If this meaningless draft carbon-cutting report is our ‘nuclear moment’, then Lange has swallowed the Uranium on his breath


Yawn. It’s just so underwhelming…

Govt puts ideas to slash emissions out for feedback – asks people, business to fill gaps

Composting, cheaper bus fares, and rent-to-own ebikes are among the ideas, but the document has large gaps and proposes a slower start to carbon-cutting. Eloise Gibson and Olivia Wannan report.

The Government has released its draft carbon-cutting ideas to the public, so anyone can have a say.

Under the Zero Carbon Act, an emissions reduction plan was meant to be in law by the end of December, but the Government gave itself a five-month extension.

Now the Government is proposing giving the country a slower start to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, by allowing more emissions during the next four years – though it says it will more than make up the difference later.

…this report is so weak that even Industry are genuinely surprised at its meekness.

Jesus said the Meek would inherit the earth, he said nothing about them writing important social policy!

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This is worse than doing nothing – Composting, cheaper bus fares, and rent-to-own ebikes. Some extra umms and ahs tagged in – it’s such an underwhelming response to climate change and if the Greens don’t revolt over this meaningless tripe then what’s the fucking point?

There is no ambition in this.

We all feared that Labour’s climate ’emergency’ declaration would be hollow virtue signalling being rammed through to try and inoculate the new Government from progressive criticism that so far Labour have only offered us incremental tepid nothings, but did any of us think it would be THIS pathetic?

An actual declaration of an emergency triggers the Civil Defence Emergency Management  Act. It means the Government can close roads, can close any business and can take over all private assets and property to fight the emergency – THAT is the response the climate crisis requires not some incremental tepid nothingness.

If this draft carbon-cutting report is our generations, ‘nuclear moment’, then the US warships are already in Auckland harbour and David Lange has swallowed the uranium on his breath.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Labour and the Greens are hash tagging while the planet melts.

Elections change Governments, Revolutions change the State.

We need revolution via an election.

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  1. We need a free trade agreement with America and China so that every time kiwi exporters sell a dollar worth of widgets to the world, they get $1.20 in return, that’ll take the cost of living above the poverty line.

    I think Fran O’Sullivan was correct to suggest that we turn 5eyes into a trade pact and I’d go one further and bring China into the cpttttpa or whatever.

  2. We would all use less energy if we lived in tents or under bridges. Maybe Jacinda is smarter than she appears and it has all been a cunning plan afterall?

  3. “Elections change Governments, Revolutions change the State.”
    We need revolution via an election.

    I couldn’t agree with you more Comrade! Bring the 2023 election forward. 2022 of before Christmas! Why not? We’ll all be in lockdown by then!

  4. Technological evolution may not lower emissions with enough accuracy to stop global warming at 1.5 degrees but it can make the transition as comfortable as possible. Everyones going to require aircon, revolutionary transport options, energy and housing regulations. That will require a positive terms of trade.

    There’s absolutely nothing to say that pulling millions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere is politically possible.

    There’s no going backwards, only forward.

  5. It is our generations nuclear free policy moment, empty virtue signaling, just like the nuclear free legislation which was a worthless feel good legislation that we have never been able to enforce in any way and has never been followed by the Yanks or China, nuclear materials, ships vessels, subs regularly come in and out of our borders and our govt usually doesn’t even know about it, hell USA regularly has its jets in nz airports and our PMs know nothing about it. We know nothing about the decisions being made at the American spy bases either.

    Do people think a govt that stays silent on genocide, human rights abuses, hong kong etc is going to say diddly squat and tell china it can’t bring nuclear powered vessels here? Hell no lol. China wouldn’t tell us and it wouldn’t listen.

    The nuclear free legislation is hardly some groundbreaking patriotic national identity moment it was simply something Lange took up to distract from the fourth labour govts neoliberalism and Lange himself wasn’t even passionate about the cause it was Kirk who was passionate, Lange just needed something anything progressive sounding and boy did he enjoy the international media attention, I think Bob Hawks description of Lange as someone who had a very short attention span, couldn’t get indepth in policy conversation and seemed more interested in being liked and a spokesperson for things is apt, it describes his position in the fourth labour govt perfectly, trot him out to say witty things and make people feel better while cabinet and Treasury did the governing.

    Lange lol. Prime Minister in name only.

    Arderns adoration for Lange and employment in Blair’s office should have been a warning signal to us all from the start tbh but Ardern is a better PM than Lange, mostly cos unlike Lange her cabinet is piss poor and talentless and while I hate the fourth labour govt they were much more talented at what they wanted to do than this lot of…. Hanger onners, piss heads and professional students who if they weren’t in govt would would be students till they day they qualified for pensions because they have no skills.

  6. “Did any of us think it would be THIS pathetic?”
    Didn’t the CCC already consult and get everyone’s ideas on how to get to net zero?

  7. Well the Greens cant say Vote Green for the climate again…. after all their Co Leader and Climate Change Minister agreed to and rubber stamped this joke.

    Should stay in Glasgow…

  8. The supposed green movement are a bunch of Green Wash’n Capitalists.

    They’re all pro subsidising polluters by carbon/emissions trading and offsetting.
    This is as about as useful as sucking the carbon from the air and burying it in the ground!!

    The planet will burn up before they admit that they’re not real greenies.
    They’re hobbyists at best and Capitalists too.
    Long live the pretend greenie movement.

  9. Maybe they noticed that it has just been the coldest winter in Antarctica since records began n 1957, and think that this might signal a trend in global temperatures that shatter climate “science” into tiny pieces.
    D J S

    • CO2 represent 0.04% of the atmosphere out of which 80% is produced by nature. Methane represent 0.00017% of atmosphere. All this climate change (previously warming) is just nonsense and especially anthropogenic climate change. And more, it is a straight way to poverty.
      Instead of trying to lower something we have no power to do (look at the volcanos how much CO2 they emitt) and which is actually beneficial for all green plants we should try to find solution for waste and ocean pollution.
      Alexandra and yes, I am a climate change sceptic.

      • So Alexandra in your considerable scientific experience, what percent is bad? You are such an ignorant moron, there’s this thing called physics, and the bonds in CO2 trap this thing called infrared radiation (heat), and the percentage being .04 doesn’t matter because it still traps heat.

        This anti science climate denial shit should be banned.

        And I don’t apologise for abusing you, you fucking deserve it idiot.

        • Less than about 0.02 is bad. All plant life dies ; can no longer photosynthesise . All life dies . Life in the past has flourished with many times the present content. The present level is marginal for photosynthesis. The slight increase over the last few years I can see the efects of in my plantation growth. It is the main limiting factor in tree growth rate.
          D J S

  10. Governments generally reflect the will of the majority of the people who turn up to vote. Give some serious consideration to what is really needed from each of us individually to lower our overall environmental impact.

    1. Stop using any type of energy consuming vehicle and minimize energy use in the home. Switch to non-perishable food products for example. Minimize use of processed and packaged goods.

    2. Stop buying stuff. The Warehoue, K-Mart, Farmers, all clothing stores and shopping malls need to be shut down completely. Instead use second hand outlets for clothing and other household goods.

    3. Stop producing stuff. If you have a job that requires you to produce more stuff from other extracted materials using energy consumption – quit that job.

    This is in many ways what I’d call a Cuban style economy based on minimal consumer options and a heavy reliance on recycling in many industries.
    Now ask yourself why no democratically elected government is going to implement serious climate change policy. It’s not them it’s us. We aren’t going to stop buying stuff in sufficient numbers.


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