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  1. Not sure why this is front page news on the on-line Granny site. AKA Jacinda’s wedding venue owner upset blah, blah,

    The big problem apparently was the owner was ‘insulted’ that Gordon Ramsey was doing the food, well… if you know a celebrity chef, of course you would want them to cook for you! Doh! Not exactly insulting, although maybe they could have be more upfront about it at the first meeting.

    Remember it is their wedding day after all, and the customer should be allowed requests.

    Anyway $5000 isn’t that bad a cancellation fee if they have changed the dates multiple time, as quite a lot of hassle I would imagine with their celebrity wedding, and constant meetings about it.

    Remember Business is always right and rip off NZ can charge what they like in NZ under Natz and Labeen!

    Not delivering a service but refusing to refund money is normal in NZ Nice gig then, as a airline you can cancel flights with no come back in NZ… unlike other jurisdictions ..

    The NZ cultural revolution of ‘supermarkets’ hicked up the prices as much as they could during Covid and nobody in government says boo, just another supermarket review going nowhere or ‘voluntary’ measures.

    It’s so normal that Briscoes has record profits during Covid, even though the level of service in NZ is shocking that it takes four hours on their phone line to cancel an order.

    I guess in NZ, government will bail out a rip off business well before the public, banks, supermarkets, airlines. In fact, the the public have to pay for it while someone tries to add more taxes to the middle class easy victims to shake down!

  2. More about life in NZ under woke, neoliberal partnership.

    The day a Mongrel Mob member open fired on a cop, hit a taxi driver and carjacked two vehicles

    2.7 million to gang charities, after putting up the income tax rate to doctors, who are already leaving or when we import them into NZ, it all seems to be going wrong and doesn’t look like a viable option to continue with as our core policy in NZ. Not the only one in NZ, either.

    I guess when gangs are treated better than doctors, or doctors come to NZ with significant problems, things start to go wrong. If doctors do seem to be doing well in NZ, criminals seem to have priority to have their residency made permanent.

    Residency limbo: Emails reveal pleas of rural GP, while convicted criminals granted stay

    Something has gone wrong in NZ and putting a ‘woke’ veneer over neoliberalism is only making it far worse!

    • I’m sure if Key was in charge, the borders would be open, Covid everywhere in NZ and some 0% foreign trust mate giving us Ivermectin vaccines…. Labeen are bad, but the polls are saying what we already know, Jacinda would be better than the alternative politicians on the Covid issue.

      Ok, we could be safe from Covid, but how about getting gas at a petrol station when you could be axed by an irate gang member, shot through your window, car jacked, knifed in a mall or gunned down in a church.

      I just don’t think putting the woke veneer on the consequences of neoliberalism, bums on seats and denying there is a problem, is working out too well. In fact it seems to be making things worse.

  3. New Zealand may generate wealth under corona conditions but if we fail to eliminate it, we will still be unfortunate.

    Be kind. Care for each other. Keep in contact.

  4. Sam like what you are saying – practical and kind.
    Not keen on the other and anyone with woke in their name gets thumbs down.
    Trying to keep our pollies etc in work that is useful – put in submissions, and you don’t need to think out the exact tone and wording often as some ideas may be presented for you to choose from. Seems more people are thinking about things.

    • Good spot Greywarbler.

      I guess big business is exempt from water contamination while NZ public now can’t be allowed free water from their roof and bore without costly examination for their ‘safety’! Seems like hypocrisy of the highest order.

      Big business contaminate for years and get exemption, and massive energy subsidy, meanwhile middle NZ has been deemed by the bean counters to no longer have free water as it needs ‘testing’ from a council/government that has been colluding and helping big business pollute for decades.

  5. All we can do is trow through the nonsense, I conclude. But with vigour. That’s the problem.

    At this point we need an inspired Lefty. Or the Right will take the trophy. Cunliffe stepped forward for that role but was not up to it. Kudos to him. Now another one.

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