Dr Liz Gordon: From Christchurch with love


The waiting is over, it’s over, the Covid is here.

It came in on a plane, via a lovely lady

Who’d been up in Auckland to look after a baby

It wasn’t her fault, she was jabbed and then tested

But it jumped up her nose, that virus detested

The waiting is over, it’s over, the Covid is here.


The numbers have jumped, jabs up to ninety percent,

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We were slow at the start, we were quite hesitant

After all we were free, nothing here to see

No Delta strain invading our beautiful cit-ee

But when it came, my goodness, our happiness was bent

And there’s nothing like infection to dampen dissent.


The cases there were two, then four, then five, then four again

This isn’t very many and our freedoms are intact

Swimming, dinners, movies, all available today

And hopefully tomorrow, if I have my say.

It has been such a privilege to be Covid-free

A zero sum that we may never further see.


I can feel the icy hands now of lockdown level three

I want elimination so Christchurch can be free

But that is selfish thinking – commerce must survive!

No more hiding in our homes – get out and work and strive.

Our trust is now in Pfizer and our fellow humans dear

To keep us safe, alive and well,

To never hear the ringing bell

That tolls for you, that tolls for me,

The waiting is over, it’s over, the Covid is here.


Dr Liz Gordon is a researcher and a barrister, with interests in destroying neo-liberalism in all its forms and moving towards a socially just society. She usually blogs on justice, social welfare and education topics.


  1. Get out while you still can South Islanders, Ozzy wants you, leave the scablords behind, let your hard work be spent on you and not just paying off some grubs overblown rent.

    • jonesy, Australia treats kiwis like shit. They are also puppets of the USA. Believe it or not you will find out that there are too many Australians there! Long live New Zealand.

      • Lived and worked in both, most ozzies are great people. I have only ever been shown total contempt from kiwi landlords. They think they are so superior.

        • I will concede that there are many good people in Os, but having worked and lived there I prefer the Waikato- only a couple of hours away to so many activities. When Os dumped us from welfare accessibility etc and from citizenship, it soured my attitude to their “mateship” – there isn’t any.

  2. And bought to you by the grim reaper J Ardern! It was preventable but no, she’s weak, scares easy and has lost her bottle.

    Time for an Election!

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