Alt Right, antiVaxxer, racist, Qanon Farmers will sow malice in November protests


At a time of intense anger and frustration at being under de facto house arrest for over 3 months, the AntiVaxxer Qanon End of Days brigade are planning to protest each weekend leading up Groundswell’s latest redneck jamboree…

…protesting for human rights while breaching public health requirements that are being imposed to protect lives is surely the most counterproductive thing since Trump’s 12 step guide to rooting Democratic hotties.

These protests will become increasingly frenetic as the AntiVaxxers become more desperate.

This could be an intensely harsh season of political anger with a blood blossom of violence.

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  1. Here’s the thing. You wouldn’t want the anti vaxx and the groundswell protests merge into one. Because if you do and further moronic restriction decisions continue by the time late November rolls around protest numbers will swell to 10s of thousands.

    November 29 lies large. Gut feeling the pressure will be too much and the walls around Auckland come crashing down.

      • What from an endemic virus that we’ll likely all get in one way shape or another over the next 3 years? I’m fully vaxxed and there is little point in waiting till the vaccine effectiveness wears off in 6 months time.

        This ain’t about health measures – this is about politics pure and simple.

        • OK then, protecting the health system (what’s left after your mates Richardson, English, Key and Joyce have had a go at it) from being overwhelmed.

        • FtT, The only people playing politics with this are the oppisition, so desperate for attention they are now climbing on the protestors bandwagon. The Government are trying to balance health and economic concerns – so far, much to the oppostion’s obvious frustration, they have achieved great results. The major complication now is AKL being the epicentre and the rest of the country relatively free; Aucklander’s want out, others want to stay free of the virus.

        • So you show an utter ignorance of what this particular virus brings with it.. No surprises there, as that has been part of the MO for a while now for the reactionary rump… Not wasting time trying to educate anyone, as from what I’ve seen and heard since arriving back here, that would be attempting to “teach a pig to dance”.. The effort would be a total waste of time. Right now, too many NZers are sounding more like trumpist bleach drinkers than anything useful.. As the saying goes “too thick, or self absorbed to know how stupid they are”.. Can’t wait for my situation to change, so that I can get back to where some semblance of common sense still operates… My word, how quickly the sheep have forgotten who they voted to remove. Indeed, it was only because an unreconstructed tory wanted revenge on his old party that gave this country half a chance of surviving in any recognisable form. Not to mention the death toll and roll of permanently impaired that this country would have suffered if it had stuck with the most corrupt, dishonest, and inhumane government since the colonial governments…. Now ,because the current government has shown itself to be less than absolutely perfect, the rush is now on to reinstall the criminals who took away so much of what used to define us.. It really doesn’t get any more fuckwitted..

          • Well said stefan. We have been protected from the realities of the virus. The vocal minority are demonstrating their selfishness, totally unwilling to recognise how fortunate we are.

  2. “I stand for freedom, freedom to be manipulated by right wing American fascist billionaires who want all us slaves back to work under the neoliberal thumb asap”

    from the hacker who built a massive disinformation network spreading anti-vax lies among other right wing discourses:

    “The new war is to wake up those who have been manipulated, while actively taking out the fake news campaigns,” writes Willis in a blog post. “COVID has shown me the deadly side of fake news and anti-vaccination people. After multiple conversations with my father, who refuses to wear a mask or get vaccinated, I was getting very concerned. I asked him what sites he would read the conspiracy-based things on, and he mentioned the website that ran the network I had built the machine on.”

  3. Oh yeah, that’ll win people over – ruin their fucking day (?) by snarling up traffic, you fucking deadbeats. Losers, you don’t speak for ‘us’. I was totally ambivalent about the Domain picnics, but this is a public menace, insult and injury to the people who’ve already suffered quite enough. WE. Who are they trying to hurt? Do they think MPs and Ministry drones give a fuck? This could literally kill people if emergency vehicles can’t operate.

    Get a job Brian, you leeching, phony, preening, posturing parasite. I hope his fucking church burns down and the firemen can’t attend because of the ‘great gridlock’. This isn’t a protest, its extortion – throw the book at them, or bomb them with teargas from the Eagle.

  4. Labour are fast painting themselves into a corner. As of this Monday morning, day 83 of Aucklands lockdown punishment, these turkeys are still using the word “border”. Then they try tempering it with phrases like, “it won’t be long term” but that is as pure bullshit as was “short and sharp”.

    The aggravating fact is it’s there so no one is going to be bought off with meaningless disingenuous assurances like that. That it’s there today is one day too long!

    Jacinda is flailing around saying Aucklanders can leave the forbidden city by Christmas because she knows the government ending fallout if those borders aren’t scrapped but she hasn’t got the courage to scrap them. She also knows this fucking border her and her Wellington based ministers built and are clinging to will be fully unworkable and yet she cannot bring herself to tell the rest of the country the charade is over.

    It won’t just be the groups listed in this piece that will be protesting, it will be ordinary people too.

    It is just so painful watching them try to kick the can even further down the road rather than make the decision they know they have to make, knowing they are almost at the end of the cul de sac.

  5. Keep her in play. The Nats won’t get anywhere near being in government without Labour.

    ACT & the Nats feed off each other’s voters. The nutters, the farmers qanon hill billies don’t like the Nats and barely put up with ACT so I wouldn’t be too concerned about both of them getting up to for a coalition government together because, the nutter will form their own party and fight amongst themselves about the make up and who’ll lead the party of nutters.

    Note to self. Buy heaps of natural eco-friendly popcorn.

    • Unfortunately I can see this protest being hijacked by the bogan good ole boy and girl banjo twanging conspiracy theory ban 1080 red band blue overall wearing cuntry folk and undoing the good work and good will created in the original howl of a protest back in July and projecting the image of farmers to the bad old days when a well known Central plateau based dairy farmer tried to catch his favourite cow and milk her by hand in the paddock on national television making an absolute ass of himself and the farming industry as a whole!

  6. ‘Ground Swell’ members is an idiotic bumble of mumblers who could barely make a cup of tea much less a cliche of a movement like ‘Ground Swell’ work. ‘Ground Swell’…God, that sounds like ‘ Lets do this’ or ‘Team of Five Million.’ It has that saccharine aftertaste of a board room piss up that thinks it’s come up with a few trendy catch phrases doesn’t it?
    The real and enduring problem is that the IDEA of the ‘Ground Swell’ movement will be a national party battle strategy run by, and funded by, old Blue deep state, dark money Natzo’s and cockie sympathisers who will have dirty laundry to keep well hidden from us and their neighbours. Aye boys?
    This is all getting interesting… I haven’t seen the two main political parties at each others throats like this for years.
    Adern? Let the truth be your guide, your lighthouse to keep you off the rocky shore. Because I promise you, if you’re a genuine and real prime minister you’re entering deep and dark waters and your only means of survival is of being consistently bold, open, frank and truthful.

  7. The unvaccinated are the new unclean, a morning cry will be “bring out your unvaccinated dead or stupid dead National voters”

    The image in this link is very evocative of how adult people are beginning to feel in NZ and elsewhere.

    There is some emotional turpitude showing up in NZ. If you are so concerned about what efforts to keep the citizens healthy may lead to, read books about the bubonic plague, the measles, small pox and cowpox, deliberate mass killings, the use of chemicals in the Holocaust etc. These are all still of major importance in human behaviour, worthy of thought and consideration. Instead we get snide snipes at practical and efficacious methods of prevention of serious lung disease in NZ. If reasonable practices prevent a mass of people with gaspiing breaths from suffering covid victims; stressful events for them and their families I consider they are good to adopt. So STFU you smartarases with your The unvaccinated are the new unclean, a morning cry will be “bring out your unvaccinated dead or stupid dead National voters” Our problems go far beyond political point scoring.

    • It’s not political point scoring, it’s how the majority feel. Politics my arse. The AV mob are simply stupid and a danger to normal people. An old fella like you should know the value of a whole collective effort with the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. These AV idiots are makings holes in the defense of the pandemic that the virus just races through to infect others, and they don’t give a flying fuck. If the wilfully unvaccinated get a good dose of covid and become very sick and then suffer long covid for years to come, then there won’t be any sympathy for them. Some will die literally, before admitting the vaccine is a good idea. The brain is already dead.

  9. love the ‘kiwi farming families’ line it’s like the ‘mom n’pop’ landlords all very folksy how many NZ farms are run by managers or owned by agri-businesses, how many mom’n’pop landlords have more than 1 property and how many properties are owned by vast corporations….I mean the ‘American gothic’ thing plays well with the numpties but how real is it.

  10. For those interested, …a very good medical and historical article about the Spanish Influenza, how they dealt with it, and modern RNA reconstruction of the virus to determine just why it was so deadly. There are many correlations between that and this current pandemic, however covid19 has nothing on the original H1N1 virus of that era…

    The Deadliest Flu: The Complete Story of the Discovery … – CDC › flu › reconstruction-1918-virus

    Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Virus | CDC › flu › about › 1918flupandemic

  11. Look you can all moan and deride our current PM but can you suggest a better replacement. The only problem at the moment I have with Jacinda (who I voted for) is she is too soft but it doesn’t mean I like judeath she is too much the opposite and she hates Maori but she likes Samoans yeah right nah! its all an act for her husband and her in laws benefit. As for those protesters in my home town Wellington today saying to treat it like the flu, I think many have been brainwashed.

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