So what happens if Jacinda’s 90% vaccination plan actually works?


So what happens if Jacinda’s 90% vaccination plan actually works?

What if our high vaccination rate sees case numbers surge but hospitalizations and death rates low thanks to new generation treatments?

I think Jacinda has done an incredible job navigating us through this nightmare and the lack of gratitude and hate and crazy conspiracy madness vomited on her is an indictment on us as a fractured social media crazed culture of resentment, not on her.

Covid deaths per population:

US 1 in 451
Italy 1 in 457
UK 1 in 479
Spain 1 in 540
France 1 in 566
Austria 1 in 789
Germany 1 in 874
Turkey 1 in 1, 211
Canada 1 in 1, 305
India 1 in 3, 008
Australia 1 in 15, 494
New Zealand 1 in 175, 607

But sure let’s shit on Jacinda’s response!

Insanely enough, more people will be furious at Jacinda for saving us from Covid than if she fails!

The unvaccinated will still see her as a combination of the AntiChrist and Hitler.

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National & ACT supporters will be disappointed she succeeded and the death cult capitalists will be furious that public health was put before their right to make money.

The NZ woke have become so wedded to the power public health has given them over Covid that they can’t comprehend losing all that virtue signalling cred. They almost yearn for a perpetual level 5 and seem sad no actual genocide has occurred.

Who would want to run this shitty ungrateful country?


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  1. The psychological malaise goes back to the Colonial Redcoat/Settler takeover of this country. The Kauri forests raped and pillaged, native bush burnt off for farming, swathes of land initially taken by force, and then by the Native Land Court formed in 1865, and stolen by stealth ever since by local authorities etc. until the Tiriti Tribunal slowed that down and got a few limited returns and compensation.

    Whole regions in NZ have people whose lives, wealth and position depend on the denial of a dirty little secret–stolen land. Capitalism and the class structure arrived intact here from Britain. Since the 80s a whole new bunch of migrant cheap labour has arrived also that seem to keep their heads down due to fear and exploitation.

    Argue over the numbers, and who they are, and where they hangout, but there has been a consistent number of dark kiwi arseholes that could be put at around 40% of the population one way or another. How they manifest varies by generation, but almost four decades of of neo liberal individualism, the fading of collectivism, and analog being subsumed by digital has to somewhat explain the ugly anti vaccination contrarians

    • Talking about land.
      Tikanga says taking land by force is one of the three ways Maori “”transferred”” land ownership.
      1. Occupation
      2. Gift
      3. Acquisition(ie takeover by force)

      So there is an argument that the Redcoats were acquiring land according to Tikanga.

      Dont spit your tea out 🙂 It is a moot point.
      Guaranteed to fire up the wokey woke woke

    • This is delusional nonsense. You have absolutely no proof for such a sweeping and outrageous claim. Kauri deforestation is responsible? lol. Just stop and let the adults deal with this.

  2. It has occurred to me more than once since arriving back just in time for lockdown, that this country doesn’t deserve decent leadership.. It seems NZers prefer being screwed over, as long as it’s a throwback from the colonial power brokers that is doing it.. Periods of labour governments have served as an opportunity for the electorate to shit on a government that is busy trying to repair the damage… Because it’s not happening instantly.. NZers really are among the thickest, most deluded cave dwellers I’ve come across.. I’ve met some seriously stupid people all over the world, and a lot of them live here in NZ..

  3. Tall Poppy Syndrome applies in NZ, in the UK also I have noticed.
    Looking at ourselves we seem complacent and incurious.
    Noting Australians humour and directness recently, friend says they are outspoken, say what they think.
    I think we are still ruled by class attitudes, and have dropped some enlightenment behaviour that I thought was embedded. So a bit supine, distracted by money rewards, and anti-stirrer but still ready to follow along with latest emotional social craze.

    • Aussies might have the directness we need. Here there is pussy footing around when there’s the type of mental defects that showed last year with the “catch covid from 5G towers” (etc.)
      Cretins should have been called for what they are. Unreservedly, loudly, consistently.

      I am sure there are those who would have been happy for many to die (as long as it wasn’t them and family of course) so they could blame Jacinda Ardern.

      • indeed not all ‘ views’ have merit and need to be considered….some are just wrong

        respect and sympathy for the deluded is actually just cruelty.

    • AND THE SELF CONGRATULATIONARY LIE ‘PUNCHING ABOVE OUR WEIGHT’ just feeds a completely undeserved Kiwi sense of exceptionalism that boils down to empty virtue signaling

  4. Yeah Nah!

    Every country that went too early are reaping the backlash for doing that. Delta MK11 is a thing.

  5. I hope it works

    However jacindas Ardern has sat back while rents, house prices, food prices , power prices and inflation go up up up. She speaks as if her housing solutions are past hence and have succeeded.

    She never mentions class and has wasted an unprecedented unrepeatable majority, has a useless cabinet who aren’t there because of their talent but because of a diversity quota in labour despite their more talent in caucus than in cabinet.

    During second lockdown she should have raised benefits.

    They should have increased our icu capacity and allow nurses and doctors to study for free, without a student loan to pay off it’s a decent job.

    Jacinda Ardern in her own words vision of what makes a good labour govt sounds identical to a national government.

    She doesn’t understand poverty. Her caucus don’t either she never in her life has had to go without she speaks about their dribbly measures as if thry transformed anything…

    COVID has made everything worse and things were already horrific and labour and the greens don’t and won’t hear anything.

    They don’t care.

    People are mad cos they are suffering and it’s falling on deaf ears. If there was more talent in her caucus other ministers could pick up the slack but there’s none so we limp around COVID but when and if things ever calm down on that front the legacy of this govt is increased poverty and hardship.

    50% of this country owns 2% of the wealth, an electoral majority and it’s increasing instead Ardern is worried about 1-10% because that’s the group her and her party belong to, the rest of us be damned.

    • Funny you say all this. The beggars in my community haven’t changed their tune one iota since covid. They live in housing nz accommodation and start begging 2 days before payday and, trust me, they’re not starving. There is so much help out there for people who really want it. Not saying it’s a perfect world but just how much do you expect of a government already stretched. Yes I agree that the longterm issues need to be addressed but in the meantime how about giving them a bit of slack.

      • You are talking shite PM. when you’re in their situation you don’t have many choices because they’re limited choices that are available. When you’re working from a debt position, and their benefit has deductions automatically taken from it and then you’ve used up your minuscule food grant entitlement for the year which is about $200. Going to a food bank is limited and depends on the number of times you’ve used the service…they have no choices left.

        So fuck off with your overlord attitude fuck knuckle.

    • I hear ya Corey. It certainly seems they don’t care about the big issues. I feel they care about getting us through this virus though, and I hope they will address the other crises we are suffering. Future is too bleak otherwise. Must hold onto hope. Sometimes that’s all we can do effectively. Our PM is protected from the suffering of our people, but she’s not blind. People isolating in their cars and garden sheds. Bloody shocking! Surely she wants a safe and prosperous country for her daughter to grow up in? One can only hope

  6. Let’s hope to Christ it does work!
    Whether it does or doesn’t doesn’t excuse any of the other things that Labour – given its mandate, cudda shudda wudd been dealing with.
    There’s a good chance it will work. But then again, maybe not.
    It’s a bit of a shame JA is too nice and kind, and ill-equipped with a functioning bullshit detector to be able to bang a few Munsterial and ‘Officials” heads together.
    Oh well – next. I await her book. It’ll be titled something like ‘Reflecshuns: My life in the Layba Pardy and the Daily Grinder’

  7. It’ll only hold if we’re quick with boosters, lots of big studies now appearing on Lancet and Bmj showing how quickly efficiency wanes to effectively zero in groups with comorbidities.

  8. Adern is a born authoritarian.
    She can’t help herself, she just has to impose her incompetent will on others.
    I hope she dies a horrible lingering death.

  9. Disappointing jays. And seriously out of line.

    We need to play the ball, not the women. By all means express your view that she is authoritarian. If you do your point of view is more likely to be considered if you give examples. But saying horrible things no acceptable

  10. Seems to me the protestors and opposition parties are desperate for the government’s actions to fail. The protestors are going to great lengths attempting to cause exponential virus spread, this action being condoned by Judith Collins with “I hope it’s kept peaceful”.

  11. Well they might not overload the hospitals if they keep sending everyone home to die so there’s that.

  12. Aussies have got it over us in hands and spades when it comes to directness and standing up to wayward political authority, many of our most cherished terms of phrase were indeed transported over the ditch over the last 100 years… they leave us for dead when it comes to calling a politician an arsehole,… at least that much I can respect about them…

    25 great Crocodile Dundee quotes

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