GUEST BLOG: Hone Harawira – A message from a Pakeha New Zealander to the Tai Tokerau Border Control

A message from a Pakeha New Zealander to the Tai Tokerau Border Control
I’m a white born and bread New Zealanders, and love this country. What you are doing for the people up north is bang on. Keep going. Keep us out until you are ready is absolutely the right thing. Humans need to realise we are at war and need to be on a war footing to survive this. Our weapons are isolating, and a vaccine. Best we arm ourselves to the teeth. You have my respect for your efforts.
Hone Harawira
Tai Tokerau Border Control


  1. Tautoko that.
    Hone is the best epidemiologist as he takes on board the reality that the virus is the result of the colonial system that disrupts natural habitats, and which targets those who are still oppressed by the colonial system.

    • It started in China champ, who colonised China and set this off?
      Let’s get through this virus thing without everything being twisted to make an (incorrect) political statement.

    • dave …utter rubbish those oppressed by the colonial system have had every and I do mean every opportunity to get vaxxed but refuse to, blame religious leaders, gang members, and social media, you can’t cry victimhood on this issue..

      and Hone is doing the right and good thing for his people in the north.

  2. I am also a Pakeha born and bred New Zealander and I one hundred % agree, keep em out Hone as the gar North may be the only covid free place in 3 months time.

    • The Far North is not Covid free . We have been in level 3 up here since last week, Mangamuka Taipa Awanui and Kaiangaroa are all localities with the virus in the Far North.Once Aucklanders start coming thru’ at Christmas time we will have a large outbreak due to the large number of unvaccinated people. Most of these are white and or religious. Go figure.

  3. Who da man…Hone! He is always hard working behind the scenes on community projects in Te Hiku (short hand for the five Iwi of the Muriwhenua in the Far North). Radio/TV/internet, employment creation, training, Health Care, housing, horticultural and business development and even an outlaw Northland Rugby League competition, all with Hone’s stamp and work on them.

    A lot more non Māori in the North have come to appreciate Hone and the TBC (Tai Tokerau Border Control), during the various COVID lockdowns. He would make a great first Māori FNDC Mayor, but is probably not interested and who could blame him. He was shafted by all parliamentary parties, particularly Labour and Greens, in the infamous Internet Mana “FJK” election, and dropped by heaps of lefties shortly after. Did not worry him, dusted himself off and got on with things.

    • TM, I understood it was Labour and NZF that shafted Hone. Could be wrong. Not Green style to’co-conspire ,unless you are referring to the fact that they fielded a candidate.

      • Let me rephrase that–shafted by Labour in that they put extra resources into the West Auckland end of the Te Tai Tokerau electorate. Hone lost by around 900 votes. He had a car crash too, and spent a lot of time on the road for Internet Mana rather than concentrating on winning his own electorate–which ultimately was down to him of course.

        But the fact is ALL Parliamentary parties seemed to hop onto FJK’s bandwagon and condemn various aspects of the Internet Mana campaign. I emphasised Greens because they are considered on the left by many, and could have been neutral and let events play out, but the party tops were explicit on national radio in their disapproval of IM.

        • Bit of a F#%k Up the Internet Party, I think Hone is back in the Maori Party camp now so we may see him standing for the Maaori Party in the next General Election.

      • @garibaldi, was totally not the Greens style, yet that is exactly what they did. Russel Norman was interviewed and he was spitting tacs he was so angry, for some inexplicable reason he hated the internet party and was happy to drag Hone and Laila down. Shafted by the Green Party is exactly correct

  4. I totally agree. I am only sorry that some of Hone’s own people have chosen to arrogantly and aggressively challenge him on his decency and the respect he is showing to all New Zealanders. Go Hone you wonderful man.

    • I want to add – in the position he takes Hone stands out as decent, polite and friendly – properly explaining the situation and his purpose. This is in complete contrast to the aggressive, non-sensical ignorant approach adopted by protest groups including Brian Tamaki’s destiny church members and hangers-on whose ugly anger including assaulting a press photographer was disgusting but not surprising because they and people like them refuse to respect the opposite views of others and get angry and aggressive trying to force their views on everyone else.

  5. I wish we could’ve done this on the West Coast of the South Island. It would’ve have been too hard either with, what 4 roads through the Alps.

  6. He blotted his copy book getting tied up with the fat German but since then he has been a force for good and it is a pity this government cannot kick some butts in MOH to work with him instead of against him.

    • Important issues were raised because of police, intelligence services and Govt malfeasance in regard to the Mega upload raid.
      You walk right into Martyn’s cartoon (care of G Larsen).

      You, Trevor Sennitt. epitomise the dumb mutt who only hears “fat German”.

  7. It’s a bit confusing: at the top it says its from a Pakeha NZer and at the bottom it bears his name.
    Which one is correct?

  8. 27 Delta cases reported in Northland yesterday

    The border will certainly come in handy to stop the spread south from the region. It’s funny that Hipkins didn’t say anything about the need for iwi checkpoints dotted around the country stopping Aucklanders, with their hundreds of cases, only that the Sylvia Park variant will be unleashed on the country in good time and seek out the unvaccinated like a heat seeking missile.

  9. Yes, he is quite right. We have been in siege mode for over a year, and now the enemi has crossed the lines. That is what this is. If this be a movie, they would say ‘winter is coming’.

  10. Have long had a lot of respect for Hone, I saw through his unfiltered delivery and could see that he genuinely and deeply cared for his people and was prepared to rub the system up the wrong way to achieve his aims.
    Good on him for continuing to stand firm.

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