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  1. Our government needs to rein in our Insurance companies as they keep putting our Insurance cost up. And if you live in the Wellington or Hutt Valley regions we already got hit with a huge increase due to earthquake risks. Too many people are being priced out of the housing market with rising rates and insurance cost we have to pay if you have a mortgage.

  2. We are all getting bloody hoha with the lockdowns, people absconding from MIQ, idiot holding parties, and people taking advantage of the new level three. As in Auckland where they were given an inch and now they are taking a mile. The whole country is being held to ransom because Auckland is at level 3 and case numbers are rising. I have put our Maori people into a few categories in regards to them not being vaccinated yet.
    We have the lazy, cant be bothered don’t give a shit group, the believers who believe their church/leaders and those who read the stuff on facebook and social media sites. Then we have the uneducated who just need the right person or group to give them the right information and facts in a positive non confrontational manner. In addition we have the gangs with some breaking the rules but perhaps can be influenced (by the right person) on the benefits of getting vaccinated. And in these groups some don’t trust the government or mainstream organizations adding to our woes. All we can do now is try our best with all of them and try to get to as many people and offer them a choice for them to get vaccinated. Once we have genuinely tried using all levers possible we need to get back to freedom as people are getting angst its not good for us as a people or country.

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