The greatest barrier for those not yet vaccinated is poverty not Qanon antiVaxxers


When we did the autopsy on why people didn’t get vaccinated during the 2019 measles epidemic, the majority of the unvaccinated weren’t happy clappy ‘Jesus is my vaccine’ Christians or yoga mummy bloggers, they were simply people too poor to pay for the transport costs to a vaccination centre.

That same dynamic is playing out now.

Sure the Qanon antiVaxxers & Bishop Brian Tamaki fanatics are loud in the unvaccinated camp, but a far greater number are simply too poor to get to a vaccination clinic.

For them the mobile units and community outreach are the means to gain immunity.

Watching the right wing whip up our collective anger and impatience to justify allowing those too poor to get to a vaccination centre to die is surely the most outrageous emotional manipulation since your ex cut off the joint Netflix account for your kid after moving out.

We must ensure that everyone who wants a vaccination can get one and after that, the Qanon lunatics, crystal healing acolytes and Bishop Brian Tamaki fanatics are all on their own as we move forward.

I predict lots of the above in ICU beds apologizing for their ignorance and begging people to get vaccinated.

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  1. I don’t even know if it’s that.

    Our health system is horribly impersonal. “Whats your NHI number” and when you don’t know this because who the hell does, it’s accompanied by the sigh and look of derision and the minimal care factor drops to non-existent.

    Go to a hospital and one does not feel welcome, rather you feel like a royal pain in their arses. They hate you for being there. These nurses who never stop demanding the government do this or do that are some of the worst offenders. The doctors think you an inferior creature and really the impression is, if you just fuck off, we’ll all be much happier.

    You have to register with your local GP and if housing is an issue and isn’t it always with poverty, well you just don’t bother anymore. Not until the illness becomes an emergency.

    It is a system designed by bureaucrats in ministries in Wellington that has taken little account of the users. And it’s another hurdle, one would argue, to put people off using it altogether.

  2. Agree.

    This Labour government has failed to deliver anything that will, or should have improved the lives of the poor, the homeless and no houses have been built.

    They dished out $65b in the first 18 months of covid to prop-up the economy. The middle-class homeowners scored big! Homeowners wealth increase in that period more than $400b!

    Meanwhile ‘real’ unemployment hits 11.3%(all beneficiary recipients) and real inflation is more than 15%. (Inclusive of property/land value).

    The vacuous PM and her lame-ass slogans have had no effect on any of these issues nor has she and her ‘dead man/woman/he/her/him/she … walking’ government. They’re fuck’n useless!

    As for the opposition. The extreme right ACT and the dead duck Nat’s are as fuckn useless but in a traditional capitalistic way.

    Their business model isn’t fit for purpose nor is it trustworthy. Just check up on yesterdays announcement by the Nats ‘Opening Up plan’. They only accounted for half of the population. They forgot to factor in that women are workers too! What fuckwits!

    As fo the gweens. They have been cancelled. By themselves!

    As for the Maori party. They’ve pretty much done the same as the gweens. Somebody tell them 12 years on tic tok and Instagram cant vote.

    So, nothing will change for the better whilst we have shitty politicians and sycophantic followers harping on about change and the kids are our future bs!

    On the current trajectory, lil ole NZ is heading rapidly toward the wharepaku without any recyclable paper insight.

    We need to change our political system. Term limits of pollys. And remove list seats. Create an upper house with term limits and have no more political parties. Just candidate from the regions and debate in the house for policy. There alone is a massive saving and a performance incentivised parliament.

    As long as good policies survive longer than politicians. That would be a good indicator and should be reflected in the ‘health’ of society as a whole.

    So let’s start next year with an election!

    • Let’s start today. Start by, if you want to taken seriously, writing seriously.
      Greens. Your label is like a little kid calling other kids names when he can’t get his own way.

      • Pete. They are little kids! They have tantrums in public! Hissy fits with themselves in their little bubbles!
        They also do a lot of name-calling on social media and dox & ghost, cancel people and themselves too as well as call their racist selves out!
        They hunt in packs like mangee dogs and then when they’re in trouble they run home to mums and dads and hide in their room!
        Soooo come again?? Who the fuck are you talking about? The lycra crusties? Or the pretend Greenies who really are Green Wash’n Climate Change Capitalists?


      • Speak for yourself.
        Creative and witty writing carries a message infinitely further than your beige grammaticaly correct spellchecked world.

  3. Absolutely true, it is astonishing how quickly money can be found to do everything BUT feed the dispossessed and poorest in our society! Aaaah but those focus groups will be telling Labour actually people don’t care, they all smoke dope, drink, gamble and are lazy.

    • too true Michal what pollies don’t understand is when you specifically choose focus groups to produce results that bolster pollies own confirmation bias, you’re not actually sampling public opinion but the opinions of ‘our sort of chaps and gals’ essentially a worthless exercise that will bite them on the bum up the road.

  4. I’m vaccinated. My business is suffering. I’m impatient for opening up our economy more. But my other voice says to me. How you going to feel if maori and pacifica children end up in icu or dying. Or any child or any person or even any ignorant chanting destiny fool. We have one chance to transition. Lets do it right.

      • Bert, yet again I agree you 100%. Like the virus itself Tamaki preys on the vulnerable, the poorest and can I say, the easily susceptible because it is they who he brainwashes, or should I say infects, with his nonsense rhetoric.

        It is interesting that in his constant quest for publicity, supported by his followers, his followers assaulted a media camera-man outside the Henderson Police Station during their aggressive and sneering protest, at which Tamaki’s wife was also present. I would have thought that in keeping with Tamaki’s so-called preaching of Christianity, he, prior to going to the Police Station and she would have urged his followers not to be aggressive and violent. It is obvious that he rallied his supporters to go to the Police Station and make all that noise.

        Tamaki bangs on about his right to protest and express himself but I was always taught that with rights come responsibilities. He does not display any responsibility when he demands his rights.

        Brian Tamaki is all about two things – himself and funding his lifestyle through tithing those he brainwashes. Disgusting and abhorrent are the two labels I attach to him.

        • I agree in part. However, many of his supporters aren’t impoverished but keen to subscribe to a movement that makes them feel unique and important (ironically like the gangs).

        • Its time that this person stops getting any sort of publicity, thats what he wants good or bad it doesn’t matter. The police can’t win in this one he wants to be a live martyr and the media is promoting his martyr-hood. As for vaccination rates its about time the Maori party actually started supporting the programme instead of constant criticism, whats wrong with them getting off their chuffs and doing some actual visits to these areas and help the hard working providers .

  5. I personally have around 15 anti-vaxers amongst my friends, family, and work collegues. None of them are hard up and none of them are Maori or Pacifica

    • Yes EP I’m the same. All of my family won’t get vaxed. All pakeha, money no obstacle, no amount of discussion has any effect, makes them more resistant if anything. I have ME/CFS so really don’t want efing Covid, but what can you do? They are brainwashed by social media, always on their phones getting more bullshit into there heads by the minute.

      • Good luck to you. Anyone who is vulnerable with other health conditions is in double whammy land.
        They get the virus it is likely to have worse effects and because health services are under huge pressure they are likely to get less than optimal treatment.
        As harsh as it sounds some of your family seem too self-centred to think about others. Worse they are showing scant regard for you if you have to have direct close contact with them.

    • I can assure you that I have a couple of members of my immediate family, who are struggling but can drive and have options to get vaccinated. Despite much encouraging and family pressure they won’t change their mind. For them, there are no institutional barriers or crazy conspiracy theorists subscribed to. Just dumb and pig headed.

  6. How can you be too poor to get to a vaccination centre? It’s free. 100’s of thousands of people can’t find a few dollars to get the bus or petrol. Fuck, how do they eat? How many vaccination centres are there in South Auckland. Heaps I bet, so walk or bike. It’s not like having to go to the North Shore from Manukau. These centres will be in close proximity, surely. Yes, I know there’s disabled and others that can’t make it without assistance, but 100’s of thousands? I smell a rat.

    • GreenBus have you ever worked three jobs on the minimum wage, had your partner doing the same, getting exhausted. A vaccination is not priority when you trying to scrape in enough money to feed your whanau.

      It isn’t a rat it is ‘POVERTY!

      • Michal, yes I have just like half of NZ has.
        I know about 30 anti vaxxers, all of them have a least one car each and enough money to get on the piss, eat out at restaurants and buy all manner of life’s little luxuries. I’ll wager that 75% of anti vaxxers are in this demographic. No excuses for them, just difficult people, thick, ignorant and self centred.

        • I really hate this sort of labelling:’
          just difficult people, thick, ignorant and self centred.

          I know people who are not being vaccinated and I understand why they aren’t and respect them for that decision.

          Frankly I have never ever been vaccinated for anything ever before. I have been vaccinated for this, my decision no anyone else including the bullies out there.

      • Apart from the hard out antivaxxers there are lot’s of reasons (and excuses) for people to have not got the jab, Michal.
        Some people have auto immune issues, or fear of needles, an antisocial attitude, a lack of belief in the seriousness of the disease (only two deaths of seriously compromised individual from thousands of cases?) or just plain inertia perhaps. Lack of time or transport, perhaps, but has there been any sort of survey or study that supports your claim or is it entirely formed by ideology?

  7. Martin I think youre talking shit this time. Some of my whanau are pohara/poor and young but they are anti vaxxers and have cars so transport is no problem. A vax wagon even visited their papakainga and only two old people out of about 50 residents got vaxxed. Its gonna take their mother, grandmother or relative to talk to them into getting the bloody jab.

  8. Bro if you can figure out how to get to KFC or the bottle store you can figure out how to get to where the jab is given out. stop with the excuses

  9. Mr Bradbury I think we’re all beyond, ‘it’s racism’ ‘they have concerns’ the govt has bent over backwards to accommodate certain resistant groups…what we’re talking about is ignorance whether it’s historical lack of education/aspiration/middle class paternalism toward those groups, yoga pants karens or crystal healing simply doesn’t matter at this point, just do it FFS…..or kill your children/rellies/neighbours it’s quicker and kinder in the long run.

    For a good laugh search ‘homopathic ER’ on youtube

  10. Ba hahah ababa ahahahahah a !
    Oh god! “Fuck his creepy fake eyebrows!” That, is fucking funny.
    I’m a double jabber and I’m ok, just sayin’.
    There are wonderful people out there trying their best to vaccinate us against an alien invader.
    “Get stuck like a pig boy Suuuuuuuueeeeeeee!” Seen a film titled ‘Deliverance’ ?
    1972 ! Fuck ! That’s 49 years ago man! I got an infection in my hand from a scratch off a twig where cats had been scraping their whiskers, then later, while I was at that film as my hand throbbed, a fucking snotty, raspy, giggler kept hitting the guffaw switch on his idiot female-girl-partner during the intense bits. I had to say something. You do, don’t you? Right?
    We all got chucked out together so we thought fuck it, after a bit of this and that. We might as well all go and have a beer somewhere.
    I did see the film in its entirety a few years later. Was totally scary and freaky.
    Little did I know, that ignorance was being exploited. But who knows these things? We’re all children in Gods eyes. So how about a fucking lolly pop God?
    Lost John.
    “Rough Old-Time Mountain Folk Make The Best Music”

  11. I believe Martyn is playing devils advocate here. Testing the water. As Michael has said there are some who are so distracted by the stress of getting through the day and feeding their families that getting themselves to a vaccination centre is their last priority. I don’t believe there are large numbers of those people. Most will get down to their favourite fast food or get to their local market. If they can do that they can get a shot. My opinion is it’s more about vaccine hesitancy and the rubbish they read online. You won’t change many of these people as they will trust face book before the MOH. I believe the Pacific community have done a great job to beat their fears and get jabbed. Our Maori community still lagging in some places. Can’t understand why, they need to get on with it.

  12. What I found interesting today is 102 COVID community cases. The 6 PM news bulletin on channel three: this was item three, the other two regarding that free trade agreement with the UK. Seems as if the increasing cases are being downplayed in significance, regardless of the three figure milestone.

    Something I find amusing regarding vaccinations—someone I know—due to their alcohol consumption one can declare them a drunk. Anti-vaccine, one hears lectures from them on possible dangers to your health from it. No mention of the danger to their health of their bad habit. No barrier for transport—other than their consumption of alcohol. Sadly hilarious.

    My vaccination experience: never felt the needle, no pinprick of blood, no side effects other than a slightly tipsy giddy feeling from a sense of elation of having got it. Don’t see what the big deal is, frankly seems absurd.

  13. Listening to talkback driving to Rotorua yesterday discussion around maori resistance to vaccination was all about trust in authority.Or rather lack of it. It was interesting to me because I had just been talking to my sister who when she was 16 boarded with a family of Polish jewish immigrants just escaped from the hideous events in that time and place. She has kept in touch and was saying that none of the remaining family will have anything to do with this vaccine. They are not poor or ignorant. My nephew of another sister lives with a gorgeous Ukrainian girl who’s mother is a Russian Ukrainian doctor. She also will have nothing to do with this vaccine on her doctor mother’s strong advice ( advice isn’t a strong enough word).
    I recently read that Russian doctors are advising their patients against the vaccine also. The pattern is with a history of living or recently passed ancestors who have experience of living in a state where the state is the enemy of the people there is instinctive distrust.
    We pink-o-grey NZ ers are used to being able to generally trust our government to at least have our health and wellbeing at heart even if we deplore their judgement and ability sometimes , it is easy to accept the advice. Maori clearly have a less reassuring view of govt. and perhaps not unreasonably.
    D J S

  14. Yet all of the last measles outbreaks (2019, 2007) happened in South, and West Auckland together…both areas have problems with Poverty, and the Ministry of Health knows this — because they tracked the spread of it across both areas.
    So, knowing this what did the MoH (Ministry for Health) do for the Covid outbreak in those areas…? Nothing…except for Dr Bloomfield having various media interviews, dancing in the street — instead of securing the vaccines for those areas until very recently…bastard! Should be fired immediately.
    By the way, I am from South Auckland

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