MEDIAWATCH: Why is NZ Herald pimping Dirty Politics sleaze from Slater again?


The attention seeking bullshit story about Jacinda’s wedding was ugly enough by the NZ Herald but it turns out that hate merchant Cameron Slater was pimping the story first.

Why is the NZ Herald rehashing hate sleaze from Slater again?

Didn’t mainstream media self mutilate their reputation in 2014 with Dirty Politics? Does the NZ Herald think we have forgotten their links with National Party black ops?

Do we need to remind everyone again?

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  1. When Dirty Politics was published I bought a copy and read it thinking “wow, just wow”. That book should have finished John Key immediately. The National Party dirty tricks crew were exposed very competently by the superb work of Nicky Hager. But lo and behold the whole media and political machinery of the Right stomped all over it for their golden boy and I ended thinking I was only one of a handful of people who had read the book.!.
    It took a long time for Hager’s name to be cleared of of the lies spun about him and he went on to prove himself to be a good man time and again. Shame on NZ for that episode, and thank you very much Nicky.
    Cameron Slater is a vile piece of work and it disgraceful for him to be given any credibility or attention at all.

    • Garibaldi Yes. ‘Dirty Politics’ stunned me. Bought a copy and picked another up cheap at the Sallies, offered them to people who just didn’t want to know. I don’t remember if it was this book or the sobering Afghanistan revelations which had Key brand Nicky Hager a conspiracy theorist, and the msm lapped it all up like non-weaned puppies. One rather repressed self-effacing colleague said she used to pray that Key would get cancer and die, and that’s about it.

      Most of this current Herald-Slater piece looks like hearsay anyway, and thoroughly second-rate journalism.

      I have three or four of Hager’s books which I still dip into as all his work is impeccably researched and referenced – and indexed – something which New Zealand commentators can be lazy about.

    • As vile as Slater was of is what about those who associated with him as one is trying to become our next PM and the other snake in the grass (JK) is acting like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth despite him saying we do not have tax havens. What happened to tarred by association instead our media and silly Police picked on Hager who in the end won his case but at what costs.

      • Good points about Key – the devil looks after his own – and the relationship between Collins and Slater looked almost adolescent to me, and vindictive, but she’s what seems to suit the National Party.

        The police didn’t “ pick on “ Hager, they had a job to do, at the behest of the government who hates them anyway – this lot being no exception – the cops are their tools.

        Possibly the best thing of all to come out of the ‘Dirty Politics ‘ saga, was that Nicky Hager never revealed his sources and he showed himself to be an honourable man – and we’d be hard pressed to find honourable persons among the current crop of politicians, it may not even matter to them, it’s hard to know what matters to them – apart from idiosyncratic issues of little import to the common good.

        • ” Possibly the best thing of all to come out of the ‘Dirty Politics ‘ saga, was that Nicky Hager never revealed his sources and he showed himself to be an honourable man – and we’d be hard pressed to find honourable persons among the current crop of politicians ”

          Thank you Snow White a very pertinent statement.

  2. why? because the NZ Herald is not performing financially, so it has to resort to clickbait to boost sales.

    also a little chum in the water to stir up the right wing before an election is pretty much a mission statement of the editors of the Herald

  3. Slater needs a wooden stake or some equivalent, he has a long half life that’s for sure.

    He just throws shit at the wall and sees what sticks–the important thing is to get the headline buzz into people’s short term consciousness, and then when the details and facts surface 3 days later, like with the Siouxsie Wiles paparazzi stalk, it is the headline that matters to the target dumb arses. That is partly why “Dirty Politics” did not bring down Sirkey. The Kiwiblog narrative was it was left wing lies, and nice Mr Key’s two track strategy worked a treat–dirty behind the scenes, smarmy git in public.

    • One would have thought that having a mental health episode may have given Slater an experience to learn from. One can only assume then that Slater used the mental health card for sympathy which actually fits his dirty politics style and is rather sad for those genuinely suffering.

      • Bertie – your beloved Jacinda and her inner circle decided to adopt wokeborg in it’s purest form and otherwise take a grenade to NZ’s consensus politics since the removal of the “handbrake”.

        This election campaign will be the most brutal to date and everything related to the wedding will be investigated thoroughly (as it should). Some of this will be mainstream some of this by individuals such as Slater.

        As the population of NZ becomes more and more partisan expect more of these types of ‘hit jobs’ across the political spectrum.

  4. What’s that whacking Slater in the forehead in his post photo? Is he trying to show empathy with Steven Joyce or the dildo?

  5. It looks like they’re having a little bet on the average attention span… They’ll have studied the formbook, and assessed that the track conditions are good for their pony…

    • Nasty underhand comment there . I thought this site vetted its comments a bit better than that. At the end of the day all this is just common muck raking and innuendo. For goodness sake this is gossip from a person who has been caught out before and shall he shall be nameless .He is simply doing what he does best and again its just shameful and bullying and totally undeserved and absolutely nothing to do with the general public of New Zealand.

  6. My Gisbo is fond of them. Shit from NZ Herald — sad sacks. Glad the great Nickie Haager scared these pricks personalised attacks off — what an achievement for democracy.

    I go to Stuff.

  7. I like it when a news article from the Herald pops up on my news feeds.
    You open it up, and instantly it asks for you to subscribe to read further for a whole $1.99 per week.
    Ha ha ha.

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