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  1. Keeping up with the powerful and ambitious in politics and the media is difficult. Especially as I try to keep away from the brainfarts from twitter and the treacle of Facebook.

    I see Neale Jones referred to in the post here on Sir Ian Taylor.
    Labour chief of staff Neale Jones takes up job with lobby firm … › national › politics › labour-chief…
    15/11/2017 — Neale Jones will start working for left-wing Australian lobby firm Hawker Britton on Monday. Hawker Britton had a bricks and mortar …
    Former Labour chief of staff moves to left-wing lobby firm after … › national › politics › former-labo…
    22/11/2017 — After four years working for Labour, Neale Jones decided he needed a change of scenery and lifestyle. But no mistaking he’s still a Labour …

    This article shows how business interacts almost seamlessly with politics. We elect the political animals and don’t know know whether they are dogs, but whatever, they all have fleas it seems. The article traces how a PR firms is making money from providing political advice, which should be done in-house. It is sickening to see business siphon dollars and advantage from the taxpayer who is financilly on the rack. It’s a sick system. Feb.22/2018
    When GJ Thompson took leave from his lobbying firm to act as the prime minister’s chief of staff, he remained a director of the firm and his profile stayed in prime position on its website. How serious is the appearance of a conflict of interest, asks Asher Emanuel….
    The government lobbyist who served for several months as chief of staff to the prime minister as the new government took office says he didn’t do any work for the lobbying firm of which he is part-owner while working at the Beehive. Nor, he says, was he paid by the business.
    When Labour’s previous chief of staff, Neale Jones, left to become a lobbyist late last year, questions arose about conflicts of interest and the potential for disclosure of inside information.

    Feb.19/18 National chief of staff Wayne Eagleson has taken a job with political consulting firm Thompson Lewis, which is run by former acting Labour chief of staff GJ Thompson.

  2. An addendum to the NZ Herald item on Sir Ian Taylor:
    Correction: This article has been amended to correct the fact that Neale Jones was chief of staff to Jacinda Ardern as Leader of the Opposition, not as Prime Minister, and Jones’ website does not claim he still has unparalleled access to the halls of power. Apologies for the errors..


    I think that some people don’t realise that some other people in NZ rarely open a window, not to let out steam from a bath, dry out air in house after much rain and humidity etc. Landlords have houses that would be excellent with some r&m but are ruined to the stage of replacement walls because of such tenants. If the gummint doesn’t like what happens in NZ they have the revenue and the trained and informed professionals to devise methods to improve it. It could take the uninformed populace under its wing and do the nanny state thing instead of cold criticism and derision or patronising panaceas. Help us all by upping the general understanding about basics that everyone is just supposed to know but obviously – doesn’t.

  4. Martyn, we are right. You fetch around like we aren’t. Reward doesn’t come into it. Neither you nor Trotter. Speak your fucken truth endlessly, not what will sell in our end days. You’re both disappointing in that respect.

    Fun way to death. For fuck’s sake take reality, rather than bullshit scum surface politics seriously.

    Who do I take seriously in NZ ? Myself — somewhere between my drive and my intelligence I have doubts. Shirley, there’s somewhere better than that, but that’s the major part of our problem. The failure of individuals to step up for the rule of the people.

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