would love? Self tests at home so that we can test regularly on our own. Yet, here we are and we can’t. Thus we wait with baited breaths for a list of sites, or all go in the queue for the one testing station that is open with hundreds of others.

    Be afraid that the Hologram is undermining dear Leader, but he is right. Bring easy testing into NZ. Saliva testing for kids in schools. Saliva testing at home for essential workers. Saliva testing for people who may be immunocompromised and can’t get jabbed, for people who are in need of a booster shot but have not gotten one – are we talking about his group yet, or are we to discover them later this year when its up to 30% of the jabbed that need them, and yes, for those that are jab hesitant.

    And here we have a government who spend 60 million on a saliva test trial, and that binned it. Go figure, maybe Seymour is actually on to something, and Labour is continuing to dig that hole in which they would like to get buried. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/126954435/saliva-testing-saga-continues-with-frustrating-and-shortsighted-uturn-on-miq-returnees

    Maybe Labour should have tried to hire Seymour, rather then surround themselves with Yes Man and Women galore?

    • Seymour is the most dangerous idiot in NZ. He will start WW3 in NZ if it got him some more votes. ACT policies are ruthless neo liberalism. Is that what all the protesters want, and you? Truth is they wouldn’t have a clue. Clueless, ignorant and selfish.

    • “Thus we wait with baited breaths . . .”

      Oh dear. Brush up your Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice).

      The only correct spelling of “baited breath” is in this poem from the 1930s:

      Sally [a cat], having swallowed cheese,
      Directs down holes the scented breeze,
      Enticing thus with baited breath
      Nice mice to an untimely death.

      Otherwise: The truth is, I think, that Seymour’s suggestion is the pragmatic response to a looming loss of staff (however foolish/selfish we may think them to be), with the consequences of (1) children being untaught at school, (2) babies being born unattended, (3) hospitals unable to cope, (4) goods undelivered, (5) etc. etc.

      While there is majority support for the mandate, and (at the least) irritation and opprobrium directed towards the unvaxed, when push comes to shove, it may just be necessary to keep these workers in the saddle. Frequent saliva tests, as Sabine says, may be the compromise tool. Sir Ian Taylor has been on about the usefulness of saliva testing:

      And never forget Seymour’s role in bringing in Assisted Dying, legal as of now.

      • Thanks for the poem reference, nice to learn that.
        Baited breath is a trap…

        I wonder if ‘spelling’ in your comment is a spellchecker error and ‘use’ was meant?

        Sorry if double posted, just realised direct reply button was better.

    • Hi The Kraut.
      I seem to remember that, when the vaccination programme just started, you were pushing for mandatory vaxxing for the whole of New Zealand. You may have changed your mind. Do you know what could be the reason, testing rather than vaccinating may not be a good idea?

  5. Still amazed that so many lefties are happy to exclude 300000+ and their children from society…
    I mean what could possibly go wrong…

    • No you are amazing. No one is excluding the unvaxxed. That was there choice to make. Employers may exclude the unvaxxed but not all of them. There is just no way that any sane government would allow 300,000 New Zealanders remain permanently unemployed. Just no.

      • Guess we’ll find out because when you mandate either by govt decree or altering law to allow employers to do that is where you end up. So far its Health system, Education System, huge swathes of the service industry, retail and a bunch of large private companies.
        Unvaccinated children from 12 and up are going to be excluded from a bunch of things class trips, swimming lessons, sports, activities, venues like mueseums that my extend to libraries etc etc.

        Mandates that effect children are in my view shortsighted and downright harmful and fucking stupid.

      • Of course you have a choice, said the Hangman, two loops or one?

        “No one is excluding the unvaxxed”. Do you live in an alternate reality? That’s EXACTLY what is happening and what Jacinda smilingly affirmed when she said, yes, I’m aiming for two classes.

        You can argue its justified, but don’t be disingenuous.

        Another day, another booster….for the vaccine so effective we force people to lose their careers or have.

          • Hi Sinic and Gordon, the quote about excluding unvaxxed and having two classes of people is on a youtube clip, search plank of the week Jacinda or similar

            Sorry if double posted, just realised direct reply button was better.

      • The government allows/directs by policy at least 100,000 New Zealanders to be unemployed at all times. Condemned to poverty, depression, loss of dignity, loss of confidence, loss of skills, pushed out of society and blamed for an economic political situation. When there is full employment, the unemployed can be counted on one hand.

      • Excluded means some group or person with the power to do so, says ‘you can’t do this, even if you want to or need to’, because if xxx reason.
        Doesn’t it?

  6. Can someone from this learned forum please help me understand a basic question ‘why’ do the general population need a booster? And why this simple question is not being asked by our journalists. To the best of my knowledge being double jabbed continues to offer great protection from hospitalisation and serious illness with no signs of waning. And please no childlike explanations like what’s being offered by our govt -because its equitable and easy!!! Ffs were is the medical justification…

    • Have you been living in a cave? Every piece of evidence says the protection wanes, and within months. The only question is by how much. Against infection it drops very quickly after a few months, against serious illness/death it seems to last a but more. A few more studies coming out showing little correlation between vaccination and infection levels and little difference in viral load between vaxxed and unvaxxed.

      Discussion of this all occurs daily in media overseas – in NZ anything suggesting vaccines aren’t a panacea is verboten. Our fatality rare remains so far below modelling its on another planet.

      None of this is to say the vaccine doesn’t bring benefit – it clearly does. But its simply a ridiculous situation to mandate it to require a vaccination passport to do things every person has a right to do.

      But don’t worry, the Ministry of Truth is thinking for you and just keep your arm out again and again otherwise you’ll lose your “freedom”. Claims to Public Health have never done anything bad in the past (… like forced sterilisation of intellectually disabled…cough..).

      • Thanks James I get that immunity against infection is now waning the evidence has supported that for some time not that our govt took much notice of this. My question and why no one is asking the Prime Minister is why offer boosters to say a double jabbed 25 old fit and healthy person..when the current studies as far as I can tell is the vaccine continues to hold up well in protecting from serious illness. Most, almost all countries are offering the booster to over 65 and or people with underlying health conditions. Why has Ardern opted for all over 18 ? To slow down transmission only when plenty of experts are now saying everybody will get this thing vax or not maybe not next week but in a year or 2. The more important thing now is hospitalisation rates not case numbers..

  7. naw c-wood they choose to exclude themselves diff thing, I know you want to feel victimised like a pink haired SJW but fact is the unvaxxed are self-harmers

    • Nah, I dont and yeah its a choice (im vaxxed) but the end result is the same and their 12 or 13 year old kids sure as shit aint choosing for themselves.

  8. I have no problem with daily saliva testing if they pay full price for it. Last time I looked its was about $20 a test. Thats $100 a week. Lets see how long before greed over-rides their commitment.

  9. ‘how outrageous to play to the paranoia of these antivaxx lunatics’

    There are some fringe nutters. But to call teachers, midwives and the numerous other professionals who have made a person choice not to get vaccinated this is foolish. These people are not conspiracy theorists, they are concerned about putting something into their body they do not agree with.

    The very fact that already those who have had two jabs now have to look to have a booster already, says a great deal to me.

    I know people in all those categories of professions, plus a lawyer, massage therapist and lots of others, intelligent, educated, thinking people. I expect that none of them have been on the street yaahoing for their freedom.

    I am in agreement with Seymour, never happened to me before.

    And then there are countries that have dropped this requirement, because too many people would be lost to their work force.

    If all the bullying and name calling stopped around those who have made a choice not to vaxxed life would be pleasanter for all.

    • Michal, agree that the name calling and vitriol on all “sides” needs to cease. We make our choices and live or die with the consequences

  10. vaxxing is a cognitive thinking exam…those who fail die…just like squid game the contestants choose themselves….

    amusing that the rightard monobrows rather than culling the gay leftist commie SJWs as their dark fantasy future, they’re in the process of culling themselves…

  11. Yep, I haven’t read anything of this, but I’m, from my 4 mental siblings, willing to speak up for Dave. He has a conscience and a primary belief in reason. Versus the Amerikan Right.

    I’m perfectly happy to urge my thickshit rellies to vote for him.

    Lets acknowledge the reality beneath which we do the party politic thing.

  12. Of course he’s an idiot who helped bring down the world on our heads as per Roge Douglas and his fellows around the Anglo world in the 80s.

    I talk up for him on account of his conscience, intellectual honesty and belief in democracy. That his brethren in America and OZ are doing the opposite surely must make an honest person think. It’s just a matter of a reporter asking him about that incongruity, but our MSM comes from the 10 percent who actually benefited from Rogernomics.


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