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  1. Two stories in Stuff today that are juxtaposed.
    One is about Groundswell, who describe themselves as “committed environmentalists” going to have another tractor hoe-down in urban areas because they consider the government’s fresh water and land reforms “unworkable”.
    Alongside is a story about how Canterbury rivers are dying because too much water is being diverted to overstocked local dairy farms.
    Sounds like the “committed environmentalists” are not really so committed after all.

  2. Lttle girl missing in Oz:
    The WA government has offered an $A1 million reward for information that leads to her being found, or to an arrest of anyone involved in her disappearance.

    Everyday work has to be funded in $millions to go into teaching moral values like considering others with kindness, learning to control personal attitudes and find healthy outlets by adults as part of their own education for self-management and mental health for better societal input. It would make it far less likely that some of the beastly things done now, actually never happened.


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