Trump/Vader 2024

Trump/Vader 2024

Frank Luntz is the Matthew Hooton of America, if Matthew Hooton was successful and brilliant. Luntz is the Machiavellian Black Prince of American politics, he who advised the oil industry in the 90s to pretend the science on climate change wasn’t settled.

Ever since as a pollster he has an uncanny understanding of the real America. The under educated, bigoted, God fearing, suburban American who every President must court to win the White House.

In short, Luntz is the mustard when it comes to dirty dead’s done dirt cheap in American politics.

I’ve always loved how Luntz dresses down in cheap suits so he never intimidated his WalMart electorate.

So when Luntz denounces Trump 2024, it’s worth listening…

Donald Trump will never be president again, says renowned pollster Frank Luntz

One of the world’s top pollsters Frank Luntz, who has advised multiple Republican presidents, says Donald Trump will never again lead the United States.

In an exclusive interview with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age after he spoke at the Conservative Party conference in the UK, Luntz said even if Trump nominated and the Democrats ran a poor candidate, the 45th president would never again prevail at the ballot box.

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“He will not win,” Luntz said. “If Trump runs again he will be nominated by the Republicans, but he will never be elected president because there are too many people who hate him.

“Trump is the most popular Republican by far, but he can’t win a general election because in the end politics is about persona as much as it is about policy, and his persona is unacceptable to too many people.”

…Luntz’s argument is that Trump 2024 is a search for revenge and he doesn’t believe the American people will vote for vengeance.

Which seems remarkably charitable considering what we know about Americans.

The danger seems to be the midterms where Biden’s mishandling of the Afghanistan pull out and Democratic infighting over their Omni bill are hurting Democrat chances.

What’s most concerning is Trump campaigning on behalf of little known functional roles at electoral stations. He is championing candidates who would turn any contested election to the House of Representatives where Trump believes Republicans would have a majority.

It’s like Trump is building an apparatus that will refer contested results to the House in order to steal the 2024 election.

Like it’s really obvious that’s what he’s doing.

If Trump runs and wins it will be the beginning of the end for America.


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  1. Couple of things:

    1). Referring anyone as the “Matthew Hooten” of anything is an acknowledgement that that person is a) not of sound mind; b) a poor political operator and finally c) irrelevant. From what I understand of Lundz he fits the bill.
    2). The Biden shitshow is giving US housewives, independents and other swinging voters buyers remorse and well as going down as well as stale turds in the important black and latino segments.

    Unless something significant happens – Trump wins in a landslide in 2024 at the current trajectory.

    P.S. the US was already fucked. Trump wasn’t the cause he was (and remains) the symptom.

    • Frank Luntz’s former colleagues have stated he (Frank) makes up data for his clients…Mr Trump called him a slob, and told him to get out of his office.

  2. Interesting but I think this is very much Mr Luntz’s wishful thinking or maybe even panic.

    First on the assumption that Trump runs 2024 he will almost certainly win. Why?
    Everyone who voted for him in 2020 has no reason not to vote for him again, he can’t be blamed for anything, they thought he had done a good job and was worthy of another 4 years.

    On the other hand a reasonable number of voters who voted for Biden in 2020 must now be asking themselves “how did I get duped into voting for a President that has early stage dementia, who cant string a coherent sentence together? with a VP in Kamala Harris who presents as a complete air head and makes Dan Quale (Bush seniors VP) look like an intellectual giant!

    On those two reasons alone Trump is back in the White House. let alone the Biden debacles of Afghanistan, the southern border, the oil pipe line issues.

    The Democrats in their machinations to prevent the socialist Bernie Sanders getting the Democrat nomination (twice) have dug themselves a hole from which these is no easy climb back.

    They will get caned in the mid terms next year and are likely to loose control of both the house and the Senate. Biden will be a total ‘lame duck’ for the balance of his term , if he survives to the end.

    Now I have spent much time in the US and it really is three distinctly different countries almost. The West Coast the ‘new rich want-a-bees’ rabid Democrats, Middle America, the rust belt, Trump heartland hard working ordinary folk (very much like provincial NZ), and the North East New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC, fierce Democrats – described by Trump as “the swamp” These are the people who hate and despise Trump, Mr Luntz being one of these by the sound of it.
    Trump behaves as a businessman, he make ‘gut’ decisions and will make change by edict, this mode decision making threatens the career politicians, he threatens the cozy world of the Bureaucrats, they just can’t handle it. But a big chunk of the ordinary people love it and believe that is how the country should be run.

    This far out it is hard to see Trump not being back in power.

  3. Most of the comments above have covered it. I will add my tuppence worth:

    Personally I don’t want Trump to run again, not because I don’t think he would be good for the USA and western democracy in general but because he would be too old by 2024.

    As I see it, Trump achieved one great thing when he was in office: He forced the deep state/oligarchy to show their hand. So now, anyone with eyes, ears and a brain can now see that US democracy is mostly a fiction. It is evident that the USA is run by a cluster of billionaires, deep state operatives and their propaganda outlets in media and Hollywood.

    I believe the Trump plan now is to flush the RINO’s out of the party by challenging them in their primaries and elect fresh, clean faces who have vision rather than weak-kneed compromisers such as Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney. So powerful is Trump within the party I think most will simply resign rather than face an embarrassing annihilation at the hands of their own party.

  4. So if we take Trumps motto of Make America Great Again, did he? No he most certainly didn’t.
    To portray Trump as protecting hard working Americans then labeling others as rabid Democrats tells you all you need to know why Trump created a wider divide. Now, one things almost for certain, his fan base will shrink because of his theatrics, his multiple pending court cases and his initial Repuplican support network depleting. Does this mean that the Republicans won’t be re-elected, no it just means the biggest charlatan in American political history will never be near the thrones of power again and that’s a great thing. Perhaps in a way he has made America Great again.

  5. I’m guessing Biden ‘will die peacefully in his sleep’ before 2024 rolls round (and maybe get a quick sea burial to prevent any autopsy – a la Bin). So Trump will be facing the VP and Americans might give her a go over the insanity of Trump if she resists the temptation to play identity politics.

    I always felt America voting for trump was the 2nd worse decision they could have made. I suspect Hilary would have started a war with Russia by now.

    Trumps greatest crime wasn’t being a terrible person – it was not being ‘their’ terrible person.

  6. Frank Luntz’s former colleagues have stated he (Frank) makes up data for his clients…Mr Trump called him a slob, and told him to get out of his office.

  7. The enthusiasm of a reasonable majority of GOP voters for the absurd and discredited dogma of Trump’s stolen election conspiracy is both disturbing, and reassuring. When you break down the numbers he’s not even carrying all the certifiably insane and habitually bigoted Americans.

    His gambit in sticking to the lie, and then doubling-down is frighteningly transgressive on its face, but also a sure indicator of a profoundly limited mind – a born loser, pathologically treacherous, friendless. He might be assured of carrying two-thirds of the broader conservative base, but that’s not enough. An aspiring dictator with some basic shred of charisma and artful skullduggery might be able to drag the entrenched elite along with him if a coup really is his goal, but he shit that bed. Look at the laundry-list of his most prominent conservative ‘RINO’ enemies: James Comey, ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, John McCain, Colin Powell, Liz Cheney – it reads like a shortlist of the ‘who’s who?’ of arch-conservative, neoliberal imperialist, diabolical, scheming Bush minions and criminals. He squeaked one election, and lost a pretty close one – all he had to do was STFU about it, let Biden be the feckless lump of shit he is, and then swoop-in in 2024.

    Did he think he was gonna do a coup with a rabble of toothless methhead trailer-trash and evangelical psychos? I think he thought he was. These crackers, that basket of deplorables (aged well – and I’m no Clinton fan) are very fortunate they weren’t black or progressive, because it would have been a massacre. I can’t help but feel like Twitter did him a big favour by not letting him vent his lunatic ravings more. The left knows how the machinery of the state and vested commercial interests will destroy any real threat to a profitable status quo; because Trump is such an inept clown he might actually manage to die natural causes yet…

    • Barly, you clearly are not a fan of Trump.
      But the fact is “Make America Great Again”is a simple provocative slogan that rings true and galvanises patriotic middle American to rally to the cause.
      That is what they want. Did Trump deliver that? No he didn’t why not? In the eyes of the patriots he was thawted by the career politicians and the bureaucrats – “the swamp” .
      They want him to finish what he started!
      Yes he polarize’s people, but so did Muldoon, Lange and with out doubt Jacinda is well on the same path, those who adore and those who despise.

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