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  1. This is the sleeping time bomb of the 2023 election.

    WHY HAS THE PHARMAC PROVISIONAL report due out on the 23rd of August not been published almost 2 months later?

    Is it because it is a whitewash once over lightly feel good everything’s hunky dory.

    I have been campaigning on this and our screwed health system since 2011 to now have 30% of the population over 18 know someone who is paying full price for meds is a staggering indication disgrace of just how much the level to which our healthcare system has sunk to being failed by the funding of modern medicines.

    When 70% of respondents which included me in this colmar brunton poll ( I am on their e-mail survey list for surveys) say Medicines and healthcare will affect their vote in 2023 bloggers and posters in this ignore it at their own risk as this silent sleeping giant is going to come out and bite both National and Labour fair square
    in the ass.

    To still have quoted to me the old Tony Ryall national party line we can’t afford it is proved blatantly false by the covid19 epidemic response.

    NO ONE has commented on this.

  2. It seems our health experts are right about our Delta numbers heading into three digits we are almost there with 94 cases today. In the meantime those needing medical treatment in our Auckland hospitals will be suffering or going without. Vaccinations are slower and it looks like we are in big trouble and our government may be very reluctant to go back to level 4 but we might have to if the cases keep creeping up in too many Auckland regions. Adding to our woes many in Auckland are feeling the big strain making it harder on those who are going to have to make some very hard decisions many may not like.

  3. Pharmac has become just another arm of Big Pharma and so many medicines/treatments are now unaffordable for NZers with serious needs.

    • Actually wrong.
      Pharmaceutical companies are bypassing new zealand as they know they will only be screwed around by Pharmac.
      Pharmac as a minimum takes almost 4 years to agree to fund a medicine at it’s fastest.
      Also pharmac never ever ever pays the bull crap prices you see quoted in USA media and the likes.
      Pharmac as a general rule for meds that companies decide to make available in nz is 30 to 60% discounted price.
      NZ is at third world levels for medicines being offered here.
      Medical professionals and general public from various organisations go to overseas conferences to just be laughed at when they ask will such and such a company offer their med in NZ.
      Why is that it is because the nz govts of any stripe up till even now have no intentions of adequately funding pharmac to do its job.
      Hence why Andrew Little removed the funding model from the pharmac review.


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