An open letter to my vaccinated and unvaccinated whānau in NZ


I’m watching the anger between the vaccinated and unvaccinated erupt on social media with a heavy hearted sadness.

The subjectively justified rage we feel towards each camp is a rupturing of the solidarity the universal experience of lockdown has generated.

This is what happens when the team of 6 million turns on itself.

The Woke scream any death of one Maori is a state sanctioned genocide on par with the homicidal murder of Squid Games.

The Death Cult Capitalists scream collateral damage in human lives is justified to open the economy.

Those who are double vaxxed and are hurting are told their impatience is racist.

The disabled feel left completely out of the loop. Again.

Maori & Pacifika Health Authorities feel like they are being blamed for low vaccination rates yet haven’t been given the resources to run mobile clinics.

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The unvaccinated are freaking out that every fear they ever had about the majority turning on them is eventuating.

Small Business is going to the wall.

The poor continue to suffer with 500% spikes in food banks.

Everyone is hurting and that hurt is driving desperation and fear which in turn feeds Facebook algorithms to vomit out hate.

To the vaccinated.

I know, I know, I know.

We have sacrificed, gotten double vaxxed and have accepted a de facto police state up in our grills robbing us of our liberty. We don’t understand why the fuck others are so stupid and won’t vaccinate.

That impatience risks being manipulated by the ZB Troll farm and turned into an ugly toxic malice towards those who haven’t vaccinated and I get it!

I don’t see my own beloved kid for a week at a time, I have this incredible new weekly political podcast to kick off but can’t because we aren’t able to film in the studio, I have missed my friends and can’t see my family!

I’m double vaxxed, I’ve ensured my family are double vaxxed and I’ve done all I’ve been asked yet here I am not able to lead my life because ‘others’ haven’t done the same.

It is infuriating to the point of rage but we can’t allow that rage to be manipulated into actions that exacerbate the inequalities in society rather than heal them.

Kindness means being kind to those you dislike immensely, that’s why kindness isn’t for wimps.

To the unvaccinated.

I’m lucky enough to have an eclectic mix of friends which means I have some antivaxx associates.

Some espouse theories they’ve read on Facebook which only serve to highlight their ignorance. Their belief that the vaccine will interfere with your DNA is akin to believing your car will float away because you have air in your tyres and air ‘floats’. They have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the vaccine works and have built a narrative around it.

That’s an indictment on our public education system not them as frightened individuals trying to make sense of the confusion and mayhem that has descended upon us.

Some have subjective views concerning their health being immune compromised, some have Conscientious Objector responses in that no State can force them to take a medicine (regardless if the medicine will save their life).

A few believe it’s all a one world conspiracy for Jacinda to take over the country with a secret socialist police state.

I suggest to those few that maybe their cannabis intake has reached peak lockdown.

To you my dear unvaccinated comrades, I’m sorry it’s come to this and hear your fear.

Know you will always be New Zealanders and we will always love you.

We just wish you’d get the bloody vaccine because we fear for your well being.

But know you are not outcasts, never to me or true Kiwis.

Our common bond as humans demands an intrinsic compassion that privileges us. We can’t lose sight that we are all in this together and that if the yawning chasm of inequality wasn’t there we wouldn’t be turning on each other with such ferocity.

The next few months are going to be frightening and many people will get sick. Get off Facebook and spend time with friends and family.

Being vaccinated protects you from Covid but it must also inoculate you from hate.

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  1. Thank you Bomber.

    Those with the least always give the most.

    I can imagine how hard it must be being separated from your family and i hope you get to see them soon.

    Kia Kaha.

  2. I know a family with stepchildren, who keep in touch with the other parts of their family, ie Mother who is fervent Maori. The father is perhaps part Pacific. He has his teenage children living with him but who also visit other family, keeping family ties. One daughter will not vaccinate because her mother does not approve. But the rest of the family who can, have done so. So how does that family deal with the daughter when she returns from a visit? Perhaps she is a carrier and can affect them all.

    The inability of people to accept the parts of the modern world like Netflix, air transport, cellphones, social media, and not see that vaccinations are just another relatively modern advance is a coward’s response. Few people cannot bodily cope with the injected virus in the vax. The rest who don’t want to front up can have a separate island for them as has been done in the past. A quarantine island like at Christchurch or Wellington. Drop in supplies and they can treat each other as their caring concern for others. They could all learn skills while they live in isolation, preferably to do with horticulture, the arts, and nursing.

      • Very true. No virus, no anything like that at all.

        From that link:
        Summary of ingredients
        The Pfizer vaccine contains:

        – messenger RNA encoding SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
        – lipid nanoparticle – a stabilised fat-based bubble to protect and carry the mRNA into our cells
        – salt buffers – to maintain the pH of the vaccine
        – sucrose – to protect the vaccine while in storage.

        What the Pfizer vaccine does not contain
        The Pfizer vaccine does not contain:

        animal products
        blood products
        egg proteins
        fetal material
        pork products
        latex (the vial stopper is made with synthetic rubber – bromobutyl).

        • thanx for that K,

          and that’s why my hardline and I do mean hardline vegan friend is double vaxed, trust me he’s a serious geezer and has done the research

          so if anyone is reluctant on ‘animal grounds’ you’re wrong, just wrong, that’s it, no argument..just wrong

    • Thing is you are all going to get it anyway just less severe if vaxxed for the most part just a case of when. So there is absolutely no reason to fear the unvaxxed, its actually the vaxxed which will be the hidden carriers go and have a read of the latest UK vaccine monitoring report.

      • 5100 unvaccinated dead from 5500 deaths in a week in the U.K. and you say the vaccinated are the issue? Have I got a psychiatrist appointment for you.

  3. Yeah that’s for this Bomber. Hard to read in parts/ I was really starting to hate anti vaxxers . iIknow so many! Bloody idiots! the smart ones know I am rolling my eyes at their bullshit theories because I care. The dumb ones can just go with Darwin and do us all a favour!

    • meant to say thanks for this ! Listening to anti vaxxers is not fun, not helpful and not positive in anyway. Being attacked by them for being rational enough to be fearful and intelligent and educated enough to understand the virus and the vaccine is not an affliction or a reason for condescension as I have been accused of many times for endeavoring to get these fools to understand the threat to their health and their lives. So yeah they can go with Darwin as far as I am concerned they are a danger to us all.

  4. Yes agree with you Martyn.
    What is of great concern is how vaccination certificates are going to divide us even more.
    No certificate and there are a number of activities you are not allowed to do.
    Jacinda Ardern is pushing this line and why I understand her motive it’s not going to end well.
    It’s a buggers muddle.

  5. Maybe the problem is not vaxxed vs unvaxxed, but the target of 90%. Does it really matter that much if 83% or 90%? Some months ago it was 70% – yes yes Delta if so much more virulent etc but it’s less deadly too. Even with 100% vaxxed ala Gibraltar there will be heaps of breakthrough. We need early home treatment, with rapid testing available to everyone. The problem is the false sense of security and hope 90% gives, the lockdowns will come back just like in Israel. This government’s focus on vaccine as our Jesus who will save us is a fools paradise with never ending booster shots and ADE to boot. Treatment has advanced in the last 18months but we are not discussing it at all for fear it might stop a few taking the vaccine. That’s just stupid and letting government off the hook- they just sit back and watch the vaxxed vs unvaxxed fight it out instead or having a plan to cope.

    • Stan, I feel at this time, our focus should be on the vaccination sprint. We’re not letting govt off the hook. We’re putting every effort into preparing our defences as a nation to go go headlong into the battlefield that is covid delta. Hold. We’re not fighting eachother. It is fear and fatigue. The next steps will be upon us soon enough. Hold the line

  6. Okay, so the alternative is no vaccination certificates and let the vaccinated and unvaccinated mingle. That’s so we are united as a country under your plan John? I’ll go with Jacinda on this one thanks.

      • It’s not 100% effective and some people will get breakthrough infections. The evidence shows vaccinated have significantly less severe symptoms and hospitalisations than unvaccinated. While not at all perfect, still better than nothing. Many say middle age plus or otherwise vulnerable vaccinated won’t want to be around unvaccinated, because this tricky virus makes a beeline for unvaxxed. Plus vaccinated carry a much less viral load than unvaccinated, so it makes sense for fully vaxxed to avoid unvaxxed.

      • deo pay attention..yup the vaxxed can get it but more than likely a milder illness the unvaxxed have a good chance of getting a more serious dose..what’s so difficult about that?

        if you actively want a serious dose of a life threatening desease then, go for gold buddy, me I’ll take the milder ‘flu-like’ form
        …that’s richly ironic isn’t it all that ‘it’s just flu’ rhetoric from anti vaxxers and who tends to get the flu like version..the vaxxed …now that is poetic justice.

  7. I think I get where Martyn’s coming from. After reading many comments from the Authors of the Blogs I’m realising that logic has nothing to do with what we believe. Hell all 90% of vaxxed might be wrong. I hope I’m on the right side of history. Kevin will think we’re on the wrong side. I live in HB but are thinking of those in Auckland including my oldest brother. I believe getting vaccinated is the only thing we can all do even if we don’t really believe in it. It seems that is more sensible than taking a punt that the whole world is wrong except you. Maybe for those convinced the jab won’t work they could take a punt that the jab won’t kill them and do it anyway. Thanks to those that have been vaccinated.

    • Agree NV, and that’s what I did. You’re welcome. Get vaccinated everyone who can, because too many of us cannot

  8. You poor old bugger. Here’s a hug ( ….)
    I see there’s been a positive 19 back from someone in Blenheim.
    So, there goes The South Island.
    I got vaccinated… I’m in my dotage FYI…
    The first one left me with a sore arm for a few days. Like I’d had a light bruise.
    The second injection was an odd one. I found it all quite interesting.
    The second one left me feeling tired, a bit iffy. Slightly strange-ish. It was one of those feelings that might have been psychosomatic… Like ” Did I really feel that, or was it that bottle of wine..? ” kind of thing.
    No sore arm this time.
    Now? A week later? I’m fine. I feel perfectly ok. I do have curly black hair growing off off my tongue, I have an enduring erection and I see there’s a seagull roosting on it? And I now know all… For example, there is a God. Dear old Roger. He begs forgiveness? My skin is now scales and I discovered I do like slithering. Skate boards are sooooo last century dahlingssssssssssssss.
    I have to draw the curtains lest I keep the neighbours awake with my pulsating incandescence and there was that thing where I ate the neighbours dog after I ran it down with my lawn mower. Minced canine with cottage greens isn’t so bad? Just pile on the mayo and blame the vaccination!
    I tried to get wireless by standing on the roof with my seagull roost stuck out but all I got was poked down by a nice constable with a stick then arrested. But otherwise? I feel fine! ?
    I can assure you antivaxxers that you have nothing to worry about other than dying of asphyxiation from not being able to breath as your lungs swell up then shut down. Say hello to Roger for me when you get there ?
    Oh? Sorry? I forgot to mention brain damage through lack of oxygen which will also terminally, negatively affect your kidneys and your heart. I.E. A life time of hardship then death. Again, Roger says sorry but, y’know how it is.
    Dear @ MB. You’re a beautiful fellow with a huge heart. I’m going to ask Roger if you can see your daughter more often on this Earthly Realm. ( And I’m sorry I called you a moron. I take that back. And it’s ok. I have plenty of room left in my fuck-ups department Xxx )

    • True? All I got was slightly sore arm at jab spot and a vague headache with vague dizziness, like a vague hangover. I hope the boosters will be more exciting for me…

  9. Is it an indictment on our public education system that everyone doesn’t have understanding of how vaccines work? Should that have specifically been in a science curriculum which every kid in school should have been exposed to?

    Or rather than that specifically, should we have approaches which develop in people tolerance, resilience, empathy and respect for experts, e.g. scientists. Along with critical discernment of course. Some of the lunacy around vaccines is scarcely unbelievable.

    Then again the limited part of their lives our young spend in schools suggests that that shitty attitudes and ignorance we’re all suffering from is fostered in homes and the big wide world.

    • Real empathy can’t be taught, you’re either born with it in spades or less, or not. Shallow/fake empathy can be taught, but it’s relatively ineffective

  10. Lawrence Wong, Singapore’s finance minister and a chair of the country’s Covid-19 task force, said the lesson for “Covid-naive societies” like Singapore, New Zealand and Australia is to be ready for large waves of infections, “regardless of the vaccine coverage.”
    The vaccine is neither safe as documented thousands of serious adverse reactions or effective : the vaxxed still catch it get ill and die and pass it to others plus there’s evidence it pushes your natural immunity into an ineffectual background enabling the virus to mutate.

  11. The Common Bond as Humans – what a great way of putting it But, understand the poor in this country, who seem not to be vaxxed, have witnessed/experienced one kick in the face after another by various Governments, despite being told those actions would help them…no wonder they simply not believe a word from the Government…why would they?
    Now, the Government actually needs them, the poor to get vaxxed, how do they treat them? Like selfish f**kwits…via the media

    • I don’t see the media doing that. I see commenters stirring shit by falsely stating govt / media blaming poor people etc. It’s not about blame. It’s about reaching the unvaxxed, many of whom ARE poor and ARE brown and ARE the young. The key message is get vaccinated, nothing more

    • Hi Sinic, most of the unvaxxed are poor and/or from poor areas…according to the Government stats…so, knowing this…Here are 2 questions for the Government

      1. Why has Jacinda from announcements, and Dr Ashley “Lord of the Dance” Bloomfield NOT gone to those areas to actually help — not for a photo opportunity
      2. Chris Hipkins offer something to those unvaxxed in the poor areas, for example cash for jabs…

      Keep in mind I live in South Auckland, so despite the Government PR, I see what is happening on the ground

      • From Friday’s podium I heard more was being done via funding to community groups to get more mobile and into the hard to reach and resistant communities that need it most. A bit late, granted, but it’s getting done now. I see Ardern doing her job, leading. She and others were boots on the ground at vaxathon. Media are shit right now and have become useless, so I’ve seen zero video coverage of anything Vax since then. And perhaps having TV camera’s at mobile Vax units would be counter productive right now anyway (scare hesitants off). I was encouraged to see Northland mum go public with her positive test for herself and family on Friday. That’s the sort of face and voice the hesitants need too see and hear right now imo. That will be more effective than govt to get some people vaxxed I reckon

        • Again, good points Sinic— but funding Community groups, many of those groups have especially strong links to the Labour Party, to help out with the vaxxing is producing mixed results.
          Many of the community in need are simply put off by the Red Balloons, Red T-shirts, Community Group members handing out Labour pamphlets, and trying to take people’s personal details for “Health” reasons.
          I saw this last Saturday at the Mangere Town Centre, and Mangere East Countdown carpark.
          As for Jacinda from announcements leading, yes, especially in Wellington…but, that’s not the problem area.

          • Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the politicking going on at Vax sites. That IS counter productive and exploitative imo. I hope it isn’t widespread

            • One of my family saw this (Labour politicking) as well at Manukau Westfields as well…they (Labour) stopped it once the media (TVNZ/TV3) did some filming at Westfields…and started it again, once TVNZ/TV3 departed.

  12. Good post.
    Let no one forget that we are in this position because the govt has given the vaxxed a massive reason to hate the unvaxxed especially if Dhbs stall out sub 90 percent.
    That target has driven a bloody great wedge into society, over the NZ population we are potentially talking about a few hundred thousand people. Alienating that many people is going to get very ugly indeed.

    • As one of the alienated Anti-vaxers Cricklewood, your post is right on. I have only contempt for the obvious hatred of many of the vaxed. It doesnt intimidate me however. It instead motivates me to put the anti-vax message out there. I will distribute pamphlets, attend meetings, go to protests etc etc. The amusing thing however is that I ,after exhaustive scientific research, have come to the conclusion that the unvaxed have to fear more from the vaxed, because they leach their toxic jab on others around them, both vaxed and unvaxed I have seen first hand the the dire side efects from vaxxed peoples shedding. So I am equally keen to avoid any close contact with you !!!

      • The side effects of not getting a jab can be a wooden box and a 6ft hole .
        We had a family gathering of full vaxed people resently and no one was shedding and none were attracted to magnets and no extra limbs had grown ..
        I cannot wait for the passport to appear so that I can sit on the bus or plane or go to the cinema knowing that the person beside me is not potentially going to kill me .

      • Please share your exhaustive scientific research so we can all be safer and enlighten me on what shedding of vaccine looks like as I have been vaxed and dont what to infect the unvaccinated.

  13. The virus is indiscriminate. It knows no boundary or does it acknowledge a ‘political’ party dictate of 90% or race creed or culture or, a number.

    So all this bs about ‘managing it’ and vaccine certificates won’t fend off the virus now or in the future.

    They won’t shut down the international borders so we’re fuck’d. Capitalism gets what capitalism wants with the neoliberalites.

    The slow uptake by Maori is as per normal and expected ay, so why all the ‘noise’?
    It’ll happen when it happens and the cuzzies unvaccinated have been indoctrinated by tauiwi and other nutjobs in other countries from all around the world so if there is any blame to be laid, maybe the government should have isolated the media feeds from elsewhere?

    This is all smoke and mirrors. Why? because the government knows that the Health system is at a tipping point and needs a distraction, a scapegoat to blame for it tipping over when it does. Remember not so long ago, we were told not to hurry to get a jab, we’re ‘managing’ the flow of vaccines arriving and we have heaps on order…nekminit!

    Another mismanaged Crisis!
    Who’s to blame?
    The MAORI and the Pacific Islanders because it’s always their fault!

    Time for the honkeys to shut the fuck up! Hand over the resources to deal with this clusterfuck and shut the fuck up!

      • Danny – Do you really believe that Nathan truly agrees with you and supports you? Don’t be naive: he supports anyone who does anti-left rants, and is probably another of the numerous right-wing concern trolls that have popped up on this site lately, supporting all anti-govts rants and encouraging despondency on the Left in general.

        • WTF are you banging on about vino?

          The virus doesn’t give a fuck if you’re a leftie or a right-wing wanka!

          The problem I was making is that politicians and their ‘politik’ are not and should not be the bastion of decision making and the go-to for knowledge about Delta, Covid.

          Remember the name of the game is to point out the obvious to the government of the day and hammer them for it. I did the same to the Nats for the 9 years that they were in government too. All here on TDB.

  14. The side effects of not getting a jab can be a wooden box and a 6ft hole .
    We had a family gathering of full vaxed people resently and no one was shedding and none were attracted to magnets and no extra limbs had grown ..
    I cannot wait for the passport to appear so that I can sit on the bus or plane or go to the cinema knowing that the person beside me is not potentially going to kill me .

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