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  1. Whatever you may think of the Wellington ‘movers and shakers’ who sometimes get criticised on TDB – this will be well worth a listen:

    RNZ Saturday with Kim Hill 9.40 Danyl McLauchlan: Is Ardern an Elene Ferrante character?
    Danyl McLauchlan ponders our own politics — wondering whether Ferrante’s novels explain it all.


    Might our slowness to act on everything from the housing crisis to climate change be a condition of our culture?
    Might be worth considering it all in the context of today’s Labour Party compared with the one that existed in a supposedly more socially conservative era.

    I might even knock back a Chardonnay or Whiskey while listening especially after reading this:
    and the complete failure of our government and officials to do anything of substance about it

      • OncewasTim You deserve that whiskey. I half-heard the esteemed Kim and checked my bookshelf, yes I had been given a book by previously unknown to me, Ferrante. It brings to mind sociological monograph reminescent of The Broken Fountain from Thomas Belmonte.

        • 😉
          One thing I found interesting with the interview was that Danyl M mentioned the word ‘neoliberalism’ only once – right towards the end.
          Fundamentlly (the cult/culture of neoliberalism) explains a lot. ‘Officials’ are trained in it.
          What I’ve noticed, having jumped in an out of the PS over my entire working career gels with the interview and Danyl’s essay.
          Public Servants now exist firstly and primarily to advance their careers, and only after that to ‘serve’ (for want of a better word) the public.
          It explains authoritarian attitudes by officials towards the public they’re there to serve and the bullshitting and spin they use to capture their responsible Munsters (more fool them).
          Even when the judiciary (judges, ombudsmen, commissioners) provide big big big hints as to how they should be behaving, they push back – they see themselves as above it all.

  2. How on earth do liquor store workers qualify for work visas in this country?

    This sham has gone on for too long.

  3. The media are so obsessed with COVID that they have failed to notice the steady rise in petrol prices over the past few months.

  4. On flying from Nov.4 – Can consumers bring ideas to the business table?
    Nov 04 2021 Podcast
    As to be expected, there has been a focus on flying this COP26, including on leaders taking private jets to get to the event this week. Nxt week there will be a focus on greening transportation – this comes as new research finds small cuts in air traffic would level off global heating caused by flying. But there are serious concerns the aviation industry does not have the political will countries are showing at COP26 to limit emmissions. University of Oxford researcher Milan Kloewer spoke to Susie Ferguson.

  5. It was just a little slip?\
    The incomplete Ecan report records how TrustPower elected to “store” water within the inaccessible part of Lake Coleridge for later sale to contracted irrigation schemes he says.
    “TrustPower allegedly adopted this method of water budgeting unlawfully and without consent. They clearly did not follow the water harvesting formula proscribed in the amended RWCO.”

    Perhaps they didn’t understand whether it was proscribed or prescribed.

  6. I have zilch thought of covid and massive thought of pleasant moments beneath the Misty Mountains climate giants throwing rocks at one another.

    There is no more future.

    And thus no more Left, unless we can do our best to address this challenge no matter the odds.

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