PMs Wellington media handlers embarrass her by allowing antiVaxx hecklers to hijack live interview


The hijacking of the PMs live interview is evidence of how out of touch her Wellington media handlers are with the deep and visceral backlash against lockdown.

The Wellington media handlers know how to control the Press Gallery but their decision to allow a live open air press conference at a time when AntiVaxx extremism is on the rise is remarkably stupid and a reminder of how out of touch Wellington has become with the rest of the country’s lockdown pain.

The Prime Minister should never have been put in that embarrassing position.

Her refusal to answer the questions made her look weak and vulnerable while allowing AntiVaxxers to commandeer a live broadcast!

This was a self inflicted media cluster fuck up, don’t do this again Wellington media handlers, you make the Boss look vulnerable, the total opposite of job description.

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  1. Politicians get heckled, what’s the problem?
    Could have been worse, she didn’t get mud or a a dildo thrown at her.

    • David George – If you think that having a dildo or mud thrown at her is going to upset any New Zealand woman, then (a) you have never lived as a woman in New Zealand and (b) you must have lived a very narrow life indeed.

      Two thirds of us – possibly more – have lived with much worse than those sort of publicity-seeking little distractions which are nothing more than comic interludes compared to the dialectics of the gauche oafs who think that they’re men, but are simply over-grown school boys… all the days of their dreary lives.

      • I’m certainly not suggesting that those acts (or the shoddy treatment Helen Clark received) were OK, they do seem to be a problem here in Northland though.

        Both the pharmacist and the Maori ethno nationalist woman were clearly out to cause a fuss and try and embarrass the PM. I don’t think she could have done much with these two individuals that would have made the situation any better. All I’m saying is this is not unusual or unprecedented, especially in Northland.

  2. Best thing that has been broadcasted in a while…showed how much Jacinda from announcements needs friendly, positive media to protect her…cannot stand up against a heckler…what a lightweight!

  3. I think the amount of anti Jacinda heckling and propaganda is out of hand.

    Yes Labour have done some stupid things (three waters), or not done anything (climate change emissions) but don’t think it is acceptable the level of hatred and rants about her.

    Obviously polls show the majority of people living in NZ don’t feel that way, especially on the government handling of Covid!

    So suck it up people, she is still popular!

    • “I think the amount of anti Jacinda heckling and propaganda is out of hand.”

      John the dramatist doesn’t think so?

      • Yes Bert agree Jacinda Ardern and her army of simple minded people mean well but have no idea how to do anything.
        As Michael Cullen said they arrive at a conclusion before analysing the problem.
        Well intentioned but naive.
        Please can we get adults back to run our country before we run out of time.
        This is a very serious issue that we need to address otherwise third world living standards are on our doorsteps.
        Hope there are others who share my concern for the future of the people of New Zealand.We deserve better much better. Not ideology that has failed miserably.

  4. TDB handlers embarrass themselves by allowing the lightweight Nathan Troll to broadcast his announcements! Looking at the photo of the woman bursting her neck veins reminded me so much of Nathan.

    • Bert “the blowfly” — David Lange, Robert Muldoon, Helen Clarke could handle hecklers — why can’t Jacinda from announcement?
      As for the hecklers (there was 2) resulting in a Lockdown — buzz away blowfly

      • Nathan “the numb nuts”, so I heckled you, hypocrite. Actually it was you there heckling wasn’t it, you even looked unintelligent. One heckler, one Qanon theorist, which one was you numb nuts? Your mother and father would be proud of you if you knew who they were!

          • Pssst …Nathanial, it’s past your bedtime, mummy Judith has some Koolaid to help get you to sleep. Your nappy needs changing first.

            • Bert,

              I enjoy your style.

              I’m sure you’ve noticed that National Party trolls are generally very quiet while the PM is flying high in the polls and those they worship are wallowing around irrelevantly in the mud…..then when they smell what they perceive as Ardern blood, they slide out of their holes thinking they are giving the National Party traction as a viable Government option. The fact their party and it’s alleged leader are utterly rejected by most Kiwis matters not one jot to them. Life has been very depressing for them since their Gods were sent packing. Sadly for them, they can look forward to many more years of the same before they finally wake up to reality. It’s all very sad of course. Haha

  5. Number 1 the heckler was a yank

    Number 2 a pharmacist not a doctor—medical correspondent – YEAH RIGHT

    Number 3 in the pay of malign foreign interests, no not bejing, steve bannon

    Number 4 paid for overseas agent seeking to destabalise NZ.

    Having said that the lobby system is what keeps jurnos cowardly and compliant, nobody wants to be 10 minutes late in rewriting he latest asinine govt PR handout….the jurnos need to get tough then these numptys wouldn’t have any traction, a compliant media isn’t a gift for pollies, ignoring segments of the populous and you get trump or boris down the road.

  6. The minute we start giving anti-vaxxer Trump supporters any credence or credibility is the minute we begin to lose our resolve and our dignity.

    • Mike t L. Agree. I ‘d have walked away from them too, there’s nothing they’d like more than to have a public scrap with the PM – and if the heckler was an American as Gagarin suggests, chances are the cops know exactly who she is – there’s been a couple of other issues where outsider influences have been busy here.

        • Bert – That “radical Maori woman” looked like a mother with an infant on her hip as she shouted histrionically and irrationally about the legitimacy of the PM.
          That is a dreadful thing to expose a baby to, and possibly quite frightening for the little one.

          If her own community has any decency, then they will protect the infant from being subjected to any repeat performances if it’s carer is too irresponsible to do so herself. The emotional well-being of the child is far more important than any politician.

          • Yes Applewood, this is where the psycho social trauma comes into effect. With this upbringing, the cycle continues, sadly the child ends up down the same path.

            • Bert, I know. The sight of that baby on hip, was disturbing. The mum and dad police officers would have found it unsettling too, with their hands well and truly tied while the mother raved at all and sundry, seemingly unconcerned about the damage which she herself is inflicting upon a vulnerable wee child. Time was when the police could have called in Social Welfare, but I don’t know if they can do that now.

          • How so? Even better, educate yourself on what racism means, then educate yourself on trauma informed care. Then oh don’t bother, you would need a brain first.

    • Mike the Lefty, Applewood and Co. I agree.

      I actually thought the PM managed this very well. She provided no oxygen to the little proxy Stephen Bannon flamer and chucked a fire blanket over him. What more do ya want?

  7. The “journalist” at Kawakawa was representing Counterspin Media, which is owned by the confirmed fuckwit Kelvyn Alp. The anti-vax brigade should do a bit of their much-vaunted “research” into Mr Alp, who is an egotistic fantasist. They could start with a simple Companies Register search. I remain impressed with our Government’s handling of the pandemic. What really disappoints me is the level of fuckwittery Covid has exposed among the ill-informed, terminally stupid and mentally unwell. We are about to see Darwinism in action at this rate.

      • I have no idea if she is an egotistic fantasist or not. She is wandering about unmasked with an infant. I have left room for her in the penultimate sentence of my original comment. You are welcome to join her in my estimation.

    • “What really disappoints me is the level of fuckwittery Covid has exposed among the ill-informed, terminally stupid and mentally unwell.”

      Yep sums up Nathaniel perfectly.

  8. I’m a righty but I believe Frances has it right. I’m no friend of Jacinda but the Heckler was just a retard. The best way to shut it down without causing a fuss was to take the the media indoors. No problem to me. I think she did fine. I give full marks to chippy Hipkins who fronts up day after day to face the moron media. I dislike this Government but you have to give credit when it’s deserved.

    • The problem was the so called questions were prefaced by gish gallops of falsehoods.
      It takes up a lot of time to answer them properly because you first need to debunk the inherent false premises.
      Makes it a losing game for Ardern, that’s why the tactic is used against her.

  9. There’s been a shift in the political weather…
    I sense that Labour is in effect being attacked by national who are using every dirty trick in the book.
    I read in rnz recently that judy was threatening a commission of inquiry re the handling of the Delta response.
    “National calls for royal commission into Delta response”
    It makes a change from when labour and national were best bed buddies during roger douglas’s reign of his platform shoe and moustache days.
    Something’s up.

  10. Don’t be silly. Stop this stupendous stupidity. Stop this silly stooping to details. America is dying before our eyes cos of present passing shit. We have a longer concentration. I remember at least.

    Put the case endlessly. After all, we are entirely right and Roger Douglas is entirely wrong.

  11. Another thread ruined by flame wars and ad Homs from certain immature posters.
    Grow up or get a room and yell at each other there.
    Let the grown ups talk about politics.

  12. Heckling was part of old school politics in the analogue world, when thousands belonged to political parties, and attended local meetings and larger public and town hall meetings. Shouting, interjecting and making a nuisance of yourself was part of the scene. Heckling was in effect speaking truth to power and the establishment.

    These days, bar the “flying dildo” incident, and Greenpeace actions, political interaction is heavily curated and controlled. Hence the PMs reaction perhaps, just not used to wankers other than the press gallery interrupting her presentation. Did not worry me, apart from the fact that Willow Jean Prime and Emily Henderson just stood there like stunned proverbials, they should at the very least have moved forward and stood beside the PM.

  13. Leaves her protective cocoon of careful choreography at the podium, and she falls apart. No sycophants asking patsy questions – yes Jessica, yes Tova? Two dimensional and pathetic.

  14. From what I saw, the PM did a very good job of handling the situation. She listened to the heckler(s) and attempted to respond during their ongoing rants, by not indulging in a slanging match with either, which should not be taken as a weakness, but instead as a strength by not lowering her standards to that of the hecklers. When she realised the communication was going nowhere, she did the correct thing by continuing elsewhere.

  15. foreign rightwing agent seeking to destabilise NZ, where is the SIS? spying on some ineffectual greenies probably….rightwing terrorism and subversion is not on the spooks radar.

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