Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: Gang members vs influencers

Late Stage Capitalism in 3 shots

Another 2 weeks of level 3 lockdown which is code for 3 weeks in level 3 lockdown because immunity is only reached after 3 weeks and allowing all those who just got vaccinated on Super Saturday to mingle 1 week before they are immune would be a war crime against public health.

So when Jacinda says 2 more weeks in level 3 lockdown she really means ‘3 weeks minimum but you’ll all scream if I don’t roll it in sugar first, so let’s say 2 weeks with a giant exciting present at the end of week 3 which I haven’t announced yet’.

It’s the same way you train pet dogs I think.

Anyway this week horny influencers do what horny influencers do, try to get laid at parties while filming it for social media so ugly people can jealously fawn and emotionally ejaculate over them.

Unfortunately this is lockdown and none of these influencers has the intelligence to appreciate they were filming evidence for the Police.

Meanwhile Gang leaders were getting vaccinated and calling on all chapters to do the same.

Who are the bigger danger? Gangs or horny influencers?

Inoculate the manger, Covid is coming for Christmas.

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  1. Forget the influencers or gangs. They were just a little more overt than what half of Auckland is doing anyway and are a nice sideshow distraction.

    The PM might think when she says level 3 it happens, Auckland on the other hand no longer cares. Why? Because we know there is no plan from government, rather a make it up as they go to suit Wellington, type thingy.

    The Ardern governments penchant for leaving things to fate has caused a few big problems.

    1. Successful elimination strategy in everywhere but Auckland, that Robertson was proud of only least week.

    2. Auckland sucking it up and cut off.

    3. No plan to reintegrate the two.

    4. Level 4 was off the table because…

    5. The MOH have Covid infected people now living in the community on a pinky promise to self isolate and…

    6. The MOH do not have a plan for those who refuse to cooperate.

    7. The best of all, the never ending moving of the goal posts.

    Yesterdays announcement was a prime example of bullshit theatre. Ashley the bad cop threatened the possibility of Level 4 earlier in the day, Jacinda the good cop stuck with level 3 and with no plan buried her head and Aucklands in the sand, and deferred a decision for two, I mean several more weeks. And by then there numbers will be horrendous.

    Its not what Jacinda and the cast say, it’s what they don’t that counts!

    My trust factor in her is nil.

    • 4) Level 4 is off the table because elimination was abandoned and they are allowing “controlled” spread.

      What they haven’t done is honestly admit this, hence much confusion.

      You missed off: 8) work from home unless you are a gang or a prostitute, in which case the government might even make you an essential service.

  2. Well if some Aucklanders had obeyed the level 4 in the first place it Wouldn’t have spread to Wellington or Waikato but no 1 found in Blenheim 2 in Wellington 1 taking a tiki tour it the BOP Al because they felt like it. So now you and us pay the price level 2 then 3 then 2 so what I’m one if the vaccinated but still vulnerable people who would somewhat politely say Think of others for the first time in your lives and Stay the @$#& at HOME

    • Well David Harrison aren’t you a goodie two shoes. OK we’ll stay the fuck home while you working your punctuation. Must be hard being out there in Level 2.

  3. That Identity Politics organisation known as the NZ Green party?

    Why are they not banned yet? Arent they a Hate Group organisation?

    If they’re not yet banned, then they should be.

  4. Think of Covid and vaccines as the Trojan Horse allowing Creditors to indebt nations, call it Creditor Colonization. NZ has doubled its overseas debt buying these experimental vaccines, a company that has tried to blackmail Argentina and Brazil into giving up national assets and military bases in immunize Pfizer (the only real immunization going on here) from any comeback when their vaccines cause problems.

    Must read Michael Hudson.

    • So how many times does a vaccine need to be used to make it safe for someone as clever you are . How many have to die to make the chance worthwhile that it is a good risk .How many businesses need to fail before the need to vaccine becomes a necessary risk .
      Once this government gets a backbone and bring in a vaccine passport so I do need to sit or work alongside people not vaccinated the better .
      No jab No job No fun the sooner the better

  5. I love how having an Instagram account with four thousand followers suddenly makes these people”influencers” the words overused, just like how everyone with a webcam is now a “pornstar”, star? I should think not.

    These Entitled nobodies who think they are famous and important (oof I just described every politician, journalist and mainstream media commentator in nz ) are worse than any of the rule breakers… It’s just so …ugh…. And I love the faux apologies and then the leaks about how they aren’t really sorry keep leaking.

    Instead of picking up a smartphone and starting an insta pick up a guitar and start a band .. the world needs some good rock, not more “influencers”

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