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  1. Pretty tired of news stories that include ‘might’, ‘could’, ‘maybe’, ‘someone says’. Might as well run stories such as ‘threat of super volcano wiping out all life on earth’ or ‘possibility of meteor wiping out all life on earth’ for all the value they are giving. Maybe next poll could have the question ‘How much trust do you have in NZ media to accurately portray the news stories of the day?’ Any chance of facts rather than conjecture designed to wind everyone up?

  2. Look for your own news stories as well. Don’t be passive, be active.
    The hillsides of Central Otago are known for their golden grass and tussock slopes with scattered low-lying shrubs. But once this landscape was covered in tōtara forest. Now only a few trees remain, cryptic and scattered across the large region, and Ben Teele is on the hunt for as many of them as he can find.
    (Taking this further – looking at activity in Scotland.)

    Scotland – the Caledonian Forest

    TedX Talk –

    Some other reforestry approaches from Scotland.

    NZ –

  3. So give us all the gen! What district(s) are these new cases in?
    [Friday 5/11] There are 163 new community cases of Covid-19 reported in New Zealand today, including four in Waikato.
    There are also four new cases in managed isolation…
    The four new cases in Waikato are in Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Ngāruawāhia and Te Kuiti.
    The Hamilton and Te Awamutu cases were known contacts and isolating prior to testing positive, while the Ngāruawāhia case has now been linked to previous cases.
    Yesterday there were 139 new community cases.

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