PODCAST: Buchanan + Manning on COP26 plus New-Gen Attack Drones


A View from Afar – In this podcast, political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning discuss two issues: the evolution of new generation attack drones; and the COP26 meeting in Glasgow this week. Specifically, Buchanan and Manning unpack:

Whether Geopolitics has railroaded a broad-based consensus of climate interventionism

Why Russia and China abandoned the Cop26 multilateral forum?

How mostly developed nations state the take away agreements help address climate change, and how Greenpeace and many other environment groups say fundamental problems remain with how developed nations address the climate change challenge.

ALSO: We discuss the latest in the evolution of high-tech militarised attack drones. What can we now expect to see? And, how will countries defend themselves against AI driven attacks?

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  1. China doesn’t give a flying shit about playing a part in climate, because it has it all worked out. You see, if you can reduce the world population down to 1 Billion, then the whole climate issue resolves itself. Drones with genetically targeted viruses should do the trick. Tricks the Chinese are developing right now.

    • Yeah and if you state the obvious that Covid 19 is genetically engineered you get shat on on NZ blogs.
      The world’s science community is in state of war over Covid. Virologists and biologists have been bullied into shutting up . Can’t disagree with the Lancet or Fauci or the World Health Organisation, even tho China has covered up and lied over Covid. Fucked up at Wuhan and people are disappearing after speaking out. Lying about the death rate in India and China is the norm. Turkmenistan doesn’t have Covid. Full stop. We are looking at rapid breakdown of economic systems due to labour shortages. A rewriting of many rules and a level of dysfunctionality few are prepared for.

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