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  1. Nationals plans for education to immediately rollout the vaccine are stupid we need to do the Medsafe checks first actually any of Nationals plans are plain stupid and wishful thinking cause they are not in power and got voted out in big number losing seats they held for decades. And to make matter worse National have a shite leader and despite appearances are still very much a divided party.

  2. Something I saw today that I’m pretty sure is a scam.
    There was an ad that popped up while I watching a You Tube clip claiming that Jacinda Adern had dropped a hint on an AM show that she was making millions of dollars using a crypto currency trading program called Immediate Edge and if you didn’t get in quick the banks would close it down.
    Intrigued, I followed the link and found the page wpromotion which was trying to look like an authentic Stuff page but had no dates, and the Facebook, twitter and other icons all directed to a page exhorting the wonders of Immediate Edge. Anything you clicked on went to the same page.
    I tried to find the supposed conversation between Jacinda and Duncan Garner about Immediate Edge but couldn’t find anything on TV3 on-demand.
    The whole thing is obviously a scam and I would advise anyone not to put a solitary cent into it.
    I have provided a link.

    • Thanks Midk the Lefty for the warning. It seems possible that in a short time there will be no rounded bums in NZ. All will have ridges in them where some predator has bitten us seeking blood and flesh to fuel their crooked ideas. And in real life, when some clever and crooked person takes others for thousands, the justice system is very slow and expensive in dealing with them.

    Is it good for us to sell off everything of value that we devise? By trying to run it ourselves and develop it with NZ brights plus some overseas input we might develop some substance behind the scenic shopfront we set up; sort of a western stage set with us lining up for gigs as local yokels. With occasional hits like Blazing Saddles moments.

  4. Martyn, I think you get your title things wrong. So, there is strange man Trotter and neoliberal The Standard, and you in between. Hard to take any of you entirely seriously. No worries, we’re all human, but I wish.

    I think ‘we’ ‘re fucked. And so do all the thinkers.

  5. James Shaw in Glasgow for COP with about 10 other worthies.

    Hard work no picnic: And it is hard work. Contrary to the suggestion that Shaw will be holidaying in Europe, the COP summits involve two straight weeks of at least 16-hour days. Ask anyone who has attended COP, in any capacity, and they’ll tell you diplomats regularly go days on just a few hours of sleep while haggling over some critically important but deeply technical aspect of international climate policy.
    Here is some detail
    FARM Chairman Robin Grieve Spreading the fertiliser as usual –

  6. When Treasury stepped forward in 1984 with a plan to encourage our supposed NZ Finance Minister to overturn our form of economics and politics that was all right.
    Now the Reserve Bank has upset the right wing think tank NZ Initiative (far too many i’s in this word) that seems to think that its way is ‘the’ way we should be acting.

  7. I note my entry to tdb through Google is being filled by the Tonga Development Bank which has apparently registered a blog which came up when I entered ‘tdb blog’. Cunning these advantage seekers, in elbowing everyone to the side.


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