TWITTERWATCH: The cancellation of Dave Dobbyn by the Woke Twitterati & other dreary tales


The latest woke lynch mob cancellation is our very own Dave Dobbyn!

The funny thing is the experts quoted are the first to start woke toxic lynchings…

Covid- 19: Dave Dobbyn social media backlash highlights ‘vaccination polarisation’

Social media’s propensity to polarise has once again been clearly demonstrated in the controversy exploding over a famous Kiwi musician’s tweets, an expert says.

When Sir Dave Dobbyn got into an exchange with high profile Twitter personality Hamish Keith about New Zealand’s Covid-19 vaccination divide, it quickly became the most trending topic on social media.

Social scientist Jess Berenston-Shaw said this example of an exchange of “valid reflections” between two people accelerating into a widespread controversy, showed how social media platforms thrived on such division.

…it’s like ringing Netsafe to make a complaint about online bullying only to find the person you are complaining about is taking the complaint!

Has the Wellington Twitterati cancelled Slice of Heaven yet?

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I want to know if I should listen one more time before it’s forbidden.

Dave’s crime was thinking something different to the easily triggered pious woke conclave and the easily triggered pious woke conclave did what the easily triggered pious woke conclave does:

Over react.




Do some group therapy self actualization to accept how hard it is to be this superior.

“are we fighting Covid or Humanity”
Comrades I’m fighting both!

…David, David, David! It’s fashionable WOKE neo-Marxism! Come on mate, get it right!

The funniest thing about this is how the Twitterati know now that pile on cancellations play into a far wider negative narrative about woke cancel culture and they are rushing around Twitter now saying they love David.

It’s nice seeing them frightened of their own toxicity.

The naked rage & hate Social media is inspiring will erupt next year during the hate speech legislation – entropy, polarisation and pure malice toward the other will be our wine as the planet burns.

Sartre said ‘hell is other people’.

I say, ‘hell is other peoples social media’.

I wish to remain socially distanced from you all.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this (given Dobbyn is as left as they get) Buuuuuut…..

    I stand with Dave

    This vaccination drive is beginning to take on a sinister tinge

    • “This vaccination drive is beginning to take on a sinister tinge”.. Seriously? Are you trying to be funny? If so, then it’s a subtle bit of sarcasm, which I would appreciate, if only for it’s subtlety. But if not, then I think it’s time you started agitating for a lot more money to be spent on mental health services…

    • Frank the Tank: “This vaccination drive is beginning to take on a sinister tinge”

      It is, isn’t it! It’s difficult to avoid noticing it. The tenor of comments has become more censorious. Has anybody yet suggested that not being vaccinated is unpatriotic? I wouldn’t be surprised.

      In this household, we’re fully vaccinated, but I remain dubious about the wisdom – and the ethics – both of mandating vaccination and shouting at those who haven’t done it. Wasn’t it about this time last year that the PM was assuring us that there’d be no mandating? This hasn’t happened before, even with the terrible polio epidemics many years ago, the last of which I’m old enough to remember.

      It’s a fact of life that some people will will be opposed to vaccinations. Often, the same people are opposed to both fluoridation and abortion, along with the fortification of bread with vitamin B9 (known as folate). In my experience, no amount of reasoned argument will change their minds. Forcing them to vaccinate just engenders more resistance and resentment.

      Then there’s the cohort which doesn’t trust anything the government and the health system does. It’s difficult to convince such people otherwise.

      None of us has to share Dave Dobbyn’s views. But he’s free to both have a differing opinion and to express it, without being cancelled. I’m a bit surprised that Hamish Keith – of all people – would get himself tied up in a spat of this sort. It neatly illustrates why I stay away from Twitter.

      • Dude, stop calling everyone racist. It kind of looses its impact when 99% of the population are classed as racist by the 1%.

    • They are no worst than the Maori leader at Murupara . 3 MILLION vaxed in NZ and he still says it is not proven then we have the Maori church leader Mr Tamaki so there is 2 Maori wankers to match the 2 so called Pakeha wankers

    • Wankers is spelled w.a.n.k.E.R’s dear boy. As in “…is one also a racist wanker @ DP? ”
      A wet dream of judy’s would be for Maori and non Maori to go toe to toe on the racism torment.
      Lets get rid of covid and neoliberal capitalism first. Then we can address racism. To try to deal with racism BEFORE those two things, racism will become cannon fodder to divide and ultimately concur.
      And then we’re all fucked.
      My vision for a future AO/NZ’s fucking gloomy anyway.
      We’re already being groomed to become a republic. A ‘proud nation’ of ‘free republicans’. ( American republicans, that is. You want to ask African Americans and First Nation people how that’s working out for them? )
      When the yanks buy our country out from under our dripping noses ( If they’ve not already done so, aye trumps snuggle buddy theil, lets get tougher on workers musk-rat, larry just google it page and The Mighty Zuck?
      When the yank billionaires and trillionaires get here with their private ‘security forces’, because AO/NZ’ll be the only habitable land mass left on earth, you’ll see racism taken to a whole new level @ DP.
      ( Billionaires are already here and you can bet your ball bag they’ll already be influencing our politics )

    • Denny: “Privileged old crusties arguing over who’s right!!”

      You often make very sensible comments. Unfortunately, this entire comment, part of which I’ve pasted here, isn’t. In fact, it’s the apotheosis of silliness. Enough already….

  2. “Sartre said ‘hell is other people’.

    I say, ‘hell is other people’s social media’.

    I wish to remain socially distanced from you all.”

    Well said, Martyn, and for once ‘socially distanced’ is being used correctly!
    We are doing physical distancing, not social distancing.

    Physical distancing is staying 2 meters away. Social distancing is, “Oh, I don’t associate with druggies/gangsters/politicians/neo-liberals.” Or some other social group..

  3. a mediocre singer/guitarists opinion carries no more weight than any other Kiwi
    ….it’s the modern sickness that we assume someone can act a bit, or play a bit is a source for everything.

  4. Jeez, even Sir Dave is losing his sea legs-“neo Marxists” he would not know a Marxist if he tripped over one-hopefully just parroting some of the weird online Christian/conspiracy/authoritarian nexus.
    Flag using Twatter might be a useful recommendation.

  5. They are no worst than the Maori leader at Murupara . 3 MILLION vaxed in NZ and he still says it is not proven then we have the Maori church leader Mr Tamaki so there is 2 Maori wankers to match the 2 so called Pakeha wankers

  6. Keep it together AO/NZ, TDB commenters, et al. We’re not even on the Covid battlefield yet but many are losing there shit already. Fucken hang in there!

    • Top comment. TDB and others peddle COVID-19 snuff porn. It keeps them relevant (between extolling the virtues of communism and wokism).

  7. Isn’t the moral of the story here, blaming people in your community for this government’s glaring Covid Delta shortcomings, as our government have done lately, as destructive as its divisiveness!

    Take a step back, what becomes of this 10-15% marginalised citizens after this short term distraction by our government? Has our PM thought of that?

  8. I do not use twitter thus I can’t read what was actually said but:
    What Dave Dobbyn seems to getting at is that the drive to vaccinate everyone has gone further than diligence and is threatening to become politically polarised – both for those in favour and those opposed – as if it is the single most issue of our lives at the moment.
    When he says that the real objective is becoming lost in the rhetoric he does have a point.

  9. Ya ya ya ya ya
    Ya ya ya ya
    Join the Cancel Party
    We’re the Twitteratti
    Ya ya ya ya ya
    Ya ya ya ya
    Kill em with our keyboards
    Hate our life cause we’re bored
    Ya ya ya ya ya…

    Cheers Dude.

  10. Not a big fan of Dave’s music, but he’s right about his retort and NZ’s slide to totalitarianism via (woke) Neo Maxism which co-exists very well with neoliberalism and has the same level of far right divisiveness. NZ was already going towards a totalitarian bent prior to Covid. It’s just another shock doctrine to keep the agenda going.

    • Also muzzling elected officials such as elected councillors who now not allowed to work or under investigation.

      More destruction of democracy going forward by allowing removal of people who have been elected not have a voice.

      Whether you like or hate these people’s views, if elected they should NOT be able to be removed from their posts because someone doesn’t like what they say or want them to have an opinion. Removal should only be for offences like fraud, not someones opinion on what they say or do,

      Debate needs to be more open and as Micheal Laws say, there is already other laws such as defamation to protect people.

      Michael Laws investigated for comments about Otago Regional Council staff

    • Sam…OMG!…He said something someone doesn’t like. Therefore he must go. He must be wiped off the earth. Forever. So say all those important ‘influencers’ who operate from the safety of their bedroom, curtains drawn, because they are too scared of the sun. They remind me of a creepy creature from an ad from way back – just substitute the word ‘smoker’ for the word ‘influencer’. Worth a watch:

  11. “Pakeha! Phhft.
    Privileged old crusties arguing over who’s right!!
    What a pair of wankas.” Man, you gotta stop staring at that mirror when you comment.. I mean, your comments are usually shallower than a saucer, but this one is just silly.. really, really silly, even for you…

  12. A time is coming, soon I hope, where everyone on social media (and posting on blogs) will have to use their real names and be accountable for their posts. This will kill all the rhetoric from both far right and far left. IMHO it will calm all the cancel culture as well as the nastiness from both sides of the political spectrum.
    The loudest 0.5% will be suddenly exposed and I really do believe we will all be surprised as to who is really behind the curtain. Not some big and powerful OZ but social misfits living with mum and dad who had no idea about it all. Heehee

  13. Not sure the all would be forgiven if Dave was a women.

    Has anyone seen the vile comments thrown at Margaret Atwood after merely defending the word women? Shocking misogyny from the gender ideologists

  14. Call me a heretic, but I always thought Dave Dobbyn’s music was crap, and I’m sick of hearing “Loyal” at every fucking sports event.

  15. ‘Neo-marxism’ from Dobbyn confirms his born-again ‘their own’ media and ‘their own’ science. Or, trash. Love and security that is in the service of the powerful disproves itself.

    Entirely unsurprised, knowing these cunts — BACs — far too well. My only intelligent sibling died at 21.


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